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  1. 127th Street (Or: Increased Service)

    With the proper sidewalk installation/ADA compliance and traffic calming (read: make the stretch walkable and not a war zone), it should mitigate those issues.
  2. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Be that as it may, I would consider Toyota Park as a alternative for those west/southwest of Midway and Ford City who would want a straight shot to downtown. I can't think of another place that isn't a Metra Station (and Chicago Ridge wouldn't be appropriate save for RideShare).
  3. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Amazon's shifts usually are 10-12 hours Assumably yes. For that very reason.
  4. New Eldorados?

    I'll bid 6700.
  5. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    600 series starts with the December Pick. Tollway upgrades in 2017. Get it? Got it? Good.
  6. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Instead of doubling over five plus miles to Pulaski (assuming you're starting from Haunted Trails), the free park and ride makes up for (1) that drive, (2) crowding at Midway (because after 0700, NOPE)
  7. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    I suppose two things: (1) BoS express services are treated differently than the 877/888 or 600 series routes. Any service into downtown Chicago is/has/always(?) treated with a premium charge. 856 is approached the same way, just the end point is closer to "home." (2) Have there been any concern of morning/afternoon trips (before 7pm) conflicting with games and the like? The Fire's (abysmal) season is over; and I wouldn't anticipate demand issues with parking in the short and medium term.
  8. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Leave it to Google to get info on 856.
  9. Random Metra

    Arriving on LITERALLY the street platform.
  10. "Extras" and L Shuttles

    I'd look to the extra board and additional OT-desired folks. That's how I've seen it.
  11. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    I think the commute time for the Southwest Suburbs to Downtown my be a pain in the butt (especially with the travel into Midway). I would assert that a direct-via-Harlem method would be more helpful into freeing up Midway Parking and utilizing the TC as a viable hub. And the Budget sounds like it's ready (they had most of the components installed or in-progress last I checked).
  12. 2017 Pace Budget

    If it is what I'm thinking of, those "small buses" are definitely going to be used for fixed routes with low ridership that doesn't justify a 30' bus. Right-sizing on the cheap may help eliminate the "empty bus" stigma, and would definitely offset those 35' buses that aren't as functional (than say those Orions).
  13. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    According to the 2017 proposed Budget Book (several places, but I'll cite Page 87) is that a new BoS between Toyota Park and downtown will be starting soon (the document says October, but...)
  14. Posted Stops Only & Partial Stops Only

    Your expected list will vary wildly to the metholodgy and list they'll produce, since there's way too many factors that come into play when creating this. The tiered list, combined to the new routes coming, may take your lists out of the water.
  15. Proposed IL constitution amendment

    Since I moved out of state, I can't vote for this. However, since most cases dedicated funding is supposed to be a lockbox, then you want to support a measure that protects funding dedicated to that source. The legislature is too…lazy/undedicated/not focused on passing a stable budget and being fiscally responsible. Therefore, we have things like this to ensure something be done. (California has a butt load of transit related ballot measures up for grabs btw)
  16. Pace Bus Moves

    Left out of this equation is "right-sizing" of buses, which is subject to both individual run and their passenger counts, as well as proper blocking of trips with the schedulers. Some trips may need a 40' while others would need a paratransit. This could be subject to a future fleet management plan to address what to do with both the 6600's and 6162 replacements in the future.
  17. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    However, the increase in additional service is still a substantial increase, mainly with revenue hours (in context of the 600). I forgot the distances of the extension of the 511, but that's still serving a new area with a potential increase in ridership (one can hope). While that could very well not follow an increase in revenue hours, revenue miles on the other hand may trigger it. Still, it's an increase Check the bulletin attached to the FTA requirement that specifies the need for a public hearing. CMAQ money is still fed money and you'd still have to be in bounds of public outreach to do it.
  18. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Would you guys believe that it would be a Title VI/ Service Standards concern and not the FAST act? Nine times out of ten, if you have a drastic change of service (say more than 25%) that would trigger a public hearing to ensure you're within bounds of public outreach and Title VI. This also includes an increase of service (in this case 600's revenue hours will see an increase of about 16 hours to the existing 8-ish).
  19. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Let's assert that Line 600 increases (midday & Saturday) may happen as early as the December Pick. Public Hearing details.
  20. Random Pace

    No. and the reason is primarily that the network works on two different stop ID systems. Pace has a methology for theirs and CTA for theirs. Take me for example in the Bay Area where there are multiple agencies that use the (temporary) Transbay Terminal: there's a set of stop IDs for AC Transit, a set for Muni, SamTrans, Golden Gate, WestCAT…each of those networks are subject to their stop id's according to their scheduling software. While it makes sense to have one ID for all transit systems (on paper), it's a pain internally to do that.
  21. Could be an oversight; I'd recommend bugging Customer Relations and letting them know.
  22. Fall Pick 2016

    They normally flip over at the end of the route, when the bus reaches its terminal (or "not in service" if there's a layover or deadhead). Basically the foul up as confirmed is what the CD gives you: planners/bus ops are supposed to upload the codes prior to the start of the pick/run; and the errors occur if your input is listed incorrectly. GIGO. PACE has roughly the same process, except they rarely make adjustments.
  23. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    That sounds about right.
  24. Megabus at Union Station

    In this case would be 2005-06, way after that merger.
  25. Megabus at Union Station

    Back in college while dating a gal from Dubuque, IA, I took the trailways bus from Downtown with a stop in Cumberland. They still do, to my knowledge, but Rosemont wasn't even considered a stop.