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  1. Sounds like a suggestion to the planning office.
  2. Mostly yes. 392's have in the past become a 303, 307, or 318, or even a 757, depending on the time of day.
  3. Under normal circumstances, extra 40' buses out of North have been used for Waukegan School services or Ravinia. I'm not surprised some of those are still on hold. South Holland means those are holding space.
  4. They need new coaches, but also now's a good time to fix the operations and scheduling to accommodate (or generate) new riders. The railcars are a step (maybe 15 years too late), but Metra still needs to get out of the 1960's with service.
  5. The darn things aren't built (and four years out) and we're speculating over car #'s....
  6. Thank you for joining us, and my condolences to you and the family.
  7. Those feeders have been gone for the better of the last ten years (tried to convert them over to Vanpools with little luck back in 2010). I think those ideas should be included in whatever modifications to the plan in the future since you're only as good as the services you have for forward mobility.
  8. You're right though. Lack of investment in the hood is a failure of governance. And I think the last decade (Great Recession notwithstanding) has made things worse.
  9. Remember too that 6 and 14 swapped names with the 2003 restructuring (6, 14, and 26) with different markets. No historical marker for the 26, but at least that and the J/14 can now jump on LSD. Jackson Park 6 is basically a local zone. 15, like the 28 local is to differentiate express and local (without making the nomenclature too difficult).
  10. Prairie State College. Homewood. And residences along both sides of 80. 352 is one of the busiest routes in the system, always has been.
  11. Almost begs the question if anyone has contacted customer service about it...
  12. Harmless. Welcome to the forums and carry on.
  13. The hill that I will die on is that Metra needs to stop ordering gallery cars and start messing around with the Bombardier bi level approaches. After riding Caltrain on and off for five years since I moved here, the gallery cars aren't functional at all. Especially with the bike cars.
  14. The entire Halsted corridor has had high demand. It's just Harvey to 95th being the most important. From a planning standpoint, I don't see why not. But it would be pressure off 352 and 349, 353 doesn't serve any ME station outside of MAYBE 95th and Riverdale. (Then again, if your end destination for either the above is north of 95th, there's plenty of justification for relieving pressure on all South routes)
  15. Exurbans are basically the satellite cities (Waukegan, Joliet, Aurora, and Elgin). These are areas where (1) services are different than the core routes (270, 290, 318, etc), and (2) each satellite city should be evaluated individually (meaning Heritage should be evaluated by itself; River, North, etc.). From an equity lens, I should not cut service entirely from the exurbans because they don't have the same ridership as the core network. That doesn't mean that a route should be eliminated, but they should be right-sized and trips (or days) could be cut.
  16. Also - if we're proposing service cuts, remember the golden rule here: justify why we have to make the cuts!
  17. They survived the Great Recession with making adjustments to routes that definitely weren't performing (MED feeders, 696/699, 767, UP-W Feeders, etc). You have to right size the operations so that you get the ridership that exists (and conversely, prevent the death cycle). You could request a temporary pause of grant funds for extenuating circumstances (655 and 889 were reused for 895). Since 2011, Service Planning had made efforts to adjust and make leaner changes to service so that the core network (30 routes comprise of roughly 70% of the ridership plus needed connectors). If ridership drop
  18. A chunk of the Pace service is peak period service, including the low ridership feeders. Take them out, and about 50% of the ridership is majority legacy services (Pulse, 208, 250, 270, 290, 301, 311, 318, 349, 350, 352, 353, 565, 606, etc). The exurbans aren't as heavy as the aforementioned but provide some essential connections (272, 554) and (after rewriting the title VI plan) can't be evaluated or suspended for the reasons that legacy routes (apples to cantaloupe). Express routes is something you can take it or leave it (608, 610, 616 needs employer generators to work, whereas 60
  19. Essential employees and early morning travelers would need the Blue Line more than you think. Those 1-2am arrivals or a 4-5am departures are rough (but from experience, necessary).
  20. There are a lot of equity (Title VI) and subsidized services (124?, 170's, 192) that have to be considered. No funding, no running. And especially at the ends of the city, again, Title VI ramifications and the way services have to be cut must be considered.
  21. Elk Grove, California which provides additional commuter service to (Downtown) Sacramento.
  22. And for enticing off-peak and perhaps an extension of the All Day pass that was previously offered. What's the deal with this? I know they've pulled the old RFP but haven't seen or read any movement on this (anything to avoid the gallery cars, I guess)...
  23. The 2600's came around in 2006. With 14-15 years of service, they've lasted well beyond their (FTA) useful life. Link
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