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  1. The land that Forest Glen Garage sits on is not owned by the cta . There were plans for the owners to sell the land and cta to move . Look out in the future for a new Forest Glen.(F).North.Park (P) and 77 ( 7) garage as part of cta moderinazition projects . These Garages are the only 3 outside garages left
  2. Just seen 7900 moving around the South Shops 10 min ago . It looks a bit smaller , and there seems to be that looks like a spoiler in the rear with 1 roof top AC unit
  3. Chicago Garage will be chosen because of the Training center and The makers of the seats in Humbolt Park
  4. 7900 will make a test Run today on few runs out of Chicago Garage . 7900 has a new operators compartment door that lock them in
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