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    Sports, comedy, bus watching. raising money to bring the 6000 flxibles back for service
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    CTA Flxible 5743, 6000's, 6127. Nova Bus 6400-6800 New Flyer 1930-2029
  1. I made a typo my name was suppose to be NovaBus 7902 hehehehehe

  2. Ok so after someone mentioned the NovaBus payments i decided since i was bored to just search for bus manufacturers like New Flyers, Optima/Blue bird and Flxible but what i found interesting was that were three payments made to NEW FLYER INDUSTRIES CANADA ULC for the amount of a bus. this was interesting so maybe soon we can see the Xcelsior around Chicago soon.
  3. Lol your right. We just wanna see the development of the 7900 series. It's not really that serious for people to argue
  4. Wow the new look Novabus 7900 series loom great. They look streamlined and very modern. I can get use to the new buses.
  5. I just copied this directly from the nova site. http://www.novabus.com/december-2012-january-2013.html
  6. http://www.novabus.com/december-2012-january-2013.html This is the link to a article stating nova bus new rear engine door/compartment design.
  7. Hopefully someone can snap some pics at 77th tomorrow or they can hopefully get some at Chicago. I'm taking a guesstimation but ill think they will have a press release on Tuesday due to the mild weather.
  8. South shops 7 works for cta. He can't take photos. Everyone else by Chicago garage or 77th shops can take photos.
  9. Any photos yet. Have anyone seen them in service or just around at Chicago Garage.
  10. Any news or pics on the new 7800 series buses. I can't wait to see them. can someone go out and get some pics?
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