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  1. I'll swap the download link in the first post to a link to the source files in a bit. Some day I'd really like to continue the project, but I've gotten involved with so many other projects lately that until I finish some of them, I won't have much time for this one. If anyone here wants to help contribute to this, and is familiar with how to contribute to a GitHub project, I would definitely welcome additional help, although multi-person collaboration on RailWorks projects is not the easiest task in existence. EDIT: The source is uploading now and the first post has been upda
  2. If you read the first post you'll see that the beeping means you need to slow down. It won't stop you if you start braking within 2.5 seconds of it going off. It will allow you to take power again once you're under the speed limit.
  3. My project is free (see first post) but you'll need the Train Simulator game by the unaffiliated company Dovetail Games.
  4. Hello,  I was super excited to see you are developing a CTA Train Sim.  Is it available to purchase? I would love a copy. 

  5. The project has kinda been on the back burner as of recently. I've had a lot of other work and hobby projects going on lately, and my MacBook (the only computer I own that can run Train Sim) is on its last legs. I don't work at my school anymore (and I graduated) so I can't use my school's hardware like I was doing before, so I might have to wait until I can afford a new computer before I make any more serious progress.
  6. I was driving in on 290 today and I saw 5657-5658-5507-5508 sitting on the middle track just west of Morgan (UIC-Halsted short-turn track I believe), not-in-service. What would Howard cars be doing there?
  7. Red Line is routed clockwise around the loop, acting essentially as a non-express Purple Line. I'm not sure that's ever happened before during my time in Chicago. I'd like to get a picture of a Red Line train at Library or Quincy or something, but I'm at work and I doubt the reroute will last until my shift is over... EDIT: And right as I posted that, they resumed normal routing. Knew it...dang!
  8. I've always thought prepaid boarding would benefit the Metra. I can consistently get a free ride depending on where I board and where I sit on the UP-W line when I get on at Oak Park. Relying on conductors to collect the proper fare is probably why Metra is in such a big financial crisis. Also, apparently they don't proofread these infographics...
  9. Interesting...I didn't know the conductors were involved in any driving operations. It's quite loud most of the time...a bit obnoxious if you ask me. At least lower it a few decibels. Yes, that's actually a very accurate comparison
  10. Now if only there were more power plugs...it seems like 1 out of every 3 trains on UP-W has a head car with plugs, and it's only the cab cars that ever have them (sometimes there's a cab car shoved in the middle, but not usually). Plenty of the UP-W cars have covers where there could be a plug, but they aren't there except on some cab cars...
  11. I've been noticing a sound in recent months on the Metra that I never heard before late 2015. It's a descending major triad chord played by some sort of bell or chime. Just three notes, descending. There's no voice announcement afterwards and I can't seem to pick out what triggers this sound. This morning it was particularly loud on the MD-W line, enough to hurt my ears every time it played (about 3-4 times if I remember correctly). What does this sound mean?
  12. Build #30 is now up. Lots of stuff is still WIP (the new model doesn't have many textures at all) but you can play around with the new model yourself at least. Inbound Orange Line also has berth markers at every station now. As usual, it can be found at https://briman0094.com/rw_build/
  13. As the first post says, yes, I will eventually be creating every line on the system. I might even create fictional lines or extensions after that. It's all a matter of time; I'm going to be graduating college soon and hopefully getting a full-time job so I can't make any promises on when anything might get finished.
  14. I haven't touched the route in ages I've been more focused on the vehicles in recent months. I'm about to add berth markers to the rest of the route today, though.
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