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  1. DH, the Evanston sidetrack ( or is it team track?) at South Boulevard, has not been used in years for ballast. Howard yard is used, the area between the Evanston tracks, right now there is a front end loader there.
  2. 2699-2700 & 2775-76, had them out of O'Hare. I hope it is the start of a fleet wide conversion.
  3. Yes there will be 2 picks, the 2nd and the 9th.
  4. klabstep

    Pin & Wedge

    That is the wedge part, the pin part is simply pinning down the trip at the signal.
  5. Yes that is the FIRST departure, otherwise I would NOT of posted it. There are 34 or 35 runs out of Kimball, 28 would make it towards the end of the day.
  6. Except that is NOT the right run number, 428 is a PM run and it there is to much sunlight. On a weekday 428 departs Kimball at 4:24 PM and get to Tower 12 at 5:03 PM, on Saturday it run latter than that, not sure about on Sunday, might not even be a 428 on Sunday.
  7. klabstep

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    No no no, you key it up, tap your card, and the train will move, watch a switchman take a train into a yard.
  8. klabstep

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Training trains are not based on a run number of the line. It would be the north side training train, the south side training train, the Midway or Kimball training train train. What they do on the west section, I have no clue how they call the train on the road. Why they use a run number is a mystery because for the sign Not In Service you do not need to enter a run number.
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