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  1. Are the 4000s going through the same rehab process as the #1000s? Or is there something different?
  2. It may have been mentioned on here already, but I would like it if the #56 had service to Navy Pier again.
  3. Same with me. I just found out about the website and tried to visit it, but it won't load.
  4. So I was just on an #80xx on the #49, heading south. At Western/Palmer, the bus breaks down for some reason and it couldn't move. It took about 5 minutes before me and a few other passengers got off and waited for another bus.
  5. Blue Line service is temporarily suspended between Damen and UIC-Halsted due to a medical condition.
  6. ​How did it end up cut in half?
  7. 468 passengers? Do they mean 468 passengers a day? Also, how many riders use the Purple Line on an average basis?
  8. Yellow Line service is Supsended. An embankment between Howard and Oakton-Skokie has collapsed.
  9. I actually rode #8098 earlier this morning. It was in a bus race with an #68xx. I gotta say, the engines on the 7900s is kind of quiet.
  10. #1468 looks awesome! What accident did it get into again?
  11. This weather is making half of the rail lines act up. Yellow Line: Suspended due to a stalled train at Oakton-Skokie. Pink Line: Runs between 54th/Cermak and Ashland only. Green Line: Trains to 63rd St. delayed, work between Garfield and 63rd/Cottage Grove cancelled, mechanical problems at Conservatory-Central Park Dr. Purple Line: Service between Foster and Linden is delayed.
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