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  1. I've ridden at least 5 NP buses in the last two days & each had a box of surgical masks. I took a couple to have extras in the jacket pockets, because I keep having to go back to the house & get one.
  2. My guess is that if a roof tank leaks, then the compressed gas vaporizes & dissipates into the air & there is little to cause it to combust, but if it were an underfloor tank, a leak could end up catching on fire from something, such as a spark & then there would be an explosion, killing people & destroying the bus. This is a poor example, but remember that Concorde that was destroyed in Paris, after a piece of FOD [foreign object debris] punctured a fuel tank on takeoff & the plane crashed, killing everyone on board & caused the scrapping of all the Concordes.
  3. Metra should've been in court forcing the UP to collect fares immediately, instead of waiting months to do so.
  4. I won't use that first fold up seat facing forward, because I need to use a stanchion or seat back to help get up, so I go for the first seat behind that if available. In regard to that first fold up seat, sometimes that hanging strap has been pushed out of the way & it makes it hard for me to get up. For a very short ride, I'll use the first sideways seat, next to the wheel well, as there's something to grab onto to get up with.
  5. Like hell I am! As for this: "cause Cta is a customer friendly business in most cases" you need to go into stand up comedy! The worst drivers have been out of NP. I remember when the CTA was cutting back routes several years & the NP drivers wanted to strike & none of the other garage drivers did. I was at the Devon/Kedzie terminal & three drivers were talking & one said "We're going to shut this company down!" They never did, but the drivers were refusing to lower the buses & stopping way out in the street, even when the curb was open at the bus stop. That wen
  6. I was going for the first seat behind the fold up handicapped seat. And yes, there are now many drivers on CTA that wait until you sit down & it's infuriating to me when the passenger decides to pass up empty seats & goes to the back of the bus while the driver waits for this dumbbell to sit.
  7. Except I had just boarded that bus & was walking back to a seat, holding on to a stanchion. It takes one hell of a jerk, both the bus & the driver, to knock someone down while holding a stanchion!
  8. Those sideways seats have no purposes, either bus or L, because the seats are too narrow for today's sized people! They are 18" wide & my shoulders are 22" wide. Most women are wider on the bottom than 18".
  9. I flat out guarantee you there are some drivers that love to jerk the bus to a start! To say they don't is absurd! As one who was knocked down by a jerk start & the driver didn't do a thing & I was even holding on to a stanchion when he did start it up with a jerk. I immediately complained, but of course, you never hear back as to any punishment, if any!
  10. I don't care where the 1930s go, as long as they replace the seats with the seats on the rest of the 1000s! There's a couple of them at NP & those seats are an atrocity!
  11. What I want is a software fix that will prevent the drivers from jerking the bus from a standing start. The Pace drivers manage to start their buses without the jerk, but CTA drivers seem to love doing it & coming close to knocking passengers over.
  12. Hopefully the O'Hare ATS will reopen by 2050!
  13. It's just a proposal that won't go anywhere & the Illinois Policy Institute is the right wing of the extreme right wing. They're so far to the right, that right wing former governor Rauner hired some of them & then fired all of them after just a few months.
  14. My dad was a cab driver for 40 years & in the last few years in the 1980s, Checker & Yellow here went to propane Chevy V-6s. At first they had starting problems in cold weather, but within a few months, there weren't any starting problems or fueling problems, other than only the one garage that had the propane.
  15. I went by the flyover today. There's just one or two sections of the steel bridges remaining to be lifted & bolted into place. These are the downhill ones to connect into outbound Track 2 of the Ravenswood Line. But are they then going to cast concrete around that, like they did when they rebuilt the Evanston tracks leading into Howard & over Chicago Ave. in Evanston?
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