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  1. It's not "blocks" at Lunt & Clark to the Metra station, it is one very short block, not even the 300' length of a football field. Clark is a quarter mile [1320'] from Ravenswood Ave., where the tracks are. Bryn Mawr/Clark is about 1600' from Ravenswood, except there never was a station at Bryn Mawr/Ravenswood.
  2. 1. No 'd' in Rogers Park. 2. I doubt if there will be 500 boardings a week at Peterson. The sole bus is the every 20 minutes 84 Peterson bus & prior to the pandemic, it could be extremely overcrowded. Rogers Park has the every 20 minutes 96 bus, but also the every 10-12 minutes 22 bus is just a block away & is how I usually get to & from the station, instead of a 20 minute walk.
  3. LaSalle Station once had a direct connection to the Loop L.
  4. I will also add, that the C&NW closed two stations near there around 1960, when the C&NW closed dozens of stations on all three lines in the city & a few in the nearby suburbs, such as Dempster in Evanston. The first was Kenmore, which was at Ridge & the second was Rosehill, which was at the cemetery entrance. Kenmore was just a rickety old wooden platform, but Rosehill was an architectural masterpiece, designed by WW Boyington, [the architect of the Water Tower], which the C&NW destroyed in the early 1970s, along with the Rogers Park Station House, which was similar to
  5. Peterson/Ridge is useless & is only getting built, because the former alderman, Pat O'Connor wanted it, because his wife either owns property nearby or has options on such property. Last I looked, she even had an ad bench under the viaduct on Peterson. Now the current alderman, Andre Vasquez lives less than a block away. I'm totally against building new stations, until you've upgraded the existing stations. Rogers Park is a dump of a station. The platforms are too short, even though they could extend Platform 1, the outbound platform over both Lunt & Greenleaf Avenues, be
  6. I don't care what normal service is supposed to be, the sad fact is, we don't get normal service most of the time & for you to waste all of your time showing what might be normal service, doesn't negate the fact that every single week, there are times I & others are waiting over 30 minutes for buses that are scheduled to run every 10-12 minutes!
  7. The Ventra app doesn't show any buses if there aren't any coming within 30 minutes. And there are many times I have waited for 30+ minutes for all three routes I mentioned. One of the things that screw up all three routes are the driver changes at Foster. I have had multiple times where the relief driver is over five minutes late & on two separate occasions, I've had relief drivers then spend five minutes & yes I measured the time, spend that time cleaning the driver's seat & the surrounding area. Stop having driver changes for the SB runs, which are usually on time, but g
  8. Seriously? Just because at the moment you picked there were plenty of buses on those routes. I ride those routes regularly & so many times the waits are far over 20 minutes & often 30 minutes.
  9. You left out the north end of the 151s which run to Clark/Devon. Supposedly they run at 20 minute headways north of Belmont in each direction, but there are many times when the Ventra app shows no buses, which means it's a 30+ minute wait. Earlier this year, I waited for a SB 22 at Clark/Devon for over 45 minutes. Over the years, I have waited over an hour for a NB Broadway at Elmdale & then 6 NB Broadways came. Of course none of those are as bad as when a Pace bus that's on an hourly basis, has an entire run missed for some reason & the wait is 2 hours!
  10. I've never seen an 8 car Purple, but I've ridden 4 car Yellows recently, but only two cars were occupied.
  11. At one time, they were going to build an entrance to Granville at Glenlake & permanently close Thorndale. Why that never happened is a mystery. Maybe during the reconstruction they will finally do that.
  12. It was 10 tracks from Roosevelt to Kensington, the widest railroad mainline in the world. Four tracks under wire for the IC & South Shore commuter service, two tracks for the IC's long distance trains & four tracks for the IC's freight trains. Now it's six tracks, the four under wire & two freight tracks.
  13. The original plan for the South Side Main Line in the 1960s was this: Once the Dan Ryan Line was running, they were going to move it to the IC Mainline to Kensington & then demolish the elevated line, by using two of the ten tracks on the IC ROW. Why that never happened is a mystery, but money, Richard J. Daley's indifference to mass transit & his numbskull son's rehab of what's now the Green line, instead of following the original plan, in an attempt to get black votes, by buying off a lot of South Side black ministers, is why.
  14. I totally forgot about the Green & Pink Line connections. Those would take some very long walkways from the Cicero Ave, stations on those lines to connect to the Belt Ry ROW, unless the proposed line was jogged west to connect.
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