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  1. I actually rode a Nova on the 22 Clark last year.
  2. I was on a Skokie run from Howard a couple of weeks ago, in the evening & it had two green classification lights. I thought that meant an extra run.
  3. I went to the Pace site & there isn't a 699 route. Did you mean 696?
  4. The original route of all 290s in Lincolnwood Mall was to enter off of Touhy & then go along the west drive, past the senior building, which had a stop & then turn at the far end of Carson's & then stop at the mall entrance. They then retraced that route to exit to Touhy. Not very short, ut still about half the length of the current weird & long route!
  5. I've always thought that at any mall, the most logical location for the bus stop is at the mall entrance to the food court. That way, those waiting for the bus, which can be a long time at some malls, would have a place to sit & also spend some money on food. Yet most malls, if any do this! I'm sure it's the malls that want these bizarre locations for bus stops. Go to Golf Mill & except for the Niles Free Buses, the Pace buses stop south of JC Penney, out in the middle of the parking lot! When I complained to Pace about this, years ago, I never received a reply, but a shelter was then installed in the middle of the parking lot a couple of weeks later.
  6. Both the WB &EB 290 make this insane circle around the mall. Why the bus doesn't go to the nearest mall entrance has never made any sense, because then it could go right back onto Touhy. It takes 8 minutes to go through the mall & back onto Touhy, with the WB 390, stopping twice at Touhy/McCormick.
  7. I wish the 290 would stop entering the Lincolnwood Town Center Mall. It takes 8 minutes to go through that foolishness & then end up back on Touhy.
  8. I once had a Loyola to Jackson express after some real mess.
  9. They look like the ex-C&NW seats from the painted coaches, which are at least 60 years old.
  10. That's not why. The idiotic CTA wasn't going to have the terminal at Old Orchard, they wanted it next to Niles North High School on the former North Shore Line right of way, because some fools think that it also should serve the courthouse on Old Orchard Road, even though the courthouse is open only 5 days a week & closes by 6PM.
  11. I was on a SB 147 this morning, #4345 & the driver controlled the kneeling & tilting of the bus with the door opener control. Is this new, or have the drivers been able to do so all along? It certainly sped up the boarding & alighting. Then there was the shift change at Foster & the new driver didn't use it & rarely lowered the bus!
  12. The Garfield Green Line parking is for commuters, but yes, there's no commuter parking at the Dan Ryan.
  13. A NB 147 crashed into a tree at Lawrence, at 2:09 PM on Monday. The articles say the driver suffered a medical emergency. That causes me to bring up, that there a number of drivers, just from North Park alone who are in the 350-400 pound range. I don't ever recall CTA having drivers that are extremely morbidly obese until a few years ago. 4 Hurt in LSD bus crash
  14. strictures

    More Bus Moves

    Then they need to assign 7-8 of them to the 155 during the day. That route is now a disaster, what with 25% of the riders with either a walker or shopping cart!
  15. Crain's just posted a Greg Hinz column about the Metropolitan Planning Council & two other local groups that she should go along with cheaper South Side Metra fare, because the county has pledged to make up the difference in CTA losses. Lightfoot, Preckwinkle urged to work out transit dispute
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