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  1. Metra and PTC

    Metra email Alert at 10:56 AM today: Train #336, scheduled to arrive Ogilvie Transportation Center at 11:28 AM, is operating 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule due to positive train control issues. Please listen to platform announcements for the location of this train.
  2. Metra and PTC

    What I really hate about the Alert emails that claim construction is the cause of the delays, is where is the construction zone? I'm always getting them for SB trains, prior to them getting to any of the stops I use, such as Rogers Park, Wilmette & Hubbard Woods. Other than the construction at the Deering Bridge & the Ravenswood inbound platform, I know it's got to be north of Hubbard Woods, because I rarely go north of there.
  3. Except Evanston refused to change the street names to match the rest of Golf Road. So west of the North Shore Channel, it's Simpson St. on the Evanston side & Golf on the Skokie side. East of the Channel it's Emerson St. & at the east end it's Elgin Road. Now the original name of the street west of Skokie was Evanston-Elgin Road, but Skokie called Simpson when I was a kid in the 50s. There was an effort to get the entire street named Golf, but Evanston, being Evanston refused. The reason the street & the suburb are named Golf is that around 100 years ago, the president of the Milwaukee Road had a siding built next to a golf course for his private car & when anyone at the railroad wanted to know where he was, they said he was at "Golf". If you haven't seen it, you must see the Golf Police Station. It's could be the smallest in this country, as it's just one room at the south end of the Golf train station.
  4. Metra and PTC

    So far, that's the only Metra Alert email I've gotten saying PTC was the problem on the UPN, but there have have a huge number of mechanical failures this week, or is Metra lying & claiming PTC problems are mechanical ones? I just don't trust them to tell the truth lately!
  5. Metra and PTC

    Email received from Metra today at 12:07 PM: Train #323, scheduled to arrive Waukegan at 12:54 PM, is operating 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule due to Positive Train Control issue. Please listen to platform announcements for the location of this train. So PTC is now used on the UP North & screwing its schedules up, just like on the Burlington. I have an additional PTC question. Now that it's in use, does the FRA speed limit of 79 MPH still apply?
  6. Annual Holiday Bus

    That is one ugly mess on that bus! I'll be sure to never ride it, no matter how bad the weather is! Same for the holiday train. I hate enforced & alleged merriment!
  7. 5000-series - Updates

    Best cylinders are moderately high security, usually with seven pins not five, like most household cylinders & padlocks.. The core is removable with a special control key, to allow rapid rekeying if necessary. CTA must have realized that after decades of use, they needed a new keyway to prevent all those old keys in circulation from being used. I remember some news articles that vandals & taggers had gotten hold of the current keys, which could be common across the transit and rail industries.
  8. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Which in reality means 2022 at the earliest.
  9. 7000-series - Procurement

    The blue makes people look like corpses.
  10. Random CTA

    I've been on a few CTA buses where the driver took a 'personal' to hit the toilet. As i have serious gut problems, i fully understand & always know where every McDonald's, Burger King, Target, large grocery stores & medical offices are on my route
  11. 7000-series - Procurement

    I thought the interior design was to eliminate those long sideways seats that the bums stretch out on.
  12. Random CTA

    North Side Main Line.
  13. Random CTA

    How come it played sideways on my computer?
  14. Random CTA

    Around 11:10 Am today, Oct. 31, S-503, the diesel powered snowbrush went through Howard & ended up on the layup track west of the Skokie Shop. I didn't get any photos or video because I was just coming down the stairs & carrying some stuff.
  15. Random CTA

    Multiple artics from 136, 147 & 151 go west on Devon everyday when their afternoon runs end. They all pass under the viaduct at Ravenswood ave. without a problem, even the early 4300s with the fairings on the roof. The only really low viaducts on the UPN are at the side streets near Belmont, such as Melrose & Wellington & no bus of any kind goes there.