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  1. I don't know what killed him, but he's apparently listed at the Cook County Unclaimed Persons Site. The site is currently down, but a google search sent me there. Cook County Unclaimed Persons
  2. I totally agree, I rode the LA Metrolink trains & the low floor boarding is great!
  3. It would work a lot better if Metra bought one of the cars that Toronto or Los Angeles uses. Those have a low floor boarding system.
  4. There are actually two 151 routes. The short one out of K & goes to just Belmont/Halsted is fairly normal. But the long 151, out of North Park, goes through Uptown & the ride between Sheridan & Pine Grove to Sheridan/Foster has some of the most burned out people in the city! That two mile stretch has people too addled to figure out how to use a fare card, let alone how to think & breathe. Booze, drugs & serious mental illness are the problems there & then they get on the bus & make their problems your problems.
  5. I ride the Cottage bus occasionally. Every single time, there's someone who boards with an expired fare card & tries to scam the driver out of a ride. Also saw a few bizarre screaming matches on it. But on the North Side, the problem are people, 90% of whom are young women that must use their phones to add money to their Ventra account. None of them have the brains to do so at home or even while waiting for the bus!
  6. They're stationing buses in front of police stations again today, in case of violence tomorrow. There are two 40 footers on Clark in front of the Rogers Park police station.
  7. I live near there, there has never been a "Sheridan Ave." My best guess is that West Sheridan Rd. from Broadway east to North Sheridan Rd. will be closed for some work to reinforce the bridge over West Sheridan, which has had steel supports in the piers for years. Maybe they will need Sheridan closed to bring in cranes to remove the Granville interlocking.
  8. That looks like the west end of LaSalle/Congress.
  9. Finally, more trains inbound in the morning that stop in Evanston & the city. There were way too many expresses that skipped all those stops.
  10. Metra lost millions on the three UP Lines all Spring & Summer, due to the UP refusing to collect fares. Even now, fare collection is being done only Downtown, so anyone who rides between all the other stations still rides for free. There will have to be a supplemental budget with a fare increase in 2021, along with some more service reductions. I wonder if Metra will ever go back to the regular schedules?
  11. There won't be any coal trains in five years, probably even sooner than that. And the tracks from Kenosha to Milwaukee are not in great shape, since the C&NW ended passenger service in 1971 & Amtrak decided to go with the Milwaukee Road out of Union Station. Plus the crazies in Glenview have prevented a third passing track there.
  12. What freight service on the UP-N Line? There's a few cars a day out of the North Ave. yard & some service to Abbott in North Chicago, but nothing in between anymore. Both S&C Electric & Tempel Steel no longer have sidings into their properties. That's it from Clybourn to North Chicago.
  13. But why at the B end, as the cabs are the A end?
  14. Any idea why there are keypads on the outside at the B ends of each car?
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