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  1. Metra Budd cars 04/16

    I know that originally, the Burlington required much stronger frames & anti-telescoping structures on its commuter coaches than the rest of the local RRs running bilevel commuter trains. So has that requirement changed or are current Metra coaches, other than the really old ex-C&NW painted ones the only ones that don't meet those specs?
  2. Combining Bus Routes

    The original 155 route went North on Ashland from Pratt to Howard, West on Howard to Western & South on Western to the terminal it shared with the 49B near Birchwood. Then it reversed & went back. What I want is the 96 to move to Pratt off of Lunt, which is a side street that the city has banned parking on one side to allow the buses to pass each other. It makes no sense to have the 290 on Touhy & the 96 on Lunt, just a quarter-mile apart. Plus the 96 used to run on Touhy to the Howard L station as the northern section of that route. Pratt is one of the few half-mile streets in Chicago with no buses on it, other than the half-mile the 155 uses east of Ashland.
  3. Combining Bus Routes

    Not between Ridge & Kedzie, as it was widened in 1979.. Plus, years ago, the 155 went in both directions on Pratt between Ashland & Sheridan & Pratt is the same width west to Ridge from Sheridan.
  4. Combining Bus Routes

    Sorry, but none of that is the reason, as I've seen that on an early Sunday morning, before the stores have even opened! The problem is due to the total incompetence of the CTA bus controllers who aren't moving one or two of the bunched up buses to express ahead using Pratt!
  5. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    There used to be a NB 147 stop right in front of the Granada Theater, but that was eliminated some time ago. That made transfers to the WB 155 easier than at Sheridan/Arthur, because you got off a couple of minutes extra time to cross Sheridan. But the 147/136/151 SB stop at Sheridan/Broadway is going to get moved east to Winthrop soon, when the Woodruff Arcade Building is torn down soon & the new high rise is built there. That's going to make it difficult for those transferring from SB 36 or 155 to those buses a long walk from the stop on Devon, which is west of the alley next to the shipping container Starbucks.
  6. Combining Bus Routes

    That may be, but explain why I often find all five buses assigned to the 155 Devon running together in a pack.
  7. Random CTA

    When I'm waiting for a SB 147 at Devon/Broadway, multiple Bus Tracker apps have often listed a non-existent bus as coming in 2 minutes & then it just disappears from the phone app. I have no idea why that happens.
  8. More 6000's repatriated??

    I seem to remember a 4000 in that opening sequence.
  9. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    When did the 41 end at Union Station? I remember it ending at the Chicago/State subway station/
  10. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    The NB signs are now in as far as Lake Ave. They've also added some guard rails in a couple of places.
  11. Washington/Wabash Station Build

    I used the new station for the first time last Thursday & what a wretched design it it. It was raining & the way they designed & built the angled canopy where the benches are was soaking wet, because the canopy didn't cover the benches. I really wonder why the architects are so lacking in the basics of what a shelter is supposed to do. But then we're stuck with those even worse bus shelters designed by NYC's most famous & more importantly, most incompetent architect, Robert A.M. Stern, who inflicted shelters on Chicago that have huge gaps for the wind to blow through. They were then built here by Chicago Scenic Studios, which mostly does movie & TV sets. They said they built them to the specs & blame the architect, not them!
  12. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    OK, that makes sense, but even a 10 minute top off is going to cause delays if the bus is late to the layover, as so many are.
  13. What's Left for Pace's Orion VI's 6000s?

    Not the ones from the Evanston garage. I've ridden many Orions from there that had both the A/C & the heat running at the same time in the summer. Why Pace never installed a simple shutoff valve for the hot water heating system has baffled me.
  14. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    I'm baffled by the "en-route charging stations". Does that mean the buses might need recharging during a run or does it mean charging up at the terminals?
  15. F40 repainting?

    As far as I'm concerned, thankfully it's just a wrap. It looks like it's going to pull a bunch of old IC Highliners.