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  1. They should make them look like the Pennsy GG1s
  2. I was told by a Metra exec, they are seriously thinking of service every half hour middays on the UPN soon. They are also want to eliminate the 2 hour break in service each morning on the UPN, since that's a vestige of when both Tempel Steel & S&C Electric had freight service from the Northwestern. There's isn't any freight traffic on the UPN south of Lake Bluff anymore, because the service out of the North Ave. Yard is totally on its own track, east of the tracks Metra uses. Those few freight cars that go in & out of North Ave., are brought in overnight & never interfere w
  3. Today I saw a round red sign with the letter "E" in white, on top of the CTA bus stop sign for the 147 & 151 at the SE corner of Sheridan & Bryn Mawr. Anyone know what it means?
  4. Potbelly & Chik-Fil-A are in the Page Bros. Building which is landmarked, as it's one of the few cast iron front buildings left downtown. The cast iron front is on the Lake St. side, as they though Lake was going to be the main shopping street downtown in the 19th Century.
  5. The reason for the long underground walkway is due to the fact there used to be a tunnel between the Chicago Theater & the State/Lake Theater. That tunnel was eliminated by the building of the State St. subway, but there was an indent in the wall showing where it was before they redid the tile walls of the mezzanine.
  6. While it was nice to see a video from the air of the flyover, it was way too long & full of unnecessary filler. Skip to the 2:00 minute mark & ignore the beginning. As for completion, it's obvious the rails aren't even connected & in most places spiked down or clipped down. I never understood why the CTA when the rebuilt the Belmont Station, didn't include a stub at the north end of track 4 for the future connection.
  7. I also didn't realize Hoyne was replaced by Damen, which is the logical place, as there's a bus on Damen. But then Lake St. never had a stop at Western, it was at Oakley, again a weird choice.
  8. Shows you how long it's been since I went past 18th St. When was Kildare replaced by Kostner as a stop?
  9. The ramp at Clinton/Lake is insane. It takes you to the western end of both platforms, which is where the trains don't stop, but the CTA makes the trains stop there in the middle of the platforms, so the ten people a day who do use that long ramp, don't have to walk as far. I always wanted to ride my bike down the ramp there.
  10. It's the same at 18th, Paulina, Clinton/Lake & Cicero/Lake.
  11. There's no place to add a third track to the SSM, other than just north & south of 35th. I vaguely remember the old Indiana platforms & there was room there for an extra track, but not the way they rebuilt it. But what I never understood, was why they rebuilt the S turn at 40th St, as a double 90 degree turn & made it go up & over the abandoned railroad embankment. It's not like any Class 1 freight trains were going to use that anymore, for the L to go over them & most of the embankment has been demolished, except for a few blocks of it intermittently. It shoul
  12. "Nippon Shapiro"??? It's Nippon Sharyo.
  13. It's not "blocks" at Lunt & Clark to the Metra station, it is one very short block, not even the 300' length of a football field. Clark is a quarter mile [1320'] from Ravenswood Ave., where the tracks are. Bryn Mawr/Clark is about 1600' from Ravenswood, except there never was a station at Bryn Mawr/Ravenswood.
  14. 1. No 'd' in Rogers Park. 2. I doubt if there will be 500 boardings a week at Peterson. The sole bus is the every 20 minutes 84 Peterson bus & prior to the pandemic, it could be extremely overcrowded. Rogers Park has the every 20 minutes 96 bus, but also the every 10-12 minutes 22 bus is just a block away & is how I usually get to & from the station, instead of a 20 minute walk.
  15. LaSalle Station once had a direct connection to the Loop L.
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