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  1. The CTA holiday train could return to its roots: an out-of-service (no passengers) train delivering food to local communities, as it began in 1992. That could be the best way to do it if carrying passengers (with large crowds) is a major concern. Many Polar Express/Santa rides have been canceled as well by commuter railroads and museum shortlines and the NY Transit Museum (NYTM) has no events until summer 2021 at earliest.
  2. And the 3200s are basically a 2600 shell with side fluting (obvious since the Alstom rebuild stripped the exterior striping). The 2400 and 2600 are a similar shell (minus front bonnet and modest running changes), meaning the basic CTA car shell design has been around since 1976 - four decades.
  3. If the demand/interest for the holiday train is there, I would suggest perhaps having three or four 2400 work motor pairs be wired with the exterior holiday lighting features as 2893-98 and be used so that two holiday trains could tour the system, doubling opportunities to ride or view the holiday train. (After all, they do have a "candy cane" stripe...)
  4. Note the one year deal. There was a prior 3-year sponsorship advertised in 2012.
  5. Sprint will be sponsor of this year's bus and train. Officially now the "Sprint-CTA Holiday Bus" and "Sprint-CTA Holiday Train".
  6. Blues Brothers (original and 2000), Soul Food.
  7.  That makes me suspect that 2893-98 (which are work motor equipped) may also stay around a bit longer, even after the bulk of the 2600 fleet is retired or scrapped.
  8. Liability issues with work motors in passenger service, I suspect? At NYCT there are some cars such as a number of R33 and R36s and surplus R32s as work motors, and although operational/roadworthy, they cannot be used for passenger service, (only crews and employees on board allowed).
  9. It has been 15 years and counting since they were remanufactured at Alstom between 1999 and 2002. Even the best overhaul programs show age and wear after 10-15 years.
  10. Here's 5475-5476 testing at Plattsburgh on May 28: https://www.flickr.com/photos/29997762@N05/14107318328 https://www.flickr.com/photos/29997762@N05/14290634301 https://www.flickr.com/photos/29997762@N05/14290634301
  11. I have seen photos/videos of 2893-2898 on the Skokie with both interior and exterior detail and they look more or less like other cars. Where are the wiring and other special provisions these cars are equipped with located?
  12. 2893-98 are work motors (hence compatible with flatcars). As I mentioned elsewhere, this year would be ideal for some 2400 work motor pairs to run the holiday train as a fitting sendoff for the 2400s. Of course, if nothing else is available they could skip the Santa flatcar and run a regular train with lighting and decorations. A few 3200s are work motor equipped as well.
  13. With the 2400s due to gone by the end of 2014, any plans for a farewell? Since some 2400s are equipped as work motors, perhaps the most fitting sendoff would be have them run the holiday train (the Santa flatcar requires work motor cars). This could be a perhaps a grand send-off, as they would get a three week farewell tour of the entire system (and would be available for the public to ride, unlike a charter excursion).
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