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  1. fg.mark

    More Bus Moves

    They can't give any artic's to FG because FG does not have the lifts to service them.
  2. Yes, they do. I have seen the supervisor at Belmont and Central do this a few times. Once I even heard the supervisor say "I sure hope that parking here was worth the fifty dollar ticket."
  3. If the electric buses perform well and are more cost efficient than diesel buses, CTA would probably regret that Forest Glen is not an indoor garage. If it were, about sixty electric buses could go there in the distant future because the garage is less than one mile away from the Jefferson Park transit center. Then the 56 Milwaukee, 68 Northwest Highway, 81 Lawrence, 81W West Lawrence, 85 Central, 91 Austin, and 92 Foster could all be electric. It would be something which could be very appealing, at least from a financial standpoint.
  4. fg.mark

    More Bus Moves

    The 9, X9, 53, and 54 are always 7900-series Nova. The 77 and 56 should be but never are because FG does not have enough equipment. There are always a few Flyer on 77 and on 56 and sometimes even an old Nova.
  5. I'm positive that 8347 had a fare box problem. If someone tried to insert paper dollars, the driver said to keep it because the fare box wasn't working. There were about three passengers who were told this on just one trip between Central and Sheridan. Probably the only functioning fare boxes are those in the 6400's which are still in service and the 18 or so 6400's which were retired when the 8325's were released into revenue service.
  6. In an earlier post on this thread, I mentioned that buses 8332 and 8347 did not have functioning fare boxes. If that is confirmed, we could have an explanation as to why most of these buses are at 103. SS probably does not have surplus functioning fare boxes and because the main payment system is Ventra, there was no need to buy replacement parts for the fare boxes since there are about 80 functioning fare boxes in the 6400 series buses. But since replacing the fare boxes is not really a priority at SS, they probably want to keep the buses at 103, at least for now, until they have the time to take out the fare boxes from the 6400 buses which were retired. This also could explain why it took longer than usual to place these buses into revenue service.
  7. Bus 8348 was out on 77 Belmont this afternoon. Buses 8239 and 8245 still have the 3 sticker in the windshield and were also on 77 Belmont this afternoon.
  8. fg.mark

    More Bus Moves

    It is also a problem at FG.
  9. This might be something important, but both 8347 and 8332 had malfunctioning fare boxes which would not take paper dollars. Since 103 is closer to SS, the reason for the bus swapping could lie there. If CTA did not have fully functioning fare boxes for the 8325s, it would make sense to swap them for the fare boxes in the 6400s. This could be the case because there is no other explanation for 103 to put their sticker in the windshield of 8236 through 8247 if they knew that the buses would be there for only four days. And for the past few days CTA has been having issues with many buses because the run number boxes show run numbers 992 or 999 or the run number from when the bus was in service a few hours earlier.
  10. Just saw 8239 on Belmont with a 3 sticker in the window.
  11. Well, today going into downtown I had the pleasure of being on board 8347 and coming back on 8332 (both on Belmont). My observations: 1) The windows are indeed tinted black. If you look closely at the driver's window, the bottom part is still clear but the top and all of the passenger windows are indeed tinted. 2) The signs are in fact different. The Belmont route to Lake Shore is only one flip and not two (Drsy/Lake Shr) or something like that. 3) There was police activity around 6:00 PM, so the supervisor told us to pull into the Pulaski stop, pick up the passengers, then turn the bus around and go on temporary detour. When the driver put the bus into reverse, all of the lights in the passenger section went out automatically and everyone was in the dark.
  12. fg.mark

    More Bus Moves

    It would be about time that C sent those buses back because it was not fair that C was hoarding the old equipment instead of sending it where it is needed. If C wants to hoard the 6400's so badly, then they should have kept the flip dot ones. Anything less borders on discrimination (let's get the new buses but also let's keep the best of the older ones and stick the really old ones to FG).
  13. Actually, what would be the point of sending a training bus to FG? With the current management and political scene, FG just might get the 7900's (the actual buses) while 77th would get the 8200's. Management could probably give the excuse that 77th puts more mileage on their buses, especially if the 7900's are run mostly on their longer routes like the 3, 4, and 8.
  14. We seem to have the itinerary of this bus completely wrong. This route is rush hour, peak direction, only. There would be only two ways for this bus arriving at its terminal: 1) either as "NOT IN SERVICE" or "DOWNTOWN" on Lake Shore Drive as an express or, 2) as an interline with a route that goes into downtown and terminates near Harrison and State (such as 151 Sheridan | Union Station). If this bus in fact were to be short-turned, it would have to be done on Lake Shore Drive, which would require the operator to exit at about Randolph, but then there would be the question as to why the operator didn't just turn onto Michigan from Randolph. The only other possibility would be that this bus arrived at the terminal very late and was told to go as "NOT IN SERVICE" to Michigan and Lake. This would happen if this bus and its follower were the last two buses on the route for that day since the last northbound trip on 148 leaves State and Harrison at 6:30 pm.
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