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  1. Chicagos_D

    More Bus Moves

    I hope my pictures uploaded successfully. If they did, all of the pictures captured so far are from the south end of the transit center. It's located on the east end of the J.C. Penney. It's adjacent to Kostner Ave. I wonder if this will actually eliminate stops at 76th & Kostner (67 bus), Solo Cup (Dart), the movie theatre, and IHOP/Carson's stop; also will this change the direction the buses enter and exit the mall? I'll try and get some pictures from the west end of the Transit Center. The deserted building located next to it, I assume will be the facility where CTA employees will be able to use as a rest area.
  2. 3295-96; 3337-38; 3349-50 fully rehabbed.
  3. Chicagos_D

    More Bus Moves

    Ah! I wasn't sure so I didn't want to post anything about this. Ground breaking started on Monday. I will take some pics either tonight depending on the sunlight or early tomorrow morning which would most likely be a better option. Personally, this is about to make the community's commute so much easier.
  4. There were significant amount of rehabbed 3200s that had this sticker indicating it could not be used as a lead or rear car. Within that same period of time brown line ran full sets during non-peak hours. I'm not sure if that was the specific reason or if it involved other reasons, but as of Monday operations were back to normal.
  5. 3421-22 fully rehabbed minus the run number box.
  6. True, but brown line had a shortage of equipment while rehabbing the cars. So for a few months they were running full sets even during non-peak hours and evening hours due to that shortage and some restrictions with some of the released rehabbed cars.
  7. I was able to catch 2925-26 on a regular brown line run (didn't see the run number) today while looking out the window from the office. Hopefully I can catch some of the rotated rehabbed cars on the orange line today. I noticed a lot of cars that were on the orange line 3201-3240's (not all though) have been rotated on the brown line. It's weird to see mostly mylar roller signs back on the brown line. P.s. these pictures were taken at 3:50pm
  8. The inner loop side now has the tower structure that I guess will connect to the platform.
  9. Didn't have enough time possibly from the shock but some of the full rehabbed and LED only rehabbed were switched out with and rotated back to the orange line. I'm not sure how many in total but so far I counted at least 10-12 this morning. They were on the brownage runs so I caught a glance on one leaving Roosevelt Midway-bound, one leaving from HWL, and the last one leaving Merch mart. I also noticed non-peak runs on the brown line are back to 4 car sets.
  10. Chicagos_D

    More Bus Moves

    From the most recent press release about the recent ground breaking that's visible from Cicero Ave. In this press release, they didn't give any update about the transit center but indirectly explains why they are deciding to build a transit center and why it will be farther away from Cicero and Wendy's. If they still plan on building it.
  11. Chicagos_D

    More Bus Moves

    Allegedly neighbors either complained or currently complained about the buses idling over in that area by Wendy's and the transit center is supposed to be the solution to their problem. The area roped off by the AMC sign is either another outparcel store or a restaurant. I actual walked around towards the east side of JC Penney to see if anything has been started but to no avail. I assume either they'll erect it where the old Burger King and KFC used to be or they might use the former JC Penney furniture store as the transit center.
  12. Chicagos_D

    More Bus Moves

    I'm wondering as well about not mentioning Pace. I know that Pace has a stop on the outside before entering the mall. Maybe in the future if/when this project is completed Pace might decide to stick to the bus stop instead of the transit center. On the flipside it seems like that will affect their mall ridership though.
  13. Came across this site with the most recent up to date information about the project. Washington/Wabash
  14. Chicagos_D

    More Bus Moves

    I didn't know where to put this but I just recently found this article the other day. Ford City Mall CTA Transit Center I lived by the mall and have been monitoring this project which I can say has not been started yet. I'm not saying it won't happen but the mall's management team have been focused on so many projects that I think they have simply placed this one last so far. The other article that came out 2 weeks later talks about other projects that have been completed whether inside or outside of the mall, so I guess they're behind schedule. I asked a few bus operators and they have no clue mostly saying they find out either at the last minute or when the public finds out. Will keep up to date with any info. I really hope that this project is successful.
  15. Hey guys, I had a few questions and wondering if anyone had information towards my questions/observation. When they release a rehabbed couple and add it to service, why are they placed as belly cars? Just recently they started to let some of these rehabbed couples become leads. 3343-3344 and 3357-3358 have been lead cars recently within the past month or so and I think there is another coupled set that's also a lead. But almost all of the other cars are belly cars along with the red tape and a 'stop sign sticker' on the window of the cab. I haven't seen the sticker up close yet but as they pass by I can see that they're in the cabin. Was there a delay in the process of handling the rehab project? I also noticed that (possibly assumed) brown line equipment might be shorter than counted because for the past 2 months or so they haven't cut the cars down to 4 during non-peak hours like they would normally. I'm not entirely sure if that's their (CTA) new protocol with the brown line because, I haven't ridden it at a later time yet but the latest I've been on it comparable to the orange line, it's 8 cars only.
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