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  1. So Nova Bulit the Nova's for CTA but they were rejected because of the Rear Destination Sign Being At the right top corner of the bus, The Back Door being all black, and the New Driver window Nova Introduced.
  2. So Them Two Nova's that I posted were built for CTA but they were rejected.
  3. Just was told this morning that those are demos for the CTA I'm very sorry about the incorrect information.
  4. When I get more information about the buses I will gladly let u all know but I didn't post to troll anyone I simply was trying to give a heads up. This bus is a however a CTA vehicle with the new driver window.
  5. Well according to my resources at Nova CTA has a contract for a few more Nova Buses to complete the order.this bus was one of them I followed to Texas to get information about it's a CTA Prototype DUE to the New Drivers window for the 8400 series.
  6. I will be brining my gillig phantom to Chicago for photos with the new NOVA buses and a few Bus Photographers are joining so if you see this bus feel free to stop me!
  7. That picture was tooken a few weeks ago sorry folks i did get into detail
  8. Hi Darius;

    Can you post some pics of the new LRVs in Cincy?


    Gene King

  9. My name is Darius Miles im a big transit geek over CTA Nova Buses I travel From Cincinnati , Ohio Just to come see CTA nova buses and i stubbled across the 8200s last weekend. I am 6"7 so i can stick my arms up and get pictures of the buses in the fence!! Lol?
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