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  1. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Power issues are one of the main reasons why CTA can't run a large number of 5000s on the Blue, and fleet commonality between lines is another reason. CTA won't run different series of cars on Red/Purple/Yellow or Pink/Green just to please Blue Line riders; they want the flexibility to swap the cars between those lines. Also, the 5000s running on the Blue are still technically assigned to the Pink Line and are operated by Pink Line crews, so commonality with the 3200s isn't much of a problem right now. It seems like some Blue Line riders remind me of those in NYC who complained about losing their R142A cars on the (6) train. Blue Line riders are not entitled to the newest equipment any more than riders of other lines.
  2. 7000-series - Procurement

    Considering the Blue is operating some runs of 5000-series with Pink Line equipment plus the fact that the Pink and Green Lines often borrow each others' cars, I actually wonder if CTA will assign a common fleet to the Blue, Pink, and Green Lines, while assigning the other series to the Red, Purple and Yellow Lines, with Brown and/or Orange getting either series. I think this could actually make sense.
  3. CTA 'L' Rosters

    I do believe that Pink replaced Orange on the Blue Line sets. Both sets also include Green, and one includes Red.
  4. CTA 'L' Rosters

    I thought the roller curtain signage on Blue Line cars was Blue, Pink, Green, and Red, with Pink replacing Orange when the Pink Line was introduced.
  5. 7000-series - Procurement

    Some concept art showed Pink Line destinations on the signs. The Pink Line was the first to get the 5000s, and considering the Pink Line is the least used line (other than the Yellow Line), perhaps it would be a good line to test the cars on. I actually thought CTA might actually convert the Pink and Green Lines to 7000s and use their 5000s for the Red Line expansion.
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    Since Red, Purple, and Yellow often borrow each other's cars, I am pretty sure CTA wants them to have a common fleet. The same applies for the Pink and Green, which combined don't have nearly enough cars to fully equip the Blue Line with 5000s.
  7. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    If Blue does get 3200s, I expect perhaps that Orange will be all 2600s while Blue and Brown will operate a mix of 2600s and 3200s.
  8. If CTA switched to letters for rail lines

    But numbers would be easily confused with bus routes.
  9. If CTA switched to letters for rail lines

    This is exactly what LACMTA plans on doing, moving to letters while keeping the existing colors as a secondary identifier. New lines can use arbitrary colors as secondary identifiers, which are to be avoided when using colors as primary identifiers due to all the complex color names.
  10. If CTA switched to letters for rail lines

    Note that if CTA adopts letters, colors can be a secondary identifier to distinguish the lines on maps and signage. Any additional lines can use an arbitrary color that isn't referred to by the color name, but referred to by the next letter of the alphabet with its own colored background. In my idea, the existing colors would be retained as a secondary identifier, but the lines wouldn't be referred to by their colors as their primary identifier.
  11. If CTA switched to letters for rail lines

    Going back to the subject of assigning letters to rail lines, what about instead going from the busiest to least busy line, although with Pink and Purple switched due to much of Purple running during rush hour, plus with Yellow assigned the letter "S" for "Shuttle". Any future expansion would continue the alphabet after G. Red Line - A Blue Line - B Brown Line - C Green Line - D Orange Line - E Pink Line - F Purple Line - G Yellow Line - S
  12. New Car Maps

    Did they introduce a combined Pink/Green map? I think it would make sense since Pink and Green often borrow each other's cars.
  13. 7000-series - Procurement

    Well, since 5000s and 7000s will be incompatible with each other, that I why I suggested Pink and Green Lines should get 7000s and send their 5000s to the Red Line to accomodate for the Red Line Extension. That way the Red Line can maintain a compatible fleet.
  14. 7000-series - Procurement

    Interestingly, the destination sign isn't in color and shows 54/Cermak (Pink Line). This makes me wonder if the Pink Line will be getting 7000s. Considering that some of the 7000-series order will be for fleet expansion, perhaps the Pink and Green Lines can get 7000s, moving their 5000s to Howard Yard for the Red Line Expansion. Does anyone think this might be a possibility?
  15. Could CTA ever go Gillig?

    Once they move to Livermore next year they will have significantly increased capacity. This could help them win a CTA order.