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  1. Wow, the structure looks just like the current Red Line north of Addison.
  2. 5558 on run 913, taken at Fullerton at 5:44 today. Having a black DSW ad wrap only made it worse.
  3. I can confirm that today 843 was a consist of 5000s, staged at Addison around 7:40? The other one was 2600s. 843 was in front (south) of the other consist. Odd considering this is one of the only times I've rode the Red Line at that hour, and didn't get the "pleasure" of seeing two 2600 consists.
  4. I rode 5688 packed with rush hour plus Billy Joel concert goers and it was incredibly smooth.
  5. https://twitter.com/dnainfo_breen/status/628602804383449088
  6. I just saw 5591 with a weird desintation sign… said Howard but there was no white. The black outline of letters was there but they weren't filled in. I also saw similar with 95th today but did not catch the number, although it was likely also 5591.
  7. Here's a new one… (Outside Wrigley on July 7)
  8. #60 - Blue Island/26th #90 - Harlem #54A - North Cicero/Skokie Boulevard
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