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  1. They did study making Loyola a transfer station didn't they? Every alternative I saw aside from the Broadway two-track subway involved making Loyola a transfer station. Praying that that is still the plan. Guess we'll find out whenever Phase 2 is announced. I also thought it'd have made sense to do the same with Bryn Mawr but that ship has sailed. I strongly supported the stop consolidation too but if we get frequent all-day express service I think the trip times become less of an issue. More people need access to the express trains though which is why the transfers at Loyola (and Bryn Ma
  2. Does anyone know how many total 7000s are on CTA property now? Like how many cars will be part of this testing phase?
  3. To be fair I'd argue that's also the only reason that such color coordination is worth it. Otherwise I don't know why you'd want to limit the flexibility of your fleet like that.
  4. Maybe a few will think this, but if they're looking at the front of the train then it should be hard to miss the bright digital destination sign. Isn't MBTA the only US rail system that actually has its fleet coordinated with line colors?
  5. What happened to the power concerns on the FP branch though? Many have been saying that neither 5000s nor 7000s can operate to Forest Park full time because of that. There aren't enough 3200s to fully roster the Blue.
  6. how soon should we expect to see them in non-rev testing? and revenue testing?
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