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  1. I'm on 6417 as I write this. EB on the 250. I've also seen 6416 in person at least twice.
  2. This is a question I've always had and never thought about the instant connection to the Blue Line which makes perfect sense so I can live with the Pink Line being clockwise. However... To play a little devil's advocate I'll go ahead and share why I always thought the Pink Line should've been placed on the outer loop track with the Brown Line. At the other two entry points to the Loop, one can ride a train in either direction if they wanted to. For instance if a passenger is on a northbound Orange Line train, and wants to alight along Wabash and thinks changing to a Green at Roosevelt will
  3. Close. I had just gotten off at old willow. On another note I'm really glad to see NW getting them and I seem to have really good luck on catching them. In recent weeks I've been getting more 63-6400's than Orion VI's. I ride the 208 & 250 the most, of the pace routes I do ride, and it works out well for me. I honestly get off of Orion's with headaches some of their suspensions are so bad. I normally am nostalgic with transit vehicles. I like when I catch rides on older equipment because I never know how many more chances I'll get. But that is not the case here. Keep those 6400's coming.
  4. I'm a little late on this I know. I almost created my account that night to report 6414. I'm curious as to where and when you saw it? I was on 6414 on the 5:05p departure from Linden. From Linden to somewhere after Kraft I was the only passenger. So if that's when you saw it and if you happened to look inside and saw a single passenger that was me.
  5. It's actually a full size 45' mci coach. It was just a perfectly timed series of events. Everyone was stopped and as soon as I started the shot that bus started to move then we started to go and then the SUV. Just one of those weird timing deals that can happen with an elapsed exposure which is how the pano shots work on cell phones. With all the movement I thought the picture was going to be garbage and seeing that bus in there made my day... Well that and catching 701 in person.
  6. Of course right after I make my first post as a member of this site I got to catch my first ride on a 700 series. 701 to be exact. I must say I was impressed, and this is coming from a chronic gasoholic. Seriously though I'm excited to see where this technology leads us in the coming decade. So I took plenty of interior shots but I'm not going to post more of the same but I am going to post one shot because I'm curious what you guys think. I used the panorama feature from the back center seat and other than being a little dark I think it's a pretty cool shot. But sometimes these don't turn out
  7. Bflomike

    More Bus Moves

    Hello everyone. I've been a long time lurker here and for numerous reasons never joined in on the fun but I've just moved back to Chicago a couple months ago a figured why not get involved. So yeah... Hi. Yesterday was really something. Found myself affected by both fires during my commute and ultimately trapped on LSD for a VERY long time on a 148. By the time I arrived on scene what was left of 4333 had been dragged from the fire scene onto Michigan Ave. I assumed it was to get it out of the way to wait on a low boy trailer or something but it appears they were setting it up for a standar
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