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  1. New year = new updates! Some nice (I hope?) changes that might make the usability a bit better (like UI updates, speeding up autorefresh, clearing out some old junk). It looks even better on a phone now! Saw that @maths22 has also been getting ya'll some good stuff with the updated API. I don't think a lot of the data they pull makes sense to replicate here, but let me know if I'm wrong. Cheers!
  2. The bus finder has been updated to automatically refresh once a minute. I might need to reduce the frequency since buses don't really update their position that frequently.
  3. Hi friends, it's been a bit more than a year since i last popped in. Just wanted to let you know that I finally a) remembered what i wanted to do with this and b) had the time to do it. App should now be mobile friendly. I fixed up that bug where the old position stayed on screen as well. Hope this helps the few of you that are using it!
  4. @MTRSP1900-CTA3200 yes! i would love to make some changes to make this look a little bit nicer and work a little bit more cleanly. Some changes based on some of the feedback that others above have shared, others which i just want to do as an exercise.
  5. thanks friends for all your feedback and thoughts! @garmon757 i had created this assuming that people would want to know where a specific bus was at the moment, rather than as an ongoing tracker similar to the CTA bus tracker. I'll take a look and see what i want to do on that front. @bushunter i'm planning on ensuring that this site is mobile friendly/responsive. Since this is an exercise for me to practice, i'm not currently planning on doing an actual iOS/android app (yet?) but I'm just trying to make sure it uses all those fun new web techs that are relevant, and mobile is a big one! @busjack well if you know the bus number, you can now find out where this rat-infested vehicle is going! @buslover88 pretty sure that run numbers are included in the API, but I haven't looked much at that info yet.
  6. Hi everyone - I've been lurking for a while but finally got the push to actually sign up and post! One of my goals for the year has been to build a webapp that might be marginally useful to people other than me, so I've created a very basic Busfinder. Busfinder allows you to input the bus ID (as shown painted on the buses and on the cta bus tracker). It will then put a pin on the map where the bus currently is. It's extremely barebones and sometimes buggy, but I wanted to get it out sooner rather than later. I figured that with the electric pilots (700, 701) and the holiday bus (4335) this might be something that people here might like. It's actually probably the same as the official holiday bus tracker, but extended to let you look up other buses too. This is the first things i've develoepd end to end, so please let me know what you think. http://busfinder.byronasaurus.com/
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