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  1. Man Americana CTA Bus

    New York's last 200 Grummans were also equipped with wheelchair lifts.
  2. Historic Buses

    There are RTSes, Orions, and a Grumman in the historic fleet, but they're too "modern" to run on the vintage holiday specials.
  3. Man Americana CTA Bus

    The Q44A is today's Q46 - Union Turnpike (both local and limited-stop service today, but I don't know if there was a limited in the 1980s). It was renumbered in 1990. The bus itself was just a demonstrator and was returned to MAN. It was sold to World Transportation in 1989.
  4. Man Americana CTA Bus

    It's certainly not unsolvable; just grab a VIN if you see one. There are lots of pictures, and there are apparently 12 of them traversing the country. Just Google community connect ebus. And here's an interview with the program's founder with more photos (but no details on the buses' origins): http://video.myhero.com/filmfestival/mov/ebus.mov
  5. Frankenbus 3091

    From what I understand, it was a test for a general overhaul program for the entire Flx New Look fleet.
  6. cta flxible propane

    It's also diesel, not propane (and was built as such).
  7. 7200 series Mack Buses

    CTA Mack Pictures
  8. Taking Pics/Making Vids Illegal ?

    The pamphlet has all of the appropriate caveats about local ordinances and possible exceptions. It still doesn't make sense to wish "it was the law," since the purpose of the pamphlet is to summarize what are already your legal rights.
  9. Taking Pics/Making Vids Illegal ?

    The Photographer's Right is the law. Krages is an attorney; the pamphlet is a general summary of laws regarding photography. His Legal Handbook for Photographers is a more detailed resource.
  10. flxible workbuses

    Do you mean MAN Americanas? I've never seen an articulated work bus! The TMCs have only been in work service for a few years; I can't imagine they would all be replaced so soon. There has to be some cost associated with retrofitting them. The Flyer work buses are long gone.
  11. Ex Cta 4550 back home!

    Does this mean all the RTS-08s in Peoria are retired?
  12. Carpenter Buses.

    It's a Superior paratransit bus. Twenty were delivered to CTA in 1981 (#100-119).
  13. Chicago Ave Flxibles out and about Saturday

    Sounds like you answered your own question! :lol:
  14. CTA roll sign...

    I've bought CTA bus rollsigns at the Kane County Railroadiana show. You can also try IRM.
  15. Chicago Ave Flxibles out and about Saturday

    And I got to ride one Mel Bernero commented on a Yahoo group that defective heaters are being replaced on New Flyers on Saturdays, hence the Flx's guest appearence.