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  1. Will Route #206 Evanston Circulator via Chicago Ave use Articulated Buses? (4000 and 4300 series)
  2. A North Park Bus (#1773) is on the 206. The other two buses on the 206 are from Forest Glen. This bus could have a Pxxx or Fxxx run number.
  3. ethan2226

    More Bus Moves

    A North Park Bus (#1773) is on the 206 and according to Maths22's tracker is at (F) Forest Glen.
  4. Maybe the 206 would move to North Park after the 54A is eliminated?
  5. Will the 206 stay at Forest Glen or move to North Park beginning Monday, August 13? Will North Park only handle the school trips on the 206 or all 206 trips after the 205 elimination?
  6. ethan2226

    More Bus Moves

    As part of the North Shore changes, will the 206 move garages from FG to NP?
  7. I fond on the 206 Bus. It says "206 EVANSTON CIRC", "206 TO CENT/CRAW", "206 VIA DODGE", or "206 VIA RIDGE".
  8. 6713 was involved in a shooting. The bus is still in service at Forest Glen.
  9. Predicting that ElDorado National will win both contracts.
  10. Could S's Highway buses move to NS?
  11. Sending the #206 to North Park when the #205 is eliminated.
  12. I saw #6143 in one of the photos. One of the last Orions pulled from Service at NW.
  13. Will the North Shore Coordination Plan move the 206 from Forest Glen to North Park?
  14. I am guessing that Ravinia is going to have some 6262-6322 Blue NABIs soon. In addition the the Ravinia Orions, Ravinia also has some 6600s.
  15. I am guessing that Ravinia is going to have some 6262-6322 Blue NABIs soon.
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