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  1. Riding 6686 on the 76, been a long time since I've seen a flippy boi or heard the old bell sound.
  2. I remember when they were filming this at Sheridan, they did quite a lot!
  3. That's indeed what happened - I was confused, as was he, as we didn't pay attention to the timestamps. I didn't realize that transfers had up to two hours, I thought it was closer to half an hour! My roommate is very, very lazy at times. We both like to use the U-Pass for whatever we can get out of it
  4. My roommate noticed this the other day. How would the app know that he transferred between Red and Brown at Fullerton? There's no farecard tapping involved in the transfer.
  5. Classic CTA, it was running quite late both southbound and northbound. Because it was so late going southbound, we didn't catch it then (supposed to arrive at Fullerton at 5:10, ended up getting on a 5000-series consist at 5:24 because the train didn't arrive yet, and we wanted to go to the parade). We did catch it after the parade going north at Grand, though! It was somewhat packed, but not horrible - we got a seat after a stop or two. Took it all the way to Howard and got a picture with Santa!
  6. Yep, just saw it a few minutes ago going south on Red Line tracks at Fullerton. Been a while since I've seen 2600s there! All lit too.
  7. Hoping the operator is okay.
  8. Service suspended on the Brown Line from Kimball to Belmont due to a derailment. Sounds like it was in the yard, so no one was on it. Here's a picture of the derailment: https://twitter.com/themastrangelo/status/667334283351031809
  9. Uh-oh... looks like there was a jumper on the Blue Line at Clark/Lake. No trains running in the subway right now.
  10. Brian swears he just saw 5000s on the Brown Line southbound. Doubt it
  11. I was on a southbound Red Line today, and happened to be on car 5648, one of the ones spotted on the Orange Line. Sure enough, it even had the Orange Line map instead of the Red Line map! I'd find it very strange if they changed the map for a charter run... It was like this on all cars in the consist that I could see. Was in a rush and didn't get the rest of the car numbers or run number, unfortunately.
  12. After 4am today, Brown Line reroutes are done, right?
  13. Lake Street Bridge maintenance tomorrow morning. Bus shuttle between Clinton and Clark/Lake, Green Line to operate around Inner Loop and out to Roosevelt, as well as a shuttle train on the Outer Loop. http://www.transitchicago.com/travel_information/alert_detail.aspx?AlertId=30035 Definitely will be cool to see Green Line trains on the Van Buren and Wells sides of the Loop.
  14. Some pictures from today's event. Attached all I have, embedded a few that I really liked. EDIT: Nevermind, they all embedded. Oh well!
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