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  1. As you might have heard that the CTA 6400 Nova LFS Series is retiring next. Well overnight Tuesday July 12 I went pass the 77th Garage at 79th/Vincennes Ave and I had seen a few 6400 buses in the garage lot. Could several of the buses retire after 17 years? Please leave me answers!
  2. Do the Flxible Metro 6000 Series currently reside at 1702 East 103rd St? Leave comments and answers.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems with their Ventra cards or tickets in the last 2 1/2 years. Leave me answers
  4. really though
  5. Wow that's strange and interesting at the same time
  6. I got new CTA timetables for the bus routes!! To find it go to

  7. What is happening with these buses and their removals to different garages and some such???
  8. That looks like a 6400 series Nova Bus
  9. Thanks for the details
  10. 2009 and no by the acting president of the CTA never had said anything but its all over abc 7 news
  11. Quite so most involves the 7500 NABI Series
  12. I've been by the garage my grandfather lives about 2 or 3 blocks from the garage but it keeps going out on Vincennes ave
  13. The Cta keeps buses that are scrapped and buses in the same garages but why leave me some answers