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  1. Only from NDHS. But not going to NDHS. Oddly enough only Route 423 goes to NDHS but has no trips from NDHS.
  2. I notice Pace 290 now displays "CUMBERLAND CTA" instead of "CUMBLD CTA". Is Pace doing away with abbreviations? I noticed they also did this to Route 213 "HIGHLAND PARK" instead of "HIGHLAND PK"
  3. tbh, I still see PML as Pace Route "X270". That being said, I strongly disagree with the new Pace 270 schedule. While I noticed that 270 now has extended nightly service to Glenbrook Hospital, I can definitely see the hourly service on 270 to be an issue for those who are too far away by foot from a Pulse station. That's really going to stink for people like Notre Dame High School students who now has to wait up to an hour for a 270 to get to school or walk half a dozen blocks to a Pulse station. I won't be surprised if they revised the 270 schedule to 30 minutes.
  4. I noticed that buses that go to NWTC are now displaying: "SCHAUMBURG/" "NORTHWEST TC" rather than just "SCHAUMBURG". I seen this on routes 606 and 208. 208 no longer displays "WESTBOUND" but the opposite side still does.
  5. Dawnlight

    More Bus Moves

    It's like CTA is saying that FG shouldn't be the only garage for their Novas to suffer from having toy seats.
  6. Are we now starting to see 6400s as less often as the 6000 Pace Orion's? It sure looks like it now.
  7. The 8300's will be hitting FG sooner than we expected lol
  8. I think I've seen the 8200's on almost every FG route. I've yet to see one on the 54A and the 85A
  9. I'm gonna miss routes like the 54A, 84, and 92 display the full destination of the "L" station rather just displaying "BLUE LINE" or "RED LINE" once the 6400's are completely retired.
  10. I spotted one of the 8200s on the 81 Lawrence bus at around 6PM at Elston. But it's not showing up in the tracker.
  11. That could explain why the newer buses are primarily on the 77. Routes 76, 80, 81, and 152 are probably gonna next on the list once more buses get delivered.
  12. Does Route 77 have the highest ridership out of all of the FG routes?
  13. Or a time where a FG route is running on a normal M-F schedule with no 6400's at all!
  14. Who will be the first person to post an 8200 bus at the Jefferson Park terminal? I would love to see an 8200 next to a Pace Axess! lol
  15. "77" appears to be a lucky number for the 7900s. They first appeared at "77"th garage and the first route the FG Novas are running on is Route "77".
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