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  1. final batch of night views. time for me to get back to work (while I am still in the mood). ciao for now.
  2. hello, everybody. Happy 4th! new update on the Metra Electric. I am working on the Grand Crossing area starting with 71st St. going south to 75th St. and South Chicago Ave. these are night views of the area as well as the featured homes of the area. yes, the old fashioned "Chicago Bungalows".
  3. gentlemen, is it possible that Bombardier is trying to recover money lost on the 5000 contract? look what happened to Boeing-Vertol after the 2400 series order. B-V tried to recover the money they lost on the 2400s. when Budd won the 2600 contract, B-V left the rail car business.
  4. more work continues on the South Shore car. that is not the final ceiling nor interior lighting. I am, however experimenting with different textures to get the look that I want for the seating. as well as interior lighting. the bulkheads have not been added, yet.
  5. thank you. those will come later. do you happen to have a picture of the 200 class> I can't find any.
  6. also under construction is the Nippon-Sharyo Highliners. this is the progress, so far.
  7. an update of the Metra Electric route. I have done a lot of work on the equipment that will ultimately come with the route. here is a partially completed South Shore Line train.
  8. I have been working on lighting effects for the Metra Electric. these 2 pictures are of the 93rd St. terminal.
  9. ​just try recording two pieces of metal rubbing together at home (any metal).
  10. ​thank you, Garmon757. who knows what the future will bring.
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