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  1. Breaking: The add on has just released on steam for 19.99. I will actually purchase it when I buy my new gaming computer which should be in a couple weeks. Until then ill have to look at YouTube to see how it is when other people play it.
  2. Also I'm pretty good at editing the buses as I have OMSI and when the buses release I'm going to make variations of the D40LF pre rehabbed and rehabbed also with different light colors based on the bus series sub number. 1000-1629 white interior light 1629-1799 dark purple light 1800-1929 cool blue light 1930-2029 light blue interior light and different engine sounds. With ZF/Allison transmission differences
  3. Yea I can't wait to drive the 60 footer downtown and then do some trip runs. If only they could include the 5400 and 6000 Flxible and the older models. Hopefully someone can make the majority of the city and add routes. But even in the trailer the bus engine sounds are realistic. I just wish they had the variations in interior lights in the D40LF series
  4. hi everyone I'm a new member and I came cross a unique and highly detailed bus simulator based on the Cta 124 and 130 downtown bus route. The game is called OMSI 2 Chicago downtown. The link is here. The simulator uses D40LF and DE60LF and has real bike racks and passengers and you can park in Kedzie Garage and even put in a run number in the clever devices IBIS system. http://www.omsi-chicago.com
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