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  1. 6472 the community bus was at Daley plaza with the heritage fleet. 3706, 301, and 8499 were there.
  2. On 1549 now on #62 archer. The transmission is shot. Terrible grinding sound between gear shifts. Doubt this bus is going to finish it's run today.
  3. Line affected: red Disruption level :significant delays Red line trains are standing at lake ; due to an unauthorized person on the tracks.
  4. Bus 8048 has just broken down. The engine just cut out at archer and pulaski. According to the driver this is not an unusual occurence. "First the low coolant light comes on then the engine shuts off" Has abybody else experienced this. If thats the case this may be a 7500 series repeat, especially since this bus is less than 6 months old
  5. I seen this article in the trib It mentioned trucking the remaining new 5000 series to the midway yard. This makes me think the orange line might be getting 5000s. Any thpughts on this , or is this just misreporting.
  6. 1264 is on the 54b. It still has a north park sticker in the windshield.
  7. You wouldn't be talking about the MAN Americana would you?
  8. #1316 was rear ended while on the 36 broadway at montrose. The engine panel is bent looks like this one will be out for a few days.
  9. Just saw 4371 broken down on broadway between foster and broadway