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  1. Combining Bus Routes

    So, if CTA gave all routes an appropriate schedule, would that eliminate bus bunching? Chicago isn't like most American cities with wide open 4/6 lane streets. Until the CTA can convince the City that it needs priority on streets in terms of bus lanes and signal preemption, there will be bus bunching. I don't think the CTA could ever perfectly schedule buses or manage them in real time when there is literally hundreds of thousands of individual cars in the mix.
  2. Random CTA

    Bears game. I remember a few years back seeing this on a Sunday morning. A sight to see State St empty with attics parked in the middle.
  3. Orange Line a.m. trains to Kimball

    After Belmont, the Purple shares the same track as the Brown line. There would be no time savings for the Purple line because they're all stuck behind a Brown. I can see the headlines now if passengers at those stations get passed by not fully packed Evanston trains.
  4. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Pride parade and July 4th fireworks, nothing new, just happen once a year. You'll have to be on the lookout for major events or you'll miss the special operations. Pride Parade is always on Sunday, which has the least amount of service. Looks like the CTA wants those particular crosstown routes to have extra capacity without extra buses. So, Kedzie sends over their spare artics to be operated by the normal Chicago Garage operators . The fireworks show is what 20 mins top? That's tens of thousands of people coming and going in a very short time. Artics will help, but the overall numbers of buses needs to be increased to present to the public any form of useful service. With big events, all the garages pitch in. As andre said up top, in this scenario, they use run numbers assigned to their home garage and manual mode can put up any sign as needed.
  5. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Actually, ridership drops way off in the summer and winter, especially. During the cold winter months, people really consolidate their trips on the system. Summer ridership, even with all the concerts, festivals, and tourists, is still behind Fall and Spring ridership. CPS students and staff, and all the universities students and staff add a lot of ridership to the system. I'm not privy to all the logistical reasons the route can't be reinstated in time for the summer pick. But, I think it's reasonable to not want to include summer ridership to the beach as ridership is being evaluated on the route so that the numbers aren't skewed.
  6. Spring Pick 2016

    All of these routes changing garages sounds like a system pick.
  7. 2016 System Pick

    I read the community rules. So I would have no objections to having this topic name changed to something that signifies a potential system pick, as I don't have an official source of information.
  8. 2016 System Pick

    System picks occur to change routes between garages for operational efficiency. They usually take into account shifting trends, coincide with major route or schedule changes, allow the opportunity for bus operators to switch to a different garage, and occur every two or three years. I don't have details of what this upcoming pick will entail, yet.
  9. 2016 System Pick

    There will be a System Pick in the early part of 2016. It'd have to take place atleast a full month before the spring pick begins. The last system Pick was during the de-crowding plan. I can't wait to see what the changes entail. I think the FG bus assignment issue will have to be addressed, but who knows?
  10. CTA Fall Pick Changes

    Pretty much sums it up. CTA is in constant communication with the schools directly. The initial shift to later bell times was a top-down decision, the schools themselves didn't even know of the proposed changes. After CTA accommodated the later bell times and drivers picked their work, CPS rescinded the later starts and dismissals. The schedule changes were made before the pick went into effect, but alot of inefficiencies exist regarding the trippers. Those inefficiencies will go away come Winter pick.
  11. CTA Fall Pick Changes

    Not all schools reverted back to their exact 2014 schedule, but absolutely zero that have CTA service are getting out at 4:30. I understand your thinking that there must be something to easily link the trips to, but that wasn't the case for many of the trippers. This is what happens when agencies don't share information. The proposed changes definitely should of been discussed before hand with all stakeholders. CPD also found out about the proposed changes to bell times through the news, they weren't happy either.
  12. CTA Fall Pick Changes

    It's not just Lane Tech that has these half trippers. When CPS announced the later dismissals, the Fall schedules were mostly done. The CTA knew the later dismissals would increase the number of peak vehicles needed. By time the later dismissals were cancelled, drivers had already picked their work. So some school trips were able to be linked to regular service, but most trippers just got moved earlier with nothing to link to which is why you see those short trippers operating for ~90 mins. The Winter pick will definitely get things back to normal.
  13. I really can't wait to see the schedule for the X9 and X49. If the routes are touted as time savers, then CTA and the Mayor are being dishonest because it's no secret internally that the local routes need more running time. With these express routes running in the peaks only, they'll be stuck in the worst of the worst congestion, with less stops there'll most likely be 10 mins time savings one way best case scenario.
  14. CTA Service Adjustments

    Yes, NYC has had Republican mayors. But central to Rainer's campaign was getting the unions to play nice. In NYC, that would be considered weakening the union. And that just will not get past go. The dynamic of transit in NYC is very different than in most U.S. cities because it's valued. 50%(4 million) of people in NYC don't have cars, and 55% use transit to get to work. Transit workers there have shown many times over the decades that they will strike. A transit strike in NYC is very detrimental to the city's economy. Management will cave to the union way before they grow a backbone. The changes that Huberman and Claypool brought to the CTA would most certainly cause a strike in NYC.
  15. CTA Service Adjustments

    New York City's public employee unions are very, very, VERY strong. Someone like Rauner would never get elected in NYC or NYS. Work rule changes are unheard of in NYC.