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  1. Metra Electric Highliners

    Riding on 1379 this morning. Still that new car "band-aid" odor.
  2. Metra Electric Highliners

    This is the newest Electric District Highliner.
  3. Metra Electric Highliners

    Just a thought ... Anyone else notice how electric district conductors seem to have become overly rude on non rush hour trains ... 1. Jamming passengers into as few cars as possible. 2. Kicking elderly passengers out of their seats for bicycles. 3. Setting up entire trains with as many 4 seaters as possible. 4. Locking the washroom door to make it look out of order. I dared to ask about this and the response was that by asking the question, I would be considered beligeriant and removed from the train and possibly arrested.
  4. Metra Electric Highliners

    As of 10/30/2015 (southbound #139) The newest Highliner I've seen in service is #1358 ... If I had know that in advance I would have had some medication for the headache I was about to receive; at the new cars radiate a really noxious odor (for a couple of months) not unlike a fresh box of Band-Aid's. Another unfortunate side effect of having all the extra new cars is that almost every train seems to have between 2 - 6 extra cars that go back and forth all day long as there is nowhere to park them.
  5. Metra Electric Highliners

    Saw #1368 fully assembled @ Rochelle plant 4th of July weekend.