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  1. It should be fixed now. Please let me know if it doesn't work for you. Thanks!
  2. As of today, it is official that Metra will be switching to the new-style stationary seats. See https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsroom/metra-purchase-new-modern-seats Their own release includes this beautiful statement, which basically says that Metra doesn't care that many people don't want to ride backwards:
  3. There is a useful bit of information in there, though: which garage is operating the bus (which usually matches the garage from the first digit of the run number)
  4. Sadly, the CTA API does not provide the run number in the XML
  5. My understanding is that the UP had to reduce train speeds or halt service if the wind forecast included wind above X miles per hour (I don't remember what value X was), since the UP Metra lines did not have equipment to measure the actual windspeeds. Metra paid (at least in part) for the installation of this equipment a couple years ago, allowing trains to operate based on the actual windspeed rather than the highest possible forecast.
  6. I had not updated it. Now I have. I will correct the archives soon to show them (the data was collected, but not visible)
  7. Oops. Thank you. The data was being recorded (so the archives are correct), but nothing was displayed. That will be corrected at the next update. Is the last one of the series now going to be 8325?
  8. The text of the University agreement can be found here (http://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/ordinances/013-060.pdf), which indicates that the 192 is technically subsidized by the University. However, since I understand that all fares collected on the routes go to the University (or equivalently, reduce its subsidy), the 192 has much less/no cost to the University than the other routes.
  9. The UGo shuttle program is actually operated by First Transit (same parent company as First Student). I believe some of our larger shuttles are actually closer to 30 people. Also, I'm pretty sure that most of the drivers are not students, although I'm not 100% certain on that. Also, the shuttle contract is/was up for renewal, and apparently we will be getting new buses. My understanding is that the University intends to end up with more transit-oriented buses (we were shown a silhouette of what looked like an ElDorado bus), but that seemed not to be definitive.
  10. I don't know what happened, but it seems to be back up now,
  11. I just fixed it, and edited my post above, so that's good. I'm actually going to add a link to the archive on the main page so I don't forget it exists.
  12. What is not working? It appears to be pulling updates, but maybe I'm missing something. Edit: if you meant the archive, sorry about breaking that. All the data was being saved, but I added an extra semi-colon that did not belong so you couldn't view the data. It is fixed.
  13. The 170 will almost certainly get eliminated, since the University of Chicago will no longer be subsidizing the route, and given that the route is not very heavily used (hence the University's decision), I doubt the CTA wants to operate it on its own. See UChicago's statement here: http://safety-security.uchicago.edu/news/university_to_stop_subsidizing_cta_170/
  14. It has been restored. Apparently my server crashed, so I had to reboot it.
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