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  1. Not in the morning just in the afternoon There is a surplus of artics all of these routes can have them. not to mention other routes like the 2, 3, 4, 77 etc that need artics but don't have them. yes this is a silly problem that can be solved without selling buses there are so many ways to do this. reduce stops on routes, get back doors to close faster etc.
  2. 8142 has the same interior signage as 8011 i was on it on the 20 the other day.
  3. I was thinking, if dwell time is a problem on artics the only sensible reason would be the fact that the back doors take a few seconds to close. To my knowledge both the 66 and 79 used just 4000's. As a frequent rider of artics i noticed 4300's doors close faster than the 4000's ones. Is it possible that 4000's are the only buses causing dwell time problems? If so almost all of the 4300's could move to 77th and Chicago which have the heaviest routes and the rest at the other garages where they might be needed. Here is my idea of the garage assignments it could go down any way but this is
  4. I wouldn't be suprised if some electrics ran on late night 26's it will test them on long distance and going fast and they can pop right into the garage if they are low on charge.
  5. However ALL cta routes exept for the 111A connect to a cta train
  6. 4000 was on the 52 yesterday and is on the 52 again today. Same bus same route. Let's see what tomorrow has to offer.
  7. I Agree, it could go via 95th, Cottage Grove, 107th. There could also be a route on 99th. I don't know why there is no bus it is Certianly a service gap.
  8. It would have to access downtown other than that it might not be that bad.
  9. Route Ideas: 1. 44 Wallace/Racine extended to Clinton and Madison this will allow riders a direct access to downtown. 2. new route 25 Oakland Express. Start at 71st and Stony Island then Stony Island to 67th to Woodlawn(might be too narrow) to Lake Park (SB Ellis to 45th to Woodlawn) to Oakwood to LSD to Columbus to Balbo to Michigan then same turnaround as the 60. this will provide people who live in north Kenwood and Oakland a fast way to Downtown. 3. new route 32 Clybourn start at Wacker and Dearborn north to Chicago to Wells to Division to Clybourn to Belmont to Kimball Blue
  10. My guess is that 8332 along with all the other 8325's that went to 103rd went there so 8332 could work on the 171 and 172. most riders are affiliated with the U of C. they don't need to pay to ride they just show their ID and their on. this could explain why 8236-8247 went to 103rd then back over a few days. 8347 is still at FG are you sure it had a farebox problem.
  11. I'm not sure if this was done on the 66 & 79 but i think there was not a schedule change. i may be wrong. the reason they do that is because blocks in Chicago are rectangular most of the time the long part is north to south so there are twice as many north south streets in the city as East west streets. what i was meaning to say is the effected routes should have a stop pattern of the 21 west of Cicero.
  12. This problem shouldn't exist there are routes that need Aritcs but are getting none while the cta has a surplus of artics. the only reason we know why this isn't happening is because the buses get behind schedule. here are three things the CTA can do. 1. Remove runs on heavy routes, no need to have 50+ artics on a single route even if it's something like the 79 or 77. 2. Dwell time might be increased due to the back doors delayed closing. I don't know what the cta can do other than making the doors manual because if the doors close too fast it becomes a safety issue. 3. Eli
  13. I agree for the new routing the exact streets should go something like this. 11: Lincoln, Clark, LaSalle, LSD, Michigan, Congress Plaza. 31: 31st, Archer, 33rd, Western Ave, 31st, Pulaski.
  14. I don't know about the morning but in the afternoon they definately Layover.
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