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  1. Yes, but not recently. That was the size of the Nova LFS order delivered in 2001-02: 6400-6708, followed by 6709-6883.
  2. The Nova really does have that fresh-from-the-factory look despite its 18 years. Still, I wonder why it has an ad wrap if it's never seen revenue service.
  3. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    I believe that the CPD has two ex-CTA Flxibles: One is a B. the other, an E. The one in the image looks like it has a straight back like the Flexible E from the 6000 series. Was the CPD fleet # 6999?
  4. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Actually, there were a couple of moves involving FG over the weekend. 1791-92 have returned to NP 1801-03 migrated to C. (Not sure about 1800 yet.)
  5. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Mr.cta85 is the first and only one on the board to actually cite a source. Until then, I was skeptical too.
  6. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    7903-04 have returned to 77th Street, according to Math22's tracker. Both are operating on the 53A as I type. Meanwhile, 1195 has migrated from 77th to 103rd; it's filling a run on the 71. Educated guess: 1196 has probably been reassigned, too. So it's probably an even trade.
  7. Actually, the barn runs from Halsted & Waveland to 77th begin in the early evening. I don't know how many runs make that long deadhead, but it seems as if there are quite a few throughout the evening. I'm not familiar with the pullouts.
  8. It would, except that NP doesn't have the room; nor is there any real estate available on the North Side for a new bus barn. The only possibility might be building a multi-level facility at 901 W. Division, currently the CTA's supply distribution center.
  9. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    When buses are moved in a numerical group, like 1791-98, I think they're more likely to be a long-term reassignment than a temporary loan. (1799-1803 are already at FG.) Loaners are usually randomly picked from whatever happens to be available.
  10. My oversight. Thanks for the correction, Aiden. I hadn't noted the year when the notice I saw was posted. That would also explain why the #213 was extended to the Howard Red Line Terminal.
  11. According to signs posted along Chicago Avenue in Evanston, the #205 will be discontinued on September 4th, the day after Labor Day. In the meantime, Pace #213 was extended southward a few months back from the Davis St. Purple Line Station to the Howard Red Line Terminal via Chicago Avenue.
  12. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Maybe, but I sort of doubt that it's just a temporary fill-in. It's numerically consistent. Pre-move: 74th: 8212-8223, C: 8224-8235 Post-move: 74th: 8212-8224, C: 8225-8235.
  13. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Just happened to notice one reassignment, probably very recent: 8224 from Chicago Ave. to 74th Street. It's operating on Ashland as I type.
  14. It doesn't seem as if the CTA is really concerned about maintaining numerical blocks anymore, except when it's convenient, as with the recent migration of 1034-1051. However, if 74th gets the Proterra electrics, then 1026-27 may do just that.
  15. I doubt that the vast majority of riders is at all concerned about the age of the buses. Even with the most elderly equipment in the system, the operators and technicians at FG still manage to provide a safe, reliable ride from Point A to Point B. I think that's all that matters. Seems to me that Artthouwill, Sam92, and Mr.cta85 have all offered convincing reasons why things are as they are. Incidentally, I'm a North Sider and a onetime CTA bus pilot: 1969-76, FG and NP. BusHunter and CTA 5750, I understand your feelings, too, but like I said, I don't think that most riders really care.
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