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  1. More Bus Moves

    It's not unusual for PM rush hour runs from 77th Street to be filled with buses just released from the South Shops.
  2. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Probably not. The 6400s are normally held in on Sundays
  3. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    Never doubted the existence of a 5300 in the CPD fleet. The one I spotted, either in 2016 or '17, looked as if the interior might have been partitioned. I should have taken a picture. There was some kind of signage that indicated it was a mobile communications center. I could be wrong, but the one in the photo looks as if it's being used simply as a bus.
  4. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    I vaguely remember seeing an image of that 5300, too. But this one was a 6000, I'm reasonably sure. I remember the profile. Maybe there were/are two.
  5. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    One retired 6000 was converted into a mobile communications unit for the CPD. It looked really spiffy in the CPD livery, and could often be seen at major events. I'm not sure if it's still in use.
  6. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    You're right, Artthou; I remember the breakdown crisis at 74th. It resulted from a plan to assign each garage one make of bus, such as Archer being all Novas (as you stated.) 74th wound up with a full roster of 12-or-13-year-old 6000s (insane). Sometime in late 2008 or early '09, 74th received 1100s from both Kedzie and Chicago Avenue, in exchange for some of the 6000s. In my last post, I forgot to mention that C ended up with 6000s, in addition to K, FG, 103, and 74.
  7. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    There was a hiatus of a few months between the deliveries of 6000-6229 and 6230-6329. The last 100 began arriving, I believe, in April or May, 1996. About 280 of the original 330 Flxible-Es were still operating when the CTA instituted system-wide service reductions in February, 2010. All 280 were retired and the Archer barn was shuttered. In their last days of service, they were distributed among four garages: K, FG, 103, & 74 --- if my memory serves me.
  8. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    You could be right, '85. You've mentioned that every operator at your barn received training with the SmartBuses. So it would seem logical to me that a greater number of the Novas would be migrating to 103rd than just the five needed for Owl Service.
  9. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Points well taken. Historically, Sam92 is right about lopsided equipment distribution. Secondly, I think that FG buses don't rack up the mileage as quickly as South Side units do, though I'd add Central and maybe Austin to the heavier routes. The South Side covers more territory, so the routes are longer. So are many of the garage deadheads. There's also a matter of real estate. Only two garages remain on the North Side, with no sites available for more, even if funding was available. (Maybe 901 W. Division could be repurposed, but for now, that would probably fall under the heading, pie-in-the-sky.) The upshot is that the NP and FG routes are concentrated mainly on the North Side, except for Western and Damen. Long north-south routes, like Halsted, Ashland, and Kimball-Homan once had split base service, but no longer do. 77th now covers Halsted solo, and 74th does the same with Ashland. 74th also has five long routes with Owl Service, more than any other barn. So to conclude, the South Side garages are probably more in need of new equipment than FG, because their units seem to receive more wear & tear, especially since the closure of Archer in 2010.
  10. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Some old Novas have returned to service even after a few months of inactivity. I guess it can sometimes take a while for the technicians at the South Shops or Forest Glen to work their magic. 6671 returned to service a few weeks ago after a long absence. 6755 is back on the street as well as of a week or two ago.
  11. More Bus Moves

    i don't know about 1389-90, but 1391 is still operating out of NP. You're probably right about 1374-79.
  12. More Bus Moves

    Three more NF transplants from Chicago Ave.: 1371-72 to 77th 1374 to FG, joining 1375 & 1379 there, as earlier reported by Aiden T. It could be that 1376-78 might be waiting in the wings. I guess we'll know soon. As for 1388, it migrated from NP rather than C, so I'm guessing that it might turn out to be a numerical oddball.
  13. More Bus Moves

    As of late Saturday morning, I could find only one roster change on Maths22's "Buses in Service" list: 1368 seems to have migrated from Chicago Ave. to 103rd. It's assigned to the #29. There may be others, but I guess we'll know in the coming days. It's a normal reassignment pattern for the Labor Day weekend, so I don't believe it's just a loaner. In the meantime, 74th still has its out-of-sequence oddballs, and 1028-33 remain at FG. I'll keep an eye out for additional low-1800s at FG beyond 1803 (if there are any).
  14. More Bus Moves

    Incidentally, 1406 is back in service. Yesterday evening it was operating on the 94, which means that it may have migrated south along with 1407-09 a few weeks ago.
  15. More Bus Moves

    Reading CTA windshield stickers seems to me like reading tea leaves. I'm not sure that fortune-tellers have that great a track record predicting the future.