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  1. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    It looks as if NP picked up at least four units this week: 1379 & 1380 from 77th (1379 is operating on the 97 as I type), and 1381 & 1382 from FG (I spotted 1382 on the 36 the other day). Because the numbers are clustered, I'm assuming they're not loaners.
  2. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Being familiar with operations at 77th, you'd know much better than I would, YBL. (Ex-operator here, '69 to '76; FG and later NP.) Your explanation seems to make sense.
  3. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    There must have been an ongoing shortage of buses at 77th. They had recently been getting day-loans from 103rd. Maybe more 77th NFs are being sidelined for repairs. It's been a few years since the NFs were rehabbed, so they might be starting to show their age. It seems as if the ones at 77th get the heaviest use. Before the transfer, FG had nearly 270 units. Even with the old Novas, they had normally been able to manage with 255 or 260. I'm not saying that FG didn't need them. But 77th probably needed them more. Could be wrong, but I think the move is probably long-term.
  4. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    It's not at all unusual for buses from other garages to fill 77th St. runs after being serviced at the South Shops.That's especially true during the PM rush.
  5. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    I think it's more likely that the reassignment was based on long-term need. It may be permanent. Incidentally, 1561 migrated from 77th to FG. As I type, it's operating on Lawrence.
  6. As of this moment, 8347 and 8349 are showing up on Maths22's tracker. Both are still assigned to Forest Glen.
  7. Just a value judgment here, but I think that the NFs without the website decals look so much better than the ones that have them. It looks especially tacky when the decals are partly covered by strip adds.There seem to be fewer of them with each passing day, so I guess the decals are still being applied.
  8. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Route swaps and realignments occur, but not very often. They generally happen for one of two reasons: 1) One or more garages open or close, as happened in 1994 and 2010 - or - 2) To relieve overcrowding, such as reassignment of the #62 from K to 74th in 2011(?) or more recently, migration of the #157 from K to C.
  9. Yes, but not recently. That was the size of the Nova LFS order delivered in 2001-02: 6400-6708, followed by 6709-6883.
  10. The Nova really does have that fresh-from-the-factory look despite its 18 years. Still, I wonder why it has an ad wrap if it's never seen revenue service.
  11. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    I believe that the CPD has two ex-CTA Flxibles: One is a B. the other, an E. The one in the image looks like it has a straight back like the Flexible E from the 6000 series. Was the CPD fleet # 6999?
  12. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Actually, there were a couple of moves involving FG over the weekend. 1791-92 have returned to NP 1801-03 migrated to C. (Not sure about 1800 yet.)
  13. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    Mr.cta85 is the first and only one on the board to actually cite a source. Until then, I was skeptical too.
  14. wordguy

    More Bus Moves

    7903-04 have returned to 77th Street, according to Math22's tracker. Both are operating on the 53A as I type. Meanwhile, 1195 has migrated from 77th to 103rd; it's filling a run on the 71. Educated guess: 1196 has probably been reassigned, too. So it's probably an even trade.
  15. Actually, the barn runs from Halsted & Waveland to 77th begin in the early evening. I don't know how many runs make that long deadhead, but it seems as if there are quite a few throughout the evening. I'm not familiar with the pullouts.
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