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  1. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    73 and 405 today in Elgin:
  2. New RTA System and Regional Maps

    I was referring to when the RTA System map, which is available through the RTA, CTA, and Pace sites, is posted on each of those sites in relation to each other. I didn't know that RTA map updates were timed based on "map stock levels", so I guess that explains why they are so inconsistent.
  3. Pace 2019 Budget

    Are you saying you think the new facility would be on Herion Street, rather than the mall property? I would think Pace would prefer to negotiate with the mall to come up with a more permanent solution. I'm sure that space can be made for a passenger facility in one of the mall's rarely used parking lots, most likely the southeast one. The current configuration shortens the layover time too much for buses to get back on schedule in many cases, so I think Pace would want to keep buses closer to the mall.
  4. Pulse - 95th St

    According to the map, there will be a stop near 103rd St/76th Av (shown as “Bridgeview Courthouse”:
  5. Random Metra

    CBS News: Train nearly hits police car when warning devices fail in Mokena (includes dash cam video).
  6. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    Just saw 17120 in Joliet. I'll check South Holland next week. I haven't seen any 18000s on the road yet.
  7. Metra and PTC

    Operations test on Rock Island Friday
  8. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1.
  9. Annual Holiday Bus

    According to the schedule, it was on 56 today, and won't be on 92 until tomorrow. I'm assuming this is run as an extra, so are they using this bus on an "unscheduled" trip, or is the sign wrong? What's the van used for? To transport Santa and his helpers?
  10. Pace Bus Accidents

    The part you quoted wasn't intended to prove anything in the previous sentences, it was only to show that those of us on this forum aren't able to tell who is at fault. The officer(s) on scene couldn't easily tell what the primary cause was, so we can't either.
  11. Pace Bus Accidents

    The bus wasn't "rear ended" in the usual sense. They were traveling opposite directions when the Pace bus turned across the path of the CTA bus, and the impact was to the rear of the Pace bus as it was nearing the end of its turn. There could easily have been a dispute over whether Pace turned unsafely or CTA ran the red light, which might explain why no citations were issued. The crash report has the primary cause listed as "UNABLE TO DETERMINE". There's not enough information for us to determine who was at fault.
  12. Pace Bus Accidents

    Woodlawn does go south from 103rd. It turns into Doty Av, which is the frontage road along the Bishop Ford that goes to Walmart. But we are in agreement that the accident didn’t happen there.
  13. Pace Bus Accidents

    I’ll amend my prior posts. For some reason I thought the article said the bus was turning right, but it doesn’t. So I agree with your conclusion.
  14. Pace Bus Accidents

    The CPD crash report number is JB513729. Posted speed limit was 30 MPH. The pavement was wet. The traffic signal was functioning properly and there were no road defects that contributed to the crash. The intersection played a role in the crash. Property damage was over $1500. Approximate address was 1501 E 103rd, or here, so you are correct the bus was turning into the southbound ramp. The primary cause of the accident is listed as UNABLE TO DETERMINE, which further makes me think that it was not as simple as the news article makes it sound. If the police couldn’t reach a conclusion, I certainly can’t either. Source
  15. Pace Bus Accidents

    Article says the Pace Bus was making a right turn onto Woodlawn, not Blackstone. I’m not sure why it would be as no Pace route serves that street and it doesn’t seem like a typical deadhead route, so maybe the article was wrong. At any rate, it was turning right when it was hit from behind by the CTA bus, as evidenced by the position of the damage. A few things in the article got me to wondering whether some unexpected situation occurred (for example, the Pace driver turned right from the left lane). There are statements that initially seemed to contradict each other: the Pace bus “crashed into” the CTA bus, and “the CTA bus rear-ended the other bus”. The other things that stood out are the unusual route and the fact that no citations were issued. In a typical rear-end crash, the rear driver gets a citation.