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  1. Metra will begin selling a $7 unlimited ride pass for Saturday or Sunday.
  2. There were three bilevels that were used to carry passengers, numbers 11-13. I looked at @Eric95 spreadsheet again and saw several cars listed as WSOR which I added to my list. WSOR coaches 12 and 13 are not listed because I don't know their Metra numbers, but adding those two should account for all fourteen in Horicon (as of 7/2011) if the rest of the numbers are correct. Searching the car numbers doesn't reveal any recent information, but they could still turn up somewhere.
  3. Looking at Google Earth imagery, it looks like WSOR had a maximum of 14 bilevels in Horicon as of July, 2011: eleven on the siding east of Highway 33, and three in the main yard across the road. The latter three are presumably the cars that were actually used to carry passengers. Ten cars remained on the siding in June, 2015, and these were moved to Fox Lake by April, 2017. I assume these were the cars you saw that "were sold a year or two ago". You don't happen to know who bought them? I also discovered these pictures of some ex-BN bilevels in Fox Lake in February 2005. I didn't know about these until now. On Google Earth, I don't see them anywhere on WSOR after that. The stainless steel roofs would distinguish them from the other cars discussed so far. The car number in the first picture looks like 720, but you have to zoom way in to see it and it's pretty blurry. If correct, that would mean these are cars that went to Michigan for the MITrain startup that never happened. The timeframe would be consistent with their apparent departure from WSOR property, so I'm inclined to think my reading of the number was correct. Thank you again for this information!
  4. With the logos for the six counties on 402, Metra might have wanted to take it on a tour of the entire system (excluding the lines where MP36's don't run). Or the move could have been completely arbitrary, as Metra doesn't have any reason to care how many locomotives with special paint schemes are assigned to each line. Movements between Union Station and Rock Island are made via the St. Charles airline.
  5. I don’t understand the question. It ended up there because Metra put it there, but that should be obvious. The State of Illinois isn’t meant to represent Metra’s “heritage” in the way that the tributes to predecessor railroads do.
  6. The fleet number is an “asset inventory number” that should be unique to any equipment owned by CTA, not just the type of asset. CTA has never had buses and rail cars with the same numbers at the same time. CTA and Pace vehicles have a small metal tag inside to mark its “official” asset number. As I recall, it is usually on the partition behind the driver’s seat on buses, and near the doors on rail cars. Metra seems to do things differently, as I noted above that 6000-series passenger cars have the same fleet numbers as MoW flatcars. The displayed number is not necessarily the asset number, which was also the case for some locomotives acquired from predecessor roads.
  7. I saw it on the Rock Island about a month ago, and a recent Metra press release had a picture showing it in the background at LaSalle Street Station.
  8. I don’t think you saw the MTDX cars discussed above because those were not visible from Metra, unless they were moved. There were a bunch of old Highliners stored between Bensenville and Mannheim, so I’m guessing that’s what you saw. But I can’t say for sure without having seen them myself.
  9. Thank you! This proves 8701 was not returned to Metra because we can verify it has been in Milwaukee for several years.
  10. Thanks for confirming the car number! I'll update the list. Can you name a source to make it "official"?
  11. Deleted my previous comment because I was wrong about the heritage of the oldest cars. (I remembered 1953 from the RTAMS report, but their website update seems to have removed that data. I'll start a new topic about that.) In the MTDX thread it was found that some of these may not have been reacquired. Do you have more recent information? I was about to say they'd have to renumber some MoW cars for each of those, but perhaps not. There are flatcars with the same numbers as passenger cars in the 6000 series (example: 6014)
  12. News source What exactly did security fail to do? Are they just letting anyone in without checking IDs against a current employee list? If they’re doing that habitually then I’ll agree they should be fired, but I’m not sure they necessarily could have prevented this specific incident.
  13. No, it’s better to start a new topic than to have everything go into the “Random” threads.
  14. This happened in Brazil, according to various websites such as Daily Mail.
  15. Bloomberg: Transit agencies say federal stimulus funds aren’t enough to rule out drastic service cuts.
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