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  1. Pace 2019 Budget

    Wayback Machine was my first thought as well, I was going to post the schedule here. The route was so short-lived that no archive was made of them. I believe 889’s routing on the south end was the same as 877. RTAMS said there were 30 rides per day in February, and I wonder how many were suburban local trips (which 877 has some of now).
  2. Pace 2019 Budget

    889 was an express route from the south suburbs to Rosemont. Service started November 30, 2009 and lasted only until March 8, 2010. If there were no passengers on board after Blue Island, the bus would go back to the garage instead of driving all the way to Rosemont empty. This was happening on most trips at the time it was cut.
  3. Pace 2019 Budget

    Current service intervals are about every 30 minutes for 330 and 20 minutes for 62H. They could run 62H between 330's so a bus comes every 15 minutes or so, similar to 63W/386. 55A and 55N could be eliminated and those riders along Austin and Narragansett can walk to 55th or 63rd. One sticking point would be whether to run 62H/330 on 55th or Archer between where those streets split and Cicero. This would depend on how many riders the current routes have in that segment. One option would be to keep 62 on Archer with 62H/330 on 55th. Another would be to leave 62H on its current routing while 330 covers 55th. The main problem I can see with this is that 330 is already a long route, and congestion on its north end could cause delays, which might make the people along 55th react negatively to this proposal.
  4. Pace 2019 Budget

    I agree there should be some more direct service to Midway from the west. I’m not sure Downers Grove Metra would be the best terminus, but the Ogden segment has potential. 330 should be extended to Midway. Besides making it easier to get to Midway from west suburbs, it would have the advantage of running between the two airports. It would also allow CTA to cut some of the redundant routes along 55th.
  5. Pace 2019 Budget

    That’s what I figured. My point was, those taking Amtrak south from Joliet have to get on the Blue line to leave O’Hare. Given that constraint, would they see any advantage in transferring to a bus at Rosemont when they could stay on to Clinton (Union Station)? A trip from O’Hare to Springfield would cost $26.00 via Union Station and $21.30 via Pace to Joliet. But most people will have to wait few hours for the train, so they’d probably opt for Union Station despite the extra $4.70.
  6. Pace 2019 Budget

    The thinking is probably that a passenger would fly to Chicago either because it happens to be cheaper or a direct flight to St. Louis wasn’t available. I don’t know if Amtrak has done any research to show if people are already using it for this purpose, but it seems unlikely that many are. Amtrak doesn’t stop directly at the airport which means most people would prefer a connecting flight instead. Those that choose Amtrak would have to ride the Blue Line from O’Hare to Rosemont to catch the Joliet bus. If you’re going to do that, you may as well stay on the Blue Line to get to Union Station, which is already an option. So I agree the proposed route seems unnecessary for this purpose.
  7. Random Metra

    More pictures here, including a MARC safety booklet and monthly pass from 2011. At the time it was noted that the cars were put in service as quickly as possible.
  8. Pace 2019 Budget

    I assume you are referring to #4 of my post, to which I was thinking more about what companies were on the Naperville end. It's true there has been residential growth in Will County, but most of it isn't in the areas where people might ride a bus from downtown Joliet. Assuming the potential passengers are driving to work currently, they would likely find it more convenient to continue doing so than to take a detour and wait for a bus. Some riders might transfer from local routes, but as those routes mostly serve the older parts of town, I wouldn't expect ridership to be much more than it was 20 years ago. As I recall, 837 did not stop downtown, but at the Park-n-Ride at I-55 and US 30. That might be a better location for attracting drivers, but there's no local transfer opportunity to local routes unless you walk to the mall.
  9. Pace 2019 Budget

    1. If coordinated with 511/512 (or similar potential future routes), it could be used to bring workers to Joliet. Otherwise I can't imagine this route getting many riders. 2. Coordination with Amtrak seems to be the key to this route. They seem to be thinking people will fly to O'Hare, take the bus to Joliet, then take the train downstate. There's also potential for rush hour riders, similar to 895's Chicago Ridge to Rosemont segment. 3. 655 (from Bolingbrook) failed, so this is dubious, but maybe Amtrak transfers could justify it. 4. 837, which ran from 1998 to 2000, failed. I'm not sure what has changed since then. Since it would serve an office corridor, Amtrak probably wouldn't help this route much. 5. My favorite route might be coming back, sort of. I guess this would have a similar rationale as #2.
  10. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    It is on the front below the windshield, and the rear side at the bottom of the blue stripe. Difficult to read, but it looks like “94”, possibly “84”. They slightly modified the existing paint job to get it ready for service faster. See here. Metra said later arrivals will be fully painted in the new standard scheme.
  11. Miscellaneous Transit Stories

    Daily Herald: Old streetcar tracks uncovered in Elgin.
  12. NHTSA shuts down autonomous "school bus" in Florida
  13. Metra, Oswego, and earmarks

    The last on/off counts were in 2016 and 2014. I can’t find evidence of a 2017 count. The recent fare zone changes and upcoming round trip ticket made me think they’d have a reason to do another count at this time. Most of Metra’s ridership statistics are estimates based on ticket sales, rather than the actual number of boardings.
  14. Metra, Oswego, and earmarks

    That isn’t likely related to a possible extension to Oswego. I saw something similar on an RI train, so there may be a systemwide count. One possibility is that they are studying the impact of the Round Trip Plus passes to be released soon.
  15. A fair point, but most of the potential passengers are currently driving to work and could presumably continue to do so.