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  1. On Tuesday, July 3, the depot was moved away from the tracks and about 150 feet closer to Cedar Road. The steel plates below the wheels shown in the third photo of my last post were placed to assist with this short move. The move to Konow's farm had been scheduled for this Tuesday, July 10, but has been postponed until further notice due to an accumulation of water at the farm. In the last photo, note the gap below the bottom of the "door". Originally the bottom of the brick structure was at ground level. At some point (1964?) the platforms along three sides of the building and the floor inside were raised, which is why the "door" doesn't extend all the way to the bottom of the building. I believe this was done during the same renovation that the baggage door was covered, interior tile was installed, and the restroom was added.
  2. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    Up to 17120 in South Holland. Looks like most of the 17060s are still there despite my sighting of 17078 on the street.
  3. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    Keep me out of your stupid argument, please.
  4. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    How many years has there been a bus shuttle for the fireworks? Did it exist prior to being operated by Pace?
  5. 7/2/18 Conditional moving date has been set: The wheels were put on the structure this week: Wheels and air brake lines underneath: A large box mounted on the south side. Air compressor? Truck from Wolfe parked on site: The depot will be pulled out through the remaining parking lot to Cedar Road: Then it will be turned 90 degrees for the trip up Cedar Road: The old depot is dwarfed by new construction: Route 30/Church becomes a right-turn-only intersection. The sidewalk on the north side of Route 30 has been reopened and CVS entrances installed: A view of the depot through the CVS structure: I chose the wrong position for what was probably the last chance to photograph IAIS 513 past the depot. The approach shot came out OK though:
  6. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    This year I decided to go to Wilmette to see the buses, and also some fireworks. I took a 422 to Edens Plaza, getting there around 8:35. While pulling in I counted 14 buses lined up. After taking a few pictures I got in line to board. A supervisor who was talking to a passenger mentioned that North Shore and another division were both running buses this year. I thought she said North division, but I didn't see any N buses. I did see 6410, which is (was?) a NW bus, so maybe I misheard "North" instead of "Northwest". All the other buses I remember seeing were from NS. I got on 6724 which left Edens Plaza with about 15 empty seats. That turned out to be the perfect amount for a full seated load after picking up local passengers. Once at the park I walked around taking bus pictures until it was time for fireworks. I found a decent spot to watch that was slightly obscured by trees but away from most of the crowds. Afterward I walked to the purple line instead of getting back on the bus, as I had no need to go back to Edens Plaza. That means I can now add the ticket to my collection of transit memorabilia. It still looks the same as the one @Zol87 posted on page 1 of this thread. Line of buses at Edens Plaza: Bus stop sign at Edens Plaza: Riding 6724: Unloading at Gillson Park: Buses parked on the street during the show: Found an OK spot to watch fireworks: Community vehicle 16407 was parked here: Lots of people packing the buses after the show: Police directing buses and pedestrians: Loaded buses leaving the park:
  7. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    More sightings: - 17040 at Old Orchard (pictured below) - 17048 in Niles - 17078 in Schaumburg
  8. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    Saw 17006 and 17036 in McHenry County. Also took some pictures of 16000s on route 806 while I was there.
  9. Has anyone recently experienced the card reader on the bus saying "Stop: Insufficient Fare" on the first tap, but working properly the second time? This happened on the majority of Pace buses that I boarded, but I also rode the blue line and did not have the problem. On one bus, the reader would not accept my card at all, repeatedly saying "Insufficient Fare" despite having a balance of more than $12. I had to pay cash for that trip. I'm not sure if it matters, but I was sent my new card back in January but didn't need it until a few weeks ago, so I never bothered to activate it until the day before I had the problem with the reader not working.
  10. 6/17/18 In just one week they have finished removing the foundation and the entire building has been raised about 3 feet above its former level. At this point they are mostly just waiting for all the parties involved to coordinate a moving date, most likely July 10, 11, or 12.
  11. Pace Bus Moves

  12. This week they dug out the remaining north and east sides, placed beams underneath, and wrapped two cables around the entire building that are attached to steel corner protectors. It is starting to look like it is almost ready to move.
  13. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    Still on the SWS, but moved to the 8 car set at 179th (previously was on the 5 car set).
  14. The depot was tentatively scheduled to move some time this week, but there has still not been an official announcement to confirm the date. They have certainly made a lot of progress toward that goal. Some equipment from the moving company (Wolfe House & Building Movers) was staged in the parking lot. They are currently digging under the building to place the beams and supports. The pallets in front of the yellow beams are bricks from the platform. So far they have dug out the sidewalks along the west and south sides of the building and cut a series of holes for the beams to be placed through. No digging along the north and east sides yet, but the platform bricks have been removed. The inside has been stripped of the wall tiles and all the concrete that was below the floor has been removed. This picture was taken through a hole in the west side of the building, below floor level. Note that on the far end you can clearly see how the old baggage door was bricked over. Looking through the window on the opposite side. The interior walls for the restroom, ticket office, and utility room are all gone. They are in the process of digging trenches for the beams that will be placed under the entire structure. Meanwhile, the foundation for CVS is being poured.