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  1. Random Metra

    Would the need to pay back federal money only be true if all NCS service was cut, or could they (for example) make it rush hour only? It brings to mind the controversy of how there were supposed to be 24 trains, but CN wouldn’t allow the additional round trip. Metra press release says Romeoville Station was “primarily” funded by CMAQ grant I do agree that drastic cuts probably won’t happen, and is similar to when they threatened to shut down so the PTC deadline would be extended. Some cuts to off-peak service might be expected, but I don’t think the HC would be cut except possibly the 2:45 train.
  2. Random CTA

    I agree with this. The livery on 700 and 701 is “promotional”, which is not as important now that more buses have been ordered. My bet is that they will be the standard colors, but with the words “Electric Bus” on top, similar to “Clean Air Hybrid Bus”.
  3. 2400-series - Service Dates

    I noticed last week they are no longer at the location on Cherry Hill Road where I photographed them. Does anyone know what Chicagoland Speedway did with them, if anything?
  4. Metra Ticketing

    As conductors are not allowed to force someone off the train, passengers without a fare or ticket are given a form to fill out. This form list’s the passenger’s name, address, and signature, conductor’s name, and amount owed. Probably a few other things as I’ve never seen one up close. The passenger instructed to mail in the form or bring it to a ticket agent to pay. How, if at all, can payment be enforced? The conductor gets a carbon copy, so they can at least keep records of repeat offenders.
  5. River Valley Metro Kankakee

    Yesterday I rode the bus to Kankakee for the first time since last year's restructuring. The system is definitely more efficient, with more direct routing and only two timed transfer points. I got photos of most of the buses that were out that day. #9801 I'm not sure if this is the "recently acquired" bus or if this vehicle is normally used in Metro Plus (paratransit) service and was borrowed for Route 2 on this particular day. #400 Series Gillig #500-Series Optima (ex-IndyGo) #600-Series Optima (ex-CTA) #800-Series IC (700 series are identical) #806 Chevy Cutaway. This is the only vehicle of this type that Metro has. It is usually found on the University Park route. #1003-5 International cutaways. These are wrapped and used for the Midway service. In addition to Metro, SHOW BUS provides hourly service between the downtown Kankakee transfer center and Momence with a stop in Sun River Terrace. The fare is $1 each way and the bus can deviate from the route to accommodate prearranged trips. Some updates from the board minutes: March: "The contract for our medium duty buses has not yet been signed by the secretary of IDOT. If the buses can be ordered in April, we would still expect to have them by the end of this calendar year. The four New Flyer buses have been ordered and should be here in January or February." April: "While the grant allows $97,500 per bus, the low bid came it at $84,000 per bus. This does not include head signs, fare boxes, etc., but IDOT will only allow $84,000 per bus. It will cost us $73,515 to get these buses ready for service. We have $35,000 from previously salvaged buses and $7900 from sign damage insurance money. In addition, we will be selling or scrapping current buses when new buses arrive." May: "Last Friday, a contractor was selected for our new cut-away buses. All paperwork has been submitted for the vehicle purchase. Estimated lead time for delivery is 6 months." July: "We are having serious issues keeping enough buses on the road to make service and are looking at the possibility of leasing 3 or 4 vehicles until our new buses arrive. IDOT has ok’d this as an eligible expense."
  6. Lettered Bus Stops Pilot?????

    To reduce congestion, as the route is busy enough that there are sometimes two buses there at once. (One pulls in before the other leaves) This signage not a pilot, it is already an RTA standard, but not yet implemented systemwide. These recent examples are being installed in more prominent places, but the signs at some locations such as 95th/Western and Joliet have existed for a few years already. The map I linked to above does not show the locations you asked about, but as @Busjack noted, Barrington Road isn't on the map either. These signs will likely be installed during any station rebuild from now on, and existing locations will be changed as time and funding allows.
  7. The Breakdown Thread

    Too much speed while turning?
  8. Lettered Bus Stops Pilot?????

    RTA Map of Interagency Signage Locations
  9. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed them. Fortunately the storms that were forecasted didn't happen so I was able to stay out all day on bicycle to get all those pictures. New Lenox has already found businesses for the development around the station: CVS, Starbucks, Durbin's Pizza, and Zembar Jewelers. There are, however, several vacant commercial properties around town, for which village politics are partly to blame. Pizza King (1 block west) recently closed and I can't help but wonder if expected competition from Durbin's influenced the owner's decision to close. Oak Forest has a bank that was built at the same time as CVS, and a Starbucks was added in 2016.
  10. Part 4 of 4 Turning off Cedar Road to enter the farm: The building rolls across the grass parking lot, finally free of clearance issues: Now oriented 180 degrees from its original position, at this point it was stopped before “reversing” into place: Walt Konow (left) poses with the depot: The depot’s final position in its new home on the farm. In the coming days it will be lowered onto its foundation.
  11. Part 3 of 4 The depot curves around the traffic signals at Southwest Highway: The crew gets ready to remove a wire from the road after the depot has cleared the intersection: Making a stop to refuel: The speed limit may have been 55, but 4 MPH was probably the top speed for the depot: There was about an hour delay at this location. The alleged reason was that the wires up ahead provided power to Silver Cross Hospital, which could not have its power supply interrupted. The crew used this break to eat lunch. While crossing the narrow Spring Creek Bridge, a sign had to be moved out of the way: A large crowd had gathered at the reverse curves at Bruce Road: Almost to the farm, the depot leans into the second curve:
  12. Part 2 of 4 Despite what the sign indicates, there was only room for one way traffic as the depot passes Oak Street entering the residential area: As seen from Gum Street, the depot passes Trinity Lutheran Church: NLAHS had a display set up under the blue tent in front of Oster-Oakview School: Passing by the church at Wood Street: Several stops were made for tree limbs to be cleared: The depot isn't the first building to move up Cedar Road. Ranch Frostie, a business locally famous for their ice cream, was once located about a block south of the depot's original location. After about 50 years, the buildings pass each other for the second time: Traffic signals had been taken down at the Francis Road intersection to allow the depot to pass through: Approaching Lenox Street, about to cross a wire that had been lowered to the ground: Many drivers on I-80 slowed down to look at the depot overhead: Curious residents came out to watch the depot pass Terry Ellen Lane: These Tollway workers have a great view of the depot crossing I-355:
  13. Part 1 of 4 I arrived in New Lenox around 6:30 AM to view the advance preparations. An army of Metra workers was already on hand to take down the signals and protect the crossing. Train #410 rolls across Cedar Road after a momentary delay: Around 7:15, New Lenox Public Works blocked the road to general traffic. Measuring the height of the first wire that will need to be cleared: Almost ready to go, flags were put on display at both ends: The last train to pass the depot was #506 at 8:30 AM: With only a half hour before the next train was due, the depot was steered across the tracks and under the wires: Crossing the bridge over Hickory Creek: Crews got to work "restoring" the area immediately after the depot had passed. These village workers are reinstalling a sign on the road median:
  14. Today’s depot move was a success! I took hundreds of pictures and over 90 minutes of video, and I’ll post some on here once I go through them all to find the best ones. A huge thank you to the Konows and everyone at NLAHS for making this happen!
  15. ATS O'Hare

    I saw another of the new ATS cars, #48, being delivered yesterday.