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  1. EX-CN&W Pullman RTA cars in California

    That’s not quite how it happened. The spur runs downhill from the main, and the switch was aligned for the main. Someone must have brought equipment to pull the first truck past the misaligned switch. Then the cars were released and the truck rolled the opposite direction through the switch, so the lead truck was on the main while the rest of the wheels were still on the siding. At the time it was speculated that this was an intentional act to block the mainline. This railroad line has been entangled in allegations of fraud and cover-ups, and the full story that might explain the motive has never really been revealed.
  2. EX-CN&W Pullman RTA cars in California

    Those are on the Carrizo Gorge Railway which has a fascinating history. The Metra cars have been there since at least 2007. They are, in order: 7773, 7779, unknown cab (8715?), 7774, 7784. The reason they are there is a mystery, but there was speculation that they were for a commuter train between Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico, or for a tourist train through the gorge. The cars derailed in 2015 in a suspicious incident. Over the next few years they became heavily covered in graffiti as their location became more widely publicized on the Internet. In 2018 they were rerailed as Baja Rail works to rebuild the line.
  3. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Tribune: Car enters median and gets hit by Blue Line train
  4. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    204 and 205 were in the Tennessee derailment. 215 caught fire in Morton Grove in December.
  5. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    You'd have to show that there are enough riders transferring to 112 to justify the duplication. Similar to the previous one, how many city riders are transferring to 383? I thought you'd also have to determine a turnaround location, but I guess you answered that in the next one: What destination is on 93rd Street that can't be adequately served by 95th? Also, 93rd isn't a through street between California and Pulaski, as there's no crossing at the tracks west of Kedzie. No. Then why are you posting this on a discussion forum?
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    The address given is E&R Towing, which is where I saw the bus entering. Google aerial imagery shows two CTA buses behind their building. That property appears to be connected to a large junkyard directly behind it, so the logical guess is that the junkyard uses E&R to bring vehicles to their lot.
  7. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    There are no more 18000s in South Holland. I did see 18005 and 18016 in service on 159th Street. Must have been a relatively small order.
  8. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Today I saw 6729 being towed to 16325 S Pulaski in Markham. I believe @garmon757 reported seeing 6400s at this location once but there have never been any visible from the road when I have gone by.
  9. It's funny how the opponents are now saying "I told you so!" based on unforeseen problems that they probably hadn't predicted.
  10. The Breakdown Thread

    I can’t tell how the accident happened from the pictures. Did the car try to beat the bus through the intersection?
  11. Metra Ticketing

    Metra is offering some incentives to get riders back after the recent weather-related problems: free rides on all lines this weekend and 15% off April monthly passes on the Electric District.
  12. 2200-series - Service Dates

    Thanks. I found some information on car 1058. It was restored back to operation in 2001.
  13. 2200-series - Service Dates

    Has a rail vehicle ever been converted to a road vehicle before?
  14. If I ran Transit for one day...

    Illinois Railway Museum has scans of old schedules on the irm-cta.org site. It isn't a complete collection, but there are some examples of the specific routes you asked about: http://irm-cta.org/TT/TT.html
  15. Metra wish list.

    The ME will remain shut down tomorrow (Saturday). There will be no supplemental bus service but CTA and Pace will continue to accept Metra tickets on some routes. An announcement about Sunday service will be made tomorrow.