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  1. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    Not yet! Up to 17101 are in South Holland. I also saw 17032 in Romeoville, which means it's probably at First Transit Joliet with 17030-31.
  2. Changes are coming

    From the linked documents, the pilot program will start with day passes, outer zone consolidation, and zone changes on the MED. The remainder of the proposals will be evaluated later. Changes are expected to start in mid-July.
  3. Some information has leaked on the pedestrian fatality. Allegedly the car did detect her presence, but misidentified her as a "false positive".
  4. These photos were taken 4/29/18, two weeks in to construction. View northeast from Route 30/Cedar northeast corner: View east from west end of platform. The light poles along Platform 1 were removed so the depot can be moved along this path. At the street, it will be turned 90 degrees to head north on Cedar. The remaining light poles now have wires strung between them due to the utility lines under Church Street being cut. Construction trailer at west exit: Exit to Cedar Road closed April 30. A single lane of traffic can go past the depot to exit to Cedar Road. The parking areas closest to the building were removed. The bicycle rack was moved to the sidewalk along the south wall. ADA parking area east of depot: Looking south along where Church Street used to be: The closest parking is seen in the background. I took this picture on Sunday afternoon, so it was not very busy. On weekdays the lot is packed. View south from east side of depot: View southwest from east end of platform: Temporary ticket trailer and pay station for the parking lot behind it: Announcement on pay station: View northeast from southwest corner of Route 30/Church: View north from southeast corner of Route 30/Church: CVS Coming soon. Just what New Lenox needs. View northeast from southeast corner of Route 30/Cedar: A Sunday afternoon train heads toward the city after picking up a handful of passengers:
  5. Interior shots: The three doors from left to right are a restroom, storage area, and ticket office. Bay window area. The New Lenox Public Library has a book exchange set up.
  6. Construction started about 3 weeks ago, so I'm going to post pictures here as it progresses. The pictures in this post were taken during the past few months, showing the area before construction. About three years ago the Village of New Lenox bought and demolished four businesses along Route 30 for a new retail development to be built in conjunction with a new Metra station. At the time, the mayor said the old depot would be preserved and a new one would be built to the east. After a few delays in the planning process, it was announced last year that the depot would need to be demolished. The "justification" was that the utility lines to the building run under Church Street, which would be closed and torn up, so it would be too costly to relocate them. Metra, who owns the depot, also would not allow an unused building to remain so close to the tracks. The New Lenox Area Historical Society circulated a "Save the Depot" petition, collecting over 4000 signatures, and found a donor who was willing to have the depot moved to his property. The village government then agreed not to demolish the depot while allowing construction to begin nearby. This display inside the depot provides some historical reference: The same location in 2018. Note that Dickinson's Granary, built in 1852, still exists and is currently used for medical offices. The bridge over Hickory Creek (out of frame to right) has been replaced twice since the 1905 photo. Note the old baggage door on the east side of the building, replaced with a fixed wall with window but still distinctly visible. Looking southeast from Platform 2: Looking east from exit drive to Cedar Road: Looking north from Church Street: Looking northwest from parking lot: View to southwest from west side of depot, showing the corner of Route 30 and Cedar. The four businesses that were demolished were between Route 30 and the depot. Occupying most of the corner was the BP gas station, and Hutchins Cleaners was to its east along Church Street. View southeast to Church Street from same location: View to south along Church Street from the depot. Hutchins Cleaners was on the right, close to Route 30. House of Hughes (formerly Bruns) restaurant was on the left. Looking east from corner of Route 30 and Church. House of Hughes was in the immediate foreground, Pit Stop Tavern was behind the trees. Looking west from same location. Note the old lantern (near the tree) that stood at the entrance to Hutchins. Looking north at depot from same location: While I was photographing, two passengers got in an altercation while waiting for a delayed train. I called the cops to hopefully prevent them from getting on the train, and they both ran away when they heard the sirens. Here is the train arriving after that incident:
  7. Pace Roster

    South Holland this morning. 6156, 17548. Paratransits 17037, 17047-57.
  8. Milwaukee North Line track work

    Last time I saw the caboose it didn't have the red and white striping near the top. I was surprised about the small buses as well, but since it is a weekday, could it be because NW has more buses available for midday service than N?
  9. New Eldorados?

    2799 at Napa Auto Parts in Gary.
  10. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    No. They had all the shop doors open and 6393 was the only bus inside that I could see.
  11. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    A few more sightings: 17026 in Melrose Park, 17031 in Joliet.
  12. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    17037-17062 are arranged in numerical order in the South Holland yard. 5722 is now along the west fence next to 5352. I also saw 5354 broken down on 95th at the Tri State.
  13. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    I'll check tomorrow morning. I haven't been there since I saw 17054 and I haven't seen any more in service.
  14. As evidenced by the above photo, utility work will begin soon. The date that the depot will be moved has not been announced yet. In related news, Fleckenstein's bakery pulls out of the redevelopment deal.
  15. Random Metra

    Was there a low level platform at Randolph station so people could get on and off the Metra cars?