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  1. SW has a GR wrapped Bus though. I thought they must have made a general wrap so could use it for any event route but I didn't think S had any others.
  2. I got a better look at 6380. It actually isn't for Guaranteed Rate Field specifically. It just says "Express to Events" and shows silhouettes of a group of people on an orange and blue background.
  3. I saw 6510 deadheading on I-355 earlier. It was not wrapped and did not have any obvious Bus on Shoulder markings.
  4. The latest medical emergency involves a man riding a bike off the platform at 35th.
  5. Remember that South did get 6389 recently, presumably as a spare for the other 7. They can (and do) use a CNG or NABI as a spare for 877/888. I think all they're doing is trying to utilize all 8 express buses, probably the same reason they sometimes appear on 361. It's only one bus at issue so I don't think wrapping it implies anything about "too many express buses". As Busjack said, wraps can be done cheaply and easily. And this might also be a way to get the bus out on weekends when it would otherwise be stuck in the garage.
  6. The automated announcements are a combination of both. The GPS will calculate the delay time, but dispatch needs to add the reason for the delay. I'm not sure those are connected to the pre-departure announcement though. For that to work there would have to be a way to predict dwell time at the terminal if the train is going to arrive and depart late.
  7. Now that you mention it, Metra Electric trains leaving Blue Island don't play the announcement until the train is on the curve right before entering the main line. I would guess South Chicago trains do the same thing.
  8. Thanks for the clarification about Crystal Lake station. I've been there a few times but I didn't remember it exactly. GPS is certainly part of it, but it still has to be properly timed to play just before the train departs. It could simply be programmed to start 2 minutes before the scheduled departure, but that only works if it departs on time. What would trigger the announcement if there is a "late arrival of equipment" delay?
  9. If a train is originating in Crystal Lake, does it stand in the station with the doors open for several minutes? Or does it lay over somewhere else and board passengers in the same amount of time as a mid route station stop? I would guess the latter. I board the train in Joliet and the announcement plays 1-2 minutes before departure. But most passengers are already on the train at that point because it has been there for 15 minutes. It sounds like the announcement in Crystal Lake plays before the doors are opened because it is on a timer based on the departure time. Are those announcements automatic or does the train crew have to trigger them (perhaps indirectly)?
  10. Confirmed 6380 is wrapped. Saw it on the Tri State this morning.
  11. Yes, you are correct that it was December. At any rate, close to the end of the year. And I agree with you that the route is better served by 40' buses. I only mentioned articulated buses as a hypothetical alternative to the hypothetical streetcar.
  12. True, but it will be when ready for Pulse service, so it doesn't make sense to put an express wrap on now. I only brought up wraps because Pace has a history of wrapping the event buses, like the one I saw on 361 which was a highway bus.
  13. I think South wrapped one of their highway buses for Guaranteed Rate Field express. At least I saw a wrapped bus on 361 last week, it didn't have the roof fins so it wasn't a CNG, and wasn't a NABI either. So it does appear they are trying to use premium buses on event routes when possible. I wonder if SW uses the buses normally used for 856, although those are already wrapped for BOS and they have other wrapped buses.
  14. Event details announced (on short notice). Too bad I won't be in town tomorrow.
  15. Sorry I hadn't yet read either of your posts above mine. I think we all posted at about the same time. This discussion just reinforces the point that there are pros and cons no matter how it is done. The current setup must have been determined to be the best, or it would have been changed already.