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  1. 2018 Metra Budget

    Service changes take effect February 5. This includes the opening of Romeoville station.
  2. New Eldorados?

    6779 is at Chandler.
  3. F40 repainting?

    #200 is looking sharp in its new paint. It is at 179th for the weekend.
  4. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    5456, 5464, and one other were going south on the Tri-State past 95th around noon today. These were last known to be in McHenry County, now presumably headed to the scrap lot.
  5. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    WBBM radio said the issue was a broken rail.
  6. Current Hiring Process

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  7. Current Hiring Process

    You'll probably be OK as long as you can get the CLP before they want you to actually drive a bus. They recommend allowing 2 weeks for the license to be mailed to you. I had almost the same problem as you, not being able to take the CLP test until the physical copy of my license arrived in the mail. I was at the DMV on Friday, got the license the second Monday after that, and took the test the following (Tuesday). Just be sure to keep CTA informed of your status and they can probably accommodate you. This seems to be a fairly common problem now when hiring drivers.
  8. Current Hiring Process

    The best thing to do is call them to ask and keep them informed of your situation. What is "pre hire"? It sounds like an orientation session where applicants are screened while getting some basic training. If that is the case, they may be able to delay your start date. Although I don't know the inner workings of CTA, I would bet you need the CLP to start. Also, can you clarify what you mean by "losing your license"? Did you just get it reinstated after having it suspended or revoked, or do you mean you once had a CDL and you are now retaking the test to get it back?
  9. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    The new 17000s have arrived in South Holland. Thanks to @Busjack for the tip that they were here. These pictures were from Wednesday, they were busy moving these around and parking them on the side. 17004 had just come out of the building. I saw up to 17016. There were no 6700s here that haven't been reported already.
  10. The Breakdown Thread

    1342 is parked against the 79th Street fence. The burn damage visible from the exterior looks to have spread a little from what is visible in the first few seconds of the video. The right side has the most damage, and there are also burn marks visible on the left side and around the rear right lights. My guess is they won't repair the bus due to its age and severity of damage.
  11. River Valley Metro Kankakee

    Catching up on reading River Valley Metro's board minutes. The following is from September and October. "Bus Purchase: The original plan authorized the purchase of 3) 35’ buses and 1) 30’ bus. The 30’ models are no longer available, and the authorization needs to be modified to purchase 4) 35’ buses instead." "We recently acquired two 1999 Gillig buses from Rock Island at no charge to supplement our fleet since we have three Optimas out of service needing engine replacement. Unfortunately, it was discovered today that, while the buses look great and run very well, their frames are rusted out and they are not safe for use." "New Flyer Vehicle Purchase The bid is back on this vehicle purchase that is part of the Bloomington Consortium. We will order 4 buses at approximately $417,000 each with expected delivery late in 2018. All necessary information has been provided to IDOT." It also sounds like the recent service changes have had mostly positive results.
  12. ATS O'Hare

    I saw one of the new ATS cars on a flatbed at 9:45 this morning, going west on 80/94 at Cline. It is royal blue with ORD in white letters on the side.
  13. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    It looks like buses are allowed to stay on the shoulder where there is an off ramp, except Old Orchard, hence the difference in signage. They probably did that because the Old Orchard ramp traffic sometimes backs up onto the expressway. Did you notice the Pace logos are sideways on all four of the large overhead signs?
  14. F40 repainting?

    Locomotive #425 is painted as a tribute to Don Orseno and the Rock Island.
  15. Posted Stops Only

    Prediction was correct: 501 Posted stops Effective December 18 (359, 530, and 561, too).