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  1. (Moved from CTA 7900s topic) An employer cannot revoke your CDL, only the state can. Some companies say things like this to make people afraid to quit, because employee turnover is high at most CDL jobs and they don't want to spend more money on hiring and training. Did you sign a contract with your current employer? It would be common for such a contract to stipulate that you may not work for a competitor, or that you must pay back your training cost, if you quit before six months of employment. That may be the source of the confusion.
  2. (Moved out of CTA 7900s topic) Which garage has no union? North?
  3. 6510-6521 are already Pulse branded. If there were any more new buses from the previous order, they would have been delivered by now.
  4. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    The buses are for the Pride Parade (which was just called off due to the weather).
  5. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    “Split in half” is too graphic for the news, but it is true a woman was killed while trying to retrieve a dropped phone.
  6. I like the West Towns bus the best so far. After seeing the picture, I tend to agree with @NewFlyerMCI that the "windows" look better matched to the contours of the bus (unlike 2825). It's interesting that the position of the fleet number was changer to fit the design of the Nortran bus, although the real thing had it on the darker blue stripe below. It actually looks like they just left that part in standard Pace blue, which probably explains the "discrepancy".
  7. You would have had to register as a potential bidder at the time it was open, as @Busjack used to do.
  8. Nor will they, as there's no need for Pace to duplicate CTA rail service.
  9. At the bottom of his post that I linked, he said: 2738, 2825, 6770, and 15500 weren't wrapped either at the time he posted the list. Yet, we have photo evidence that those were the buses Pace eventually did wrap. Therefore it is unlikely for West Division's bus to be any other than 6360.
  10. The list that @mel bernero posted has proven to be accurate so far.
  11. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    Get a job at the CTA.
  12. The 90N display error has been reported many times since the 95E and 95W were combined into the current 95.
  13. There was a rule that you must have 25 posts to create a new topic. However, I see you were able to do so immediately after asking this question. Did a moderator override that rule, or change the requirement without announcing the change? That “bug” exists, but is not the answer to the question he asked. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if the feature was intentionally disabled, as I recall there was a small debate about the value of reputation around that time.
  14. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    Those stories sound like they were probably from shortly after Ventra Cards were released, which caused both riders and employees a great deal of confusion. Generally speaking, CTA fare collection is not “a very strict system” in the way they described.
  15. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    The cash bus fare was $2.25 in 2009. If you only put $2 in, the bus driver likely would have asked for the additional 25 cents. However, the part where you said you expected change makes it sound like you put in at least $3. Overpaying in that manner sometimes happens when the passenger doesn’t have any quarters, so the driver wouldn’t have thought that to be unusual. If you had put in $4 or more, the bus driver would likely have been confused, but wouldn’t necessarily have said anything because they cannot remove money from the fare box. Even if you did only pay $2, they’re not going to come after you. Another somewhat common scenario is that the passenger puts $2 in and then claims not to have a quarter. That is fare evasion, but as far as I have seen, those people still get to ride without further consequences. You didn’t commit fare evasion, because you didn’t intend to avoid paying, and on top of that you didn’t need to pay at all because you had a valid pass.
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