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  1. In addition to 2378 at South Holland, 8723 is preserved by a private owner. I took some pictures of it when it visited IRM a few years ago.
  2. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Which trains specifically?
  3. New Eldorados?

    Interesting. Maybe they removed that item at the last minute. We can always wait until they post the video in a day or two.
  4. New Eldorados?

    What’s your source? There’s no mention of a bus contract award on the agenda.
  5. They are kept at Highland Park Public Works at 1150 Half Day Road during concert season. Last year it was reported that there were four additional Ravinia buses stored at North Division, presumably due to space constraints in Highland Park.
  6. Metra conductor job

    The stupidest attempt at Metra fare evasion I have seen was a guy who tried to use a weekend pass on Tuesday by trying to make the conductor believe it was actually Saturday.
  7. Pace 35th Anniversary Legacy Fleet

    It looks like they were trying to conceal the bar at the bottom of the hopper window, which would stand out if the wrapped "window" were bigger. Given the impossibility of making a new bus look old, I'm not sure what a "better" design could be.
  8. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

  9. Pace 35th Anniversary Legacy Fleet

    On Thursday I hung around to get a few more pictures of 2764 in front of Joliet landmarks: the Jefferson Street bridge and Union Station.
  10. More Bus Moves

    If you feel someone is oversharing, take that up with them directly. Your message would have been a lot clearer than the comment you made about "youngsters"; a group which you then tried to exclude yourself from. Someone's perceived age is much less "relevant" than information on temporary bus moves could possibly be.
  11. F40 repainting?

    IRM does not have an F40C. Other than the two that Metra retained, 610 is the only one known to still exist, at National Railway Equipment in Dixmoor. The rest were sold to HLCX in St. Louis and are presumed to have been scrapped.
  12. F40 repainting?

    7664 was on the SWS when I took the above photo of it, but I haven’t seen it on that line for several months.
  13. F40 repainting?

  14. Pace 35th Anniversary Legacy Fleet

    Two “unique” buses: 2764 and 2766 at the temporary stop location on Washington Street:
  15. Pace 35th Anniversary Legacy Fleet

    The McHenry one will be hard to find and get a decent picture of. I assume the wrap will be on one of the 30' buses rather than a paratransit.