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  1. Sounds like he was obviously mentally ill and the Amtrak conductor just wanted to make sure he got to where he was going. Since he had already created a disturbance in Kansas city, the conductor likely would have been informed of that already and would have wanted to avoid the potential liability of letting him get off in Naperville unescorted.
  2. A full system restructuring is being proposed at River Valley Metro. The process was started to find ways to maximize service after the state funding cut in November. Some observations: - Midway commuter route extended to Bourbonnais. The buses have to deadhead there anyway, so why not. - St. Vincent transfer center is eliminated, despite the plans from a few years ago to build a modern facility there. I'm sure they couldn't get state funds for that, either. - Bourbonnais Metro center is clearly intended as more of a park n ride for the two commuter routes, and less of a transfer zone, which is basically how it functions now. -Northfield Square Mall has more importance as a transfer stop, effectively replacing Metro Center for transfers. - I guess route 12 isn't coming back, although the 6/7 split partially covers that. - Overall these are good changes that should improve travel time. Especially the 9 extension to the mall, so you can now get from Kankakee to Manteno on 2 buses instead of 3.
  3. Introducing the 17500 series! Coming soon to a bus stop near you!
  4. Passenger notice that 834 will be Posted Stops Only starting May 8. Stop list
  5. Watch for the next batch of CNGs to start arriving soon. I'm currently in Tulsa Oklahoma and I just saw one going east on I-44. Too far away to see the number. I may take a look at Chandler when I get home.
  6. The law does apply to all buses.
  7. Sounds like she has very poor judgment. What caught my attention is the article says she was charged with failing to stop at the crossing, but not leaving the scene of an accident. (Maybe she was or will be, it doesn't say).
  8. There is rail access to Goose Island south of Clybourn station. There are a few interchange tracks where you often see a UP engine, that caboose, and a switcher from the Chicago Terminal Railroad which does local moves. I would suppose the caboose is for crew safety during backup moves, especially if there are any unprotected crossings or street running still around on any of the spurs. I don't know if UP actually does any switching or if they just drop the cars in the yard and let Chicago terminal handle them.
  9. Various sources this morning kept saying the man was shot on the platform (including the headline of the WGN article you linked). So they quoted a bunch of CTA riders saying how they don't feel safe anymore. However, the text of the article does say the actual shooting was across the street, which was the result of an argument on the platform.
  10. Taking much longer than necessary to board or exit because they're busy talking to someone, don't have their fare ready, etc. I've missed connecting buses by a few seconds because of this. Somewhat related, being so distracted by phones that they're oblivious to blocking someone's way, or that someone else needs the priority seat more than they do.
  11. Work on the Barrington Road bridge is progressing. They have the steel frame over the highway in place and faux-brick panels on the stair/elevator towers.
  12. Yep, if I saw that bus on the street I'd buy a lottery ticket with that number.
  13. Nice bus. Too bad it's Not In Service.
  14. Some trucking companies have already gone to an all automatic fleet, but are regretting it. Automatics help with recruiting new drivers, but many experienced drivers prefer a stick shift, which caused faster employee turnover and therefore, higher costs. Automatics probably will eventually become standard as older drivers retire and new hires are no longer trained to drive stick shift. I don't think a stick shift differential would convince me to give up an automatic. I feel safer driving in heavy traffic if I don't have to think about shifting, so I can focus on everything else going on. What is relevant to the CTA discussion is something like CBD pay. I get a $50 bonus for having to go into NYC, but trucking companies can pass that cost directly on to their customer. How or if CTA could get extra funds to pay incentives to drivers is another issue that makes me think there isn't a practical solution to this.
  15. Drivers of passenger carrying vehicles can be driving for 10 hours, but drivers of property carrying vehicles can drive for 11 hours. Additionally, you can't drive if it has been more than 14 hours since coming on duty. So the JB Hunt driver you knew could theoretically make the run legally, but would definitely be cutting it close. Unloading would be logged as "on duty", but it wouldn't count toward the 11 hour driving limit. These are federal laws, so Missouri would not have different restrictions. The federal hours of service regulations do not apply to intrastate drivers, such as CTA operators, which brings me to: The analogies being made here are not really relevant to the original point of what could be done to get senior drivers on more difficult runs, with the goal of improved safety. In general, people who can do more get paid more, so CTA is "backwards" in that respect. Artic pay and CBD pay are ideas meant to alleviate that, but can anyone convincingly argue that would reduce accidents? If those incentives were offered, someone would have to assign those runs to more experienced drivers, instead of letting operators pick them. The union might object to that system, and even if they didn't, there could be any number of unintended consequences such as increased turnover. So I don't think any of the ideas expressed in this thread are possible, or at least not politically feasible.