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  1. I doubt it would "cause a problem" with CTA, as you didn't enter the property, but you'll probably have to deal with us criticizing your driving habits.
  2. In the discussion that arose from you driving in Chicago garage, I referenced an incident where I called the police on some people. That happened because the policy I was trying to enforce had been routinely ignored for years, which caused the people to believe that what they were doing was justified. It isn’t a good defense to say that the people you encountered didn’t mind, because you never know when you’ll meet someone who does. You know what the rules are but you keep breaking them because “no harm, no foul” (your quote). That’s what everyone thinks, until they cause something bad to happen. As @YoungBusLover said, what you are doing could cause an accident or other security risk, and gives transit enthusiasts a bad reputation.
  3. Crain's: Congressman Dan Lipinski wants Metra, not Amtrak, to operate Union Station.
  4. One can assume there would be a subsidy involved, otherwise Pace and the RTA wouldn't need to get involved at all. The rideshare partner would probably need to designate drivers and vehicles who are dedicated to these services. This would ensure drivers would be available when needed, and that the vehicles are ADA accessible (which was a concern raised at the meeting). What happens currently if someone tries to summon Uber in Harvey at 2 AM? Do they have to wait for someone to deadhead from downtown, or are they just out of luck if there are no drivers in the area?
  5. It’s explained in the video. Basically, Pace would partner with a rideshare company to provide last mile connections during overnight hours when fixed route service would be excessive. The O’Hare one sounds like it will serve the same area as 332 by getting cargo workers to Rosemont. A similar concept would be implemented around the Harvey TC. They cited feedback from riders who said that although 352 runs all night, it only gets them to the TC and not their ultimate destination. 361 won’t be part of it, as that route serves a facility with defined shift change times.
  6. The post quoted above shows exactly why I felt that people are “ganging up on others”. If you want to shield yourself from negative feedback, why don’t you stop soliciting membership on here? Based on what @chicagocubs6323 said, I am satisfied he does not intend to harm this forum, which was my original concern. Any criticism of the Discord server that arose from this discussion was incidental and should be continued in the appropriate thread, if desired. Thank you for resolving this civilly.
  7. The Pace board approved the 2020 budget today. Due to opposition, the proposed service cuts will not be part of the budget. This doesn't mean they won't occur; they may be evaluated on an individual basis sometime in 2020. You can hear all the details in the board meeting video. The board also approved intergovernmental agreements with the RTA and Cook County for potential new overnight rideshare services in Harvey and the O'Hare South Cargo Area.
  8. In the PM you sent me inviting me to Discord, you described this forum as "a hot mess" and made a point of saying "we don't have [person you dislike] on [Discord] making irrelevant posts". I did join but haven't been active because I didn't care for the format or content. You said you "have some pretty knowledgeable people on board" but I was disappointed in that regard. There wasn't much in-depth discussion, but a lot of petty insults. Specifically, you seem to tolerate and encourage ganging up on certain individuals and brag about banning them when they don't comply (you even posted an example here). It was hardly the "safe clean and comfortable environment" or "closer feeling with members of the community" that was advertised. An example of hostility toward this forum was when someone posted on Discord that bus 804 hadn't been out for a week, someone noted that it hadn't been mentioned on here yet, and the response was "let them figure it out themselves". I also seem to recall a joke about how you "ruined another forum", presumably referring to this one. I'm not sure how the relative significance of the change matters, since the complaint was about not needing to know which individual vehicles had it. I'm not trying to disagree with you on this; I'm just perplexed by your reaction to it. Clearly you don't favor this forum anymore and that's OK, but this issue has escalated to the point where I feel obliged to say something about it. Since you say it won't be a problem in the future, I'll consider it resolved.
  9. Why are you on such a crusade against certain people and "unnecessary" posts? Maybe they aren't relevant to you (or me, for that matter), but there do seem to be several people on this forum who are interested in the details of individual vehicles. I don't think that type of post is what was intended by the "No disruptive behavior" section of the community guidelines. A few years ago, @BusHunter reported on the rehabs of the 1000-series New Flyers. Nobody criticized that as unnecessary, and he even gained a lot of reputation points for it. I suspect you are just trying to stir up trouble here to get people to join your Discord server instead. Certain comments made on Discord and in the PM you sent to me indicate your attitude toward this forum.
  10. Midwest Transit & Development Corporation (MTDX) purchased at least 41 ex-CNW bilevels from Metra around 2000. They intended to resell the cars to other commuter or excursion operators. Some were leased to Caltrain and other places for a short time, while others were purchased for excursion service at various locations around the country. Their business model failed when a court ruled that cars purchased with federal funds had to be offered to another transit agency before they could be sold to a private owner. Information is hard to come by, but I believe MTDX went out of business around 2005, although their website is still "active". For a short time after purchase, these cars were stored along the lakefront in South Chicago. They were then moved to the EJ&E East Joliet Yard. Most were dispersed over the next several years. In 2013, CN built an intermodal terminal in Joliet, which forced the remaining ten cars to be relocated to Elk Grove Village. Nine of those remain there today, in poor condition due to vandalism and theft. This is a list of the dispositions of MTDX bilevels. It is not a complete list and I am looking for more information. What other cars are missing from this list? Were any scrapped? If MTDX is no longer in business, who owns the cars now in Elk Grove/Bensenville?* Who owned them when they were still in Joliet? More recent information on any MTDX cars is also appreciated. *I'd guess Iowa Pacific Holdings based on their location and presence of other IPH equipment on the same siding, but I can't prove this. 7609 Unknown. 7658 Returned to Metra. Uncertain if MTDX ever owned this car. 7665 Unknown. Used for Big Easy Steam Train in Belle Chasse, LA in 2000-2001. 7667 Miami, FL. Gold Coast Railroad Museum. 7669 Unknown. Used for Golden Pacific Railroad excursion train in Tacoma, WA in 2006. 7670 Miami, FL. Gold Coast Railroad Museum. 7671 Bensenville, IL. Was leased to Caltrain around 2001. 7673 Unknown. Used for Golden Pacific Railroad excursion train in Tacoma, WA in 2006. 7674 Unknown. 7678 Miami, FL. Gold Coast Railroad Museum. 7679 Unknown. Was in Joliet until at least 2003. 7680 Unknown. Used for Big Easy Steam Train in Belle Chasse, LA in 2000-2001. 7880 Bensenville, IL. Painted for Agence Métropolitaine de transport (Montréal, Québec). 7901 Unknown. Was in Joliet until at least 2008. 8701 Returned to Metra. Uncertain if MTDX ever owned this car. 8702 Bensenville, IL. 8706 Bensenville, IL. Cab end severely damaged by fire in 2019. 8709 Bensenville, IL. Was leased to Caltrain around 2001. 8713 Bensenville, IL. Was leased to Caltrain around 2001. 8716 Bensenville, IL. RTA paint. 8720 Unknown. Was in Joliet until at least 2008. 8721 Bensenville, IL. RTA paint. 8723 Miami, FL. Gold Coast Railroad Museum. 8724 Unknown. Was leased to Caltrain around 2001. 8726 Miami, FL. Gold Coast Railroad Museum. 8729 Unknown. Used for Golden Pacific Railroad excursion train in Tacoma, WA in 2006. 8735 Bensenville, IL. RTA paint. 8737 Unknown. Used for Golden Pacific Railroad excursion train in Tacoma, WA in 2006. 876? Unknown. Used for Golden Pacific Railroad excursion train in Tacoma, WA in 2006.
  11. It is because the weekend construction project had to be extended. This would have left Brown line cars trapped at Kimball, so Orange line cars are being used to maintain service.
  12. UPS employees already ride Pace for free because UPS subsidizes the routes to Hodgkins. Your impression seems correct that they are chartering extra seasonal service. Are you providing capacity relief for Pace, or do seasonal employees have different shift change times?
  13. The NTSB released more documents on last year's crash where a pedestrian was killed by an autonomous Uber vehicle. Summary and commentary are here.
  14. The 7200s/8200s, which are ex-Milwaukee Road cars. Most of them remain on the Milwaukee district. Some have been rehabbed with newer blue seats. As noted above, this is a Milwaukee car. Some of the C&NW cars have seats with a metal backing that have to be lifted and turned over to change direction. See the picture below (seat back shown at upper right).
  15. Here I must disagree; I find those seats less comfortable because they are too low to the floor. I do sort of like the retro fake wood paneling, though.
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