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  1. Tomorrow is the change at Orland Square. Here are some pictures of the concrete bus pad. Usually buses do not lay over ahead of where the bus is in the pictures. There is also a crosswalk between the two bus "positions" that I had forgotten about. This is the new Herion/Wheeler "terminal". The street has very little traffic which makes it a good location for bus layovers. Traffic could become a problem if the lot to the east is developed, though. You have to watch out for goose poop on the sidewalks because of the retention pond across the street. Probably not many riders would stay on past Orland Square, but the route extension does provide closer access to some stores without having to transfer to 364. I also noticed they replaced the bus stop signs along 94th Avenue, but left one of the old ones where the new one had been placed on the opposite side of a driveway.
  2. Pace Bus Moves

    Yeah I forgot about that. I was thinking of 6389 at South.
  3. Pace Bus Moves

    3:50 PM today, 6388 was going inbound on the I-55 shoulder, Not in Service. Seems it was moved to Heritage for BOS service.
  4. New Eldorados?

    11:25 this morning, 6743 and 6746 were going east on I-80 at Kedzie. Presumably moving from Chandler to South Holland.
  5. New Eldorados?

    I went by South Holland on Friday but didn't see anything that hasn't been reported already. This morning 6743 was at Chandler, but I couldn't see what else because the gate was closed.
  6. For example, 832 is half an hour late today:
  7. New Eldorados?

    I figured Heritage got 2766 to cover 511, which is now using a bus rather than a community vehicle. I hadn't considered the possibility that it was a loaner while 2764 was at Chandler. Curiously, 2764 is on 507 right now, while 2766 is not showing on any Heritage route.
  8. Random Pace

    Union contract changes allowing more operators to work those days?
  9. I thought it was strange when they built it. Pace issued a passenger notice about construction at Orland Square because of it. Then they made the pad about two buses long, when there are often three buses there at one time. The passenger notice made it sound like it would be a bigger deal than it was, as if the entire aisle would be concrete. In order of front to back, there is the bus stop, mall entrance, concrete pad, Sears entrance, then some asphalt. Before the pad was built, many of the drivers would park far from the bus stop, behind the Sears entrance. The concrete is too far forward from where drivers seem to prefer parking, so the construction didn't seem to change their habits.
  10. The buses are currently laying over on the asphalt, but we don't know if that is the only reason behind Orland Square's decision. The concrete pad at Orland Square is not at the bus stop (which is asphalt), it is in what is supposed to be the layover area, except some drivers do not park completely on the pad.
  11. New Eldorados?

    Today 10/11 at Chandler: They've been busy yesterday and today moving buses around. These two were being parked by the fence. 6725 says "METRA STATION" and 6734 says "NOT IN SERVICE". I also saw 6736 yesterday taking a test drive down 191st. 17565 is in the same place it was last week: Then 6708 pulled in and I got a bunch of pictures of it. I'm sure the driver wondered why I was taking photos of his bus.
  12. New Eldorados?

    Thursday 10/5 at Chandler: 17570 has arrived, so the CNGs are almost all here: 2764, and the two others, no longer have BOS wraps: Looks like a few buses were in for warranty work:
  13. New Eldorados?

    Last Wednesday 10/4 at South Holland: 6720 and 6721 in the garage: They were getting some of the new CNGs ready to go: 17508 is the bus with rear end damage, not 17501. 2696 is still here. As I posted in another thread, 2766 went to Heritage. They are finally clearing out some of the community vehicles that were parked on the side of the building. Then 6281 arrived, followed by 6273. Evidently they were trading them for CNGs. The two NABIs appeared on West routes the next day.
  14. OK, I see what you were saying. You are correct that the buses drop off passengers farther back, then pull up to the stop when ready for boarding. I would guess they are supposed to use the concrete pad for waiting, but they don't always. Sometimes there are already two buses on the pad but other times they stop too far forward or back. I guess they are just not paying attention to the pavement surface. The extra time spent going to the new terminal really reduces layover time, which might hurt OTP. I used to ride 832 a lot and it was almost always late in the afternoons, so I bet this will make that problem a lot worse. It seems unnecessary that 364 has to double back, serving the mall twice. They could have made it like 322 which lays over at Oakbrook Center since the Yorktown incident. 364 could lay over westbound at Herion/Wheeler, then go to the mall and immediately head back east.
  15. So how does the concrete pavement make it harder for passengers to board the bus? If the mall operators complained about the bus pad, it was probably because of drivers not using it.