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  1. I agree with Thisted’s quote in a general sense, but she’s contradicting herself. She says “The agencies should not be competing for riders,” which is exactly why Lightfoot opposes the plan. Lightfoot is probably correct that most people would choose the faster Metra over CTA if the fare difference were removed. The goal of this project is not to attract people who currently drive, so where would New Metra riders come from if not CTA? This also seems like another indication that the Red Line extension won’t be happening soon.
  2. Mayor Lightfoot opposes Preckwinkle’s plan to lower fares and increase service on ME and RI, on the grounds that it would only shift riders away from CTA.
  3. It's funny how some people are so averse to being filmed. If you really want to watch someone or take their picture, there are plenty of ways to do it that they wouldn't even recognize. But if they see you pointing a video camera in their direction, they freak out.
  4. It’s an electric bus, not a steam-powered bus. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)
  5. Yes, but no one is attempting to void existing contracts, only to prevent future deals.
  6. They already did before they announced this plan. A delay in implementation does not require additional hearings.
  7. Does the “STOP” display function the same as the brake lights, or does it only work when the flashers are on to signify stopping at a bus stop?
  8. What does "protection of a user" mean and why is that bad? Or do you mean that you were banned for violating a user protection (privacy) policy?
  9. So far they have only identified general corridors, not specific termini. There’s no reason to believe the routes wouldn’t go there. As those are listed as long-range plans, we probably won’t find out for a few decades, if ever.
  10. Can you provide a link to where it says that?
  11. As was mentioned before, BNSF and UP own their predecessors’ trade dress and probably wouldn’t approve, as their business is hauling freight and they’d prefer not to be involved in commuter operations. If the ex-BN E9 that was stored in Bensenville hasn’t been scrapped or sold yet, Metra should buy it and put it in front of a BNSF train just for show. (Not a serious suggestion, if that wasn’t obvious).
  12. Does changing the destination sign setting automatically adjust the marker lights?
  13. I couldn’t find the answer the first time, but I looked again and came across a quote attributed to the Elmhurst City Manager in 2017: “It will still have the weight restrictions until the full bridge is replaced, but it’s good news in terms of traffic flow through Elmhurst and Villa Park.” (Emphasis added) However, I’m not sure the definitive answer publicly exists yet.
  14. Assuming that @Chriss already filled out the online application, why should it “sound ridiculous” to be emailed about an in-person interview?
  15. No, because the restriction was caused by deterioration of the bridge, and a new bridge that can’t handle more weight would go against construction standards. It is possible the road may maintain a weight limit if Villa Park wishes to restrict through truck traffic.
  16. If the road is already too congested, narrowing it will not discourage enough people from driving to reduce the congestion. This is an example of what I meant by “poorly implemented”. There needs to be some surplus capacity to work with to have the desired effect. FHWA Guidance
  17. Here you go again making an unsubstantiated claim about a perceived group of people that you don’t like. If what you described happens, it wasn’t implemented properly. That doesn’t mean the whole concept is bad.
  18. That doesn’t seem to be an official route number, as it doesn’t appear elsewhere, and duplicates a CTA number. Most likely, it was entered that way to place it at the top of the Webwatch list.
  19. It is probably hit or miss depending on whether there is an event downtown that large numbers of people would attend.
  20. The new 307 destination sign is “TOYOTA PARK/TRANSIT CTR” in front and “BRIDGEVIEW TC” in back. At least three buses were displaying the “A1 MESSAGE”.
  21. Do you know whether anyone is actually doing this? I know it might be advantageous for downtown commuters when 855 isn't running, but also that 856 failed to attract the projected ridership.
  22. Upon closer inspection, you are right. I was comparing it to the Gillig but those look to be 30’.
  23. The New Flyers replaced Optimas. On Thursday they were running on routes 3, 4, and 7.
  24. Things have changed a lot since my last visit. Most of the fleet has been replaced. The old Optimas and IC's are parked in the storage lot behind the Bourbonnais Metro Centre awaiting their fate. These new El Dorado Aero Elite buses were delivered during the winter. The ones with the orange stripe on the side are for commuter routes and are equipped with luggage racks. The same order includes Aerotech buses with a red stripe for paratransit service. I saw numbers up to 1809 in fixed route service and 1812-13 on the commuter routes. They also got four New Flyers. These are the first 40' buses in their fleet. EDIT: These are 35'. I was surprised they chose to keep the Gilligs over the newer Optimas. They were the worst looking but they must have been in better mechanical condition. The two that I saw (402 and 403) have been rewrapped for the National Guard. I also saw a few oddball vehicles that I hadn't before: 1102 and 1601 on routes 10 and 9, respectively. The April board minutes say "Due to the lead time in approval and ordering of new vehicles, we will be applying for grant money to replace our 2004 Gilligs and to replace the four El Dorado commuter buses." I'm not sure which commuter buses they are referring to. 1003-1005 & 1601 ???
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