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  1. Pace Heritage Fleet

    To celebrate Pace’s 35th anniversary, one bus at each division will be wrapped in the colors of that division’s predecessor. 35th Anniversary Legacy Fleet
  2. Pace Heritage Fleet

    Two “unique” buses: 2764 and 2766 at the temporary stop location on Washington Street:
  3. Pace Heritage Fleet

    The McHenry one will be hard to find and get a decent picture of. I assume the wrap will be on one of the 30' buses rather than a paratransit.
  4. "The Red Line" TV Show

    In addition to the "CTS" logo, they also changed the car number to "D2128".
  5. Pace New Flyer buses

    April board meeting video starting at about the 27 minute mark.
  6. Pace New Flyer buses

    I interpreted that as the intent is to send them all to West, but they can’t deny the possibility that any could go elsewhere, regardless of how likely that is.
  7. Pace Heritage Fleet

    Thanks! I’ll try to get a picture on Wednesday or Thursday.
  8. The specification was for clean diesel buses, and Pace said they would not consider battery-electrics. Proterra wouldn’t have bid anyway, as they only make 35’ and 40’ models. (I sound like @Busjack now. I miss having him on here.)
  9. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Just heard on WBBM Radio: “The accident was the fault of the motorman, who overcorrected after realizing a mistake. There may have also been some miscommunication between the motorman and control tower”.
  10. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Looking at the CBS News video again, it was actually the last car (not the first) that derailed, based on the red marker lights shown in the image at the beginning of the video. Where did you hear that the train was backing up?
  11. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    They updated the story I linked in my prior post with more details and a video, which shows that the last car came off the track and ended up diagonally across both tracks. There's no word on the cause yet.
  12. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Another train derails at O’Hare. Some reports are saying the train hit the platform, but details are not yet available. The incident was described as “relatively minor”, so I don’t think the train went up the escalator.
  13. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Good point. It does seem to be related to the Arts Block.
  14. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    It looks to be on somewhat permanent display, as they built a concrete pad for it to sit on (see the September 2017 street view). There’s also what appears to be a trailer at the opposite end of the lot on a similar pad. The property seems designed like some sort of community park or art installation, and the “graffiti” may have been sanctioned. I don’t know where the owner got the bus, but I doubt CTA would store a bus at this location rather than an existing facility like South Shops. Address is 220 E 55th. The Recorder of Deeds shows the lot is tax exempt, but doesn’t list the mailing address of the owner.
  15. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    It's at 55th and Prairie and is numbered BW-62. Based on its position and unusual modifications (look at the "windows" around the driver's seat), it's definitely not used by CTA anymore.
  16. I had that thought when 512 was created. Now at least the northbound routing is different, but I don’t think anything is being served by that segment.
  17. More changes are coming to 511 and 512 to serve the new CTDI facility. Due to 511 being excessively long, this change will break the downtown transfer opportunity to southbound trips.
  18. April 2019 Bus Changes

    You're implying that suicide victims have the mental capability to make a rational choice, which they usually don't. If society stopped opposing death so much, this would be a moot point.
  19. Random Pace

    What to do about the 832 not running on weekends: ORLAND PARK: [A man from] Country Club Hills was arrested and accused of reckless conduct March 10 at 159th Street and Wolf Road, after an officer spotted him riding on the flatbed trailer of an eastbound semi-tractor, police said. [The man] said he was trying to catch a bus at 159th Street and 94th Avenue - a little more than two miles away, police said.
  20. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    Yesterday at the lot at Irving Park/Taft:
  21. Random Metra

    The upper level seats are still in place. There is a $5 surcharge to sit there, which will go toward the purchase of new cars.
  22. Random Metra

    By making the lower level standing room only, it is expected that 40-50 passengers can be added to each car. These cars are also lacking some other nonessential components such as windows, electric lights, and fire extinguishers. To reduce the burden on Metra’s shop forces, a group of anonymous volunteers has painted the exteriors in a unique multicolored scheme. “We hope our passengers don’t mind the temporary inconvenience,” said Metra CEO Jim Derwinski. “This is one of many innovative solutions we have implemented to cut costs as we work to bring our system up to minimally tolerable standards.”
  23. EX-CN&W Pullman RTA cars in California

    Are you referring to Estación Garcia? Street view shows the two wrapped tourist train cars there in 2017. The third car, which isn't wrapped, was in the yard by the border at that time. Google Earth imagery from January 2014 shows the three tourist cars on a siding in the fenced area just west of Estación Garcia with some hoppers. Those are the same cars you see in the 2017 images, but before the black wraps were put on.
  24. Random Metra

    Due to the ongoing equipment shortage, Metra is experimenting with removing the seats in some cars to increase capacity. This will allow some trains to be as short as two cars until newer equipment can be obtained.
  25. River Valley Metro Kankakee

    While noting that the Midway stop was moved, I also saw that their new cutaways have been delivered. According to board meeting minutes they are getting vehicles from both New Flyer and El Dorado. I'll have to take a trip down there soon.