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  1. Here’s how much the station construction has progressed: Thankfully the clock tower isn’t as gaudy as the rendering made it look: There’s only one public access point for both platforms currently, which is the new sidewalk just west of the building. Presumably, Platform 2 will be extended East from here: New sidewalk to Cedar Road to replace the truncated platforms:
  2. @mel bernero will be missed on this forum. He developed an impressive collection of bus images over the decades, and I appreciate that he shared them with us.
  3. The State of Illinois is awarding $112 million to 31 downstate transit agencies for capital improvements, including $9.9 million to Bloomington-Normal’s Connect Transit for the purchase of four electric buses.
  4. Streetsblog: Metra board approves agreement with Cook County for a program that would include lower Metra fares. (I'm creating a new topic for this because it has been discussed in several different threads already)
  5. 395 is shared between South and Southwest, so you probably saw a 20500.
  6. Pace831

    Bypass lever

    The operators on this forum have reported (such as here) that they are not to dispute fares as a protection against assault. Are you saying that they won’t use the bypass feature at all, or just that they won’t use the window in the farebox to verify the correct amount has been paid?
  7. Pace831

    Bypass lever

    The bypass lever allows money to be inserted if the acceptor becomes jammed or otherwise inoperable. When this happens, fares must be visually verified by the driver because the farebox does not electronically count money.
  8. The main advantage of seniority systems, which are typically associated with unionized workplaces, is to standardize criteria for work assignments, pay, promotions, etc. This supposedly reduces the influence of unfair biases and politics among management. Without seniority rule, managers would have more discretion to assign work, and there'd be more of a burden on individual employees to negotiate changes. Both systems have pros and cons, so which one is "better" ultimately depends on your own preferences.
  9. Metra will add service on UPN and UPNW.
  10. If that’s really what it’s for, they would have needed to modify it to carry bikes, as none of the older cars were accessible. We also have another inconsistent paint scheme.
  11. On the board agenda: • Ordinance authorizing execution of a technical assistance grant agreement and any necessary amendments with IDOT to investigate the feasibility of constructing an inline bus rapid transit (BRT) station along the Interstate 55 Stevenson Expressway. • Ordinance authorizing execution of a technical assistance grant agreement and any necessary amendments with IDOT to obtain grant assistance to investigate potential transit markets within a three-mile radius of the Interstate 290 Eisenhower Expressway, between the Interstate 355 junction in Addison and IL-171/1st Avenue in Forest Park.
  12. I've recently discovered that Pace GIS maps seem to include, among other things, ridership data for each individual stop. Previously, this information was thought to be unavailable to the general public. To view this data, find APC_Ridership in the Layer List, and select View in Attribute Table from the options for that layer. The table that will appear includes fields called SUM_AVG_ON and SUM_AVG_OFF. My best guess is that these were calculated by using the door counters to determine how many people got on and off at each stop on each trip. The per-trip numbers were averaged over a seasonal period, then summed to get the average boardings and alightings per day per stop. The STOP_ID field is also interesting. It appears the first three digits represent the route number, but the stop ID doesn't change if its corresponding route is discontinued or rerouted. For example, route 508 has stop IDs beginning with 501, 502, 503, and 506. Those stops were served by the respective routes before 508 was created in 2008. I'm sure there are plenty of other things here that might be of interest. This could be a useful reference for some of our forum discussions.
  13. The Axess I was on had some new seat inserts that are a different color. They are blue/black instead of the original brighter blue. I don’t know if they plan to change all seats to this color, but I hope they do because the original seats are too prone to looking dirty.
  14. 2021 Budget • No service cuts or fare increases • $70 million shortfall needs to be rectified • Changes to weekend passes
  15. Not UP-W, but Milwaukee West. This would be accomplished by a new connection to the adjacent UP track just west of the Big Timber Road station.
  16. Streetsblog commentary on the Metra/UP dispute, including a picture of the booths at Ogilvie.
  17. Most of the routes on the list are feeders to Metra stations or office complexes. With so many people working from home, Metra predicts ridership won't return to normal for three years, if at all. The same would be true for the feeders being cut. With all the excess capacity these cuts will create, Pace could have a golden opportunity to seek new markets and grow ridership.
  18. Many of the service cuts caused by the pandemic are proposed to become permanent. This doesn’t mean they won’t be added back at a later date, but many projections say demand may not return for years. The full budget becomes available October 21.
  19. Metro has not been collecting fares since March due to the pandemic. Their ridership drop has not been as severe as CTA and Pace. There hasn’t been more than a 50% loss from the same time last year. The University Park route resumed partial service September 14, with four round trips per day. It was using 12-seat vehicle #1101. Another New Flyer has been ordered, and is expected to be delivered in January. I saw a New Flyer numbered X-41, which might be a leased unit until the new one arrives. I overheard the radio calls about an incident involving a passenger who refused to put his mask over his nose. The driver was instructed to evacuate the bus and a transit officer was dispatched. Apparently the man decided to comply once he realized they were serious.
  20. Here’s an image from the 2000 RTA System Map. Routes were like this until the 2008 South Cook/Will restructuring. Wayback Machine has a lot of the individual route schedules.
  21. When I rode 386 last week, they were running two buses on the same schedule, a 40 ft and a 30 ft. They aren't doing that now according to Bus Tracker, so maybe that is only for busier trips. A few years ago, the mall told Pace that the buses couldn't lay over on the property anymore, which led to the creation of the Herion/Wheeler terminal. Pace allocated $400,000 for the "Orland Square Mall Passenger Facility" in the 2019 budget. Around the same time, the mall announced a renovation plan which would remove some of the unused parking to create more green space and other amenities such as a playground. My guess at the time was that the mall project would include a bus terminal (like Ford City did) whereas Busjack's interpretation was that they'd improve the Herion/Wheeler site. Now it looks like we both may have been partly right. I'll have to go there and see for myself. From my own observations, most shoppers are coming from 364, with a few others from 379. The 832 has low ridership in general. Tinley Park On Demand only goes there to provide a connection to 379 for Moraine Valley students, so doesn't need to serve the mall itself.
  22. Metra added weekend ridership data to the ridership dashboard. The UPN and UPNW are the most crowded on weekends, as they are on weekdays. This is attributed to people who would have rode CTA using Metra instead because UP is not collecting fares. While the UP lines have more riders per car, Jim Derwinski commented in the WBBM interview that the train with the most total riders is on Rock Island. I observed that all the RI trains have at least 8 cars, including the less crowded ones. However, UPNW was running busier trains with only 5 cars. Is this because Metra doesn't want to give UP more equipment due to their ongoing dispute?
  23. Metra rejected reports that they have an immediate plan to end weekend service. They will have to consider that possibility, among others, if federal funding doesn't come through. CEO Derwinski will be interviewed about this topic on WBBM radio tomorrow at 9:30 PM.
  24. There’s a passenger notice about the construction at Orland Square Mall. It is not yet complete, but service changes will start next week. Only 364 and some 379s will enter the mall property, while the other buses will only serve Herion/Wheeler.
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