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  1. These photos were from Pace HQ, but the buses are planned to go in service at West Division. It looks like 20401 has been to West already based on the picture in the board meeting video, which shows it as a training bus with the West Towns legacy bus in the background.
  2. Even with the five digit numbers, Pace's numbering scheme as hard to rationalize as it ever was. Busjack used to think the third digit signified the type of equipment, but 4 has already been used for community vehicles (14400s/16400s).
  3. Presumably they are for expansion of I-55 service.
  4. Pace will be acquiring two OTR coaches from the City of DeKalb, according to the January board meeting.
  5. The January board meeting video (start at 54 minute mark) mentions the first New Flyer prototype has arrived. Features of the bus are described in the video. Deliveries are expected from "mid-March to the end of June". There's a picture of the bus, number 20401, in the December video at the 31 minute mark.
  6. The materials from the meeting are on the Pulse site.
  7. eBid Nashville auctioned eight bilevel cars in September 2019, which were owned by the Nashville RTA, the agency that oversees Music City Star. I don't know if anyone bought them, as the auction listing is expired. Apparently these never made it into service. Going back through Google Earth imagery, various bilevel cars were moved in and out of the bus depot location since 2004, including five that were in a flood in 2010. Those cars not stored there seem to have been at the Music City Star yard in Lebanon, which is at the Nashville & Eastern Railroad shop. Presumably, these were purchased for parts or planned expansion that never materialized. The original plan called for six additional lines and more service on the existing route. The spreadsheet posted by @Eric95 lists the eight car numbers as 7755, 7780, 7837, 7839, 7845, 7854, 7856, and 8762. If you go back to the April 2009 image on Street View, there are seven cars there. "V457" is visible on the car in RTA paint, which means that one would be 7854. If that's the correct number, there seems to be a discrepancy in the spreadsheet, which lists that car as going to "Army".
  8. Your claim was that you had no idea there would be ANY cuts to 270. As I said, give Pace time to respond and adjust. Once ridership patterns settle down, they'll be able to make an informed decision. That time probably isn't far away. Historically, Pace has not continued to run empty buses, and has added service if they get too crowded. This brings up the point made in another thread about the pitfalls of viewing transit as welfare for "those desperate enough to ride the bus". Even if Milwaukee Pulse fails, I give Pace credit for trying to improve service. There's value in knowing what doesn't work to help guide future projects.
  9. The exhibit from the first meeting in April clearly states that 270 service would be reduced. That fact was repeatedly stated throughout the project. Don’t blame Pace because you missed it or forgot about it. There were not many comments received at the hearings about having to walk farther. That particular issue seems to come up on this forum more than anywhere else. It is still too early to declare Pulse a failure. The implementation may not have been perfect, but that is not unexpected for an entirely new type of service. The example of two people on the bus “late in the evening” isn’t representative, and there is still time for ridership to grow. What really matters is how Pace responds to current criticism and adds future Pulse lines. Give them some time to gather ridership data and make adjustments if deemed necessary. Contrary to your claim that “Pace hates its riders”, they have made changes in response to passenger feedback many times.
  10. But cars aren’t the exclusive reason, as was discussed here.
  11. The only lost connection is to 208. I wouldn't count 234 because most of its trips interline with 209. Since 208 and 226 run parallel, a good portion of riders who currently transfer between the two at Des Plaines could have an alternate way to get close to their destination by transferring to one of the north-south routes instead.
  12. The long-term detour on route 313 is finally ending.
  13. The only current bidder is Adelman's, a salvage yard. With the poor condition noted, I doubt anyone would buy it to return it to service.
  14. It was also operated by Ride Right (now doing business as MTM transit) prior to Royal Excursion taking over in summer 2018. US 30 doesn’t go to South Bend. IN 2 is the direct route.
  15. ChicaGo DASH is operated by Royal Excursion, not Free Enterprise.
  16. (Since you're going to nitpick others' posts) You made a typo in your transcript of his typo.
  17. I assume this refers only to rear wheel drive buses, as it would be a bad idea on other vehicles. It still seems debatable though. The engine brake is typically not recommended in slippery conditions because only the drive axles are being slowed, creating disproportionate forces that can cause a skid. ABS is supposed to mitigate the risk of using the service brakes by properly balancing the braking forces.
  18. What's the purpose of having engine brakes on buses? To prevent overuse of the service brakes due to frequent stopping? When I drove trucks, I was taught they were mostly for preventing acceleration on downgrades, but that doesn't seem applicable to CTA or Pace.
  19. The protesting group’s goal is usually to end up on the news, thereby reaching a broad audience. Getting media coverage generally requires doing something moderately disruptive such as putting stickers on the train. This strategy probably attracts plenty of individuals who try to feel fulfilled by yelling at someone, which can certainly have some negative impact on their cause.
  20. The photo caption gave enough information for me to figure it out by looking at Google Earth imagery. There is an image from nine days after the photo was taken, which shows those two cars as well as ten more at the WSOR shops just to the north. Those ten are presumably the ones that were moved to Horicon a few months later. 8722 and its mate were probably stripped of parts for the others. They were still nearby as of the latest imagery, dated March 16, 2018. This is further evidence that WSOR got all their cars from MTDX, so I will add them to the list with an "unconfirmed" note. The buyer was named as Dan Behr Associates, not MTDX. This prompted me to look up Dan Behr's LinkedIn profile, which mentioned involvement with Ottawa Railcar, Inc. in Ottawa, IL. I then recalled that there were once two bilevel cars there. Searching rrpicturearchives revealed that they were 8730 and 8731. They disappeared between 2013 and 2015. LinkedIn also has the following entry about MTDX: A few more tidbits I discovered: Golden Pacific had 7900 according to this entry. It was not specified as an MTDX car but I would guess it probably was. Gettysburg RR leased an MTDX bilevel around 2001. According to Alexander D. Mitchell IV on the RYPN forum, it was repossessed to MTDX for failure to pay the lease. Delaware River Railroad Excursions in Phillipsburg, NJ has three bilevels; unknown numbers; unknown if they came from MTDX. Thanks again! You gave me some good leads.
  21. Malls and transit have always had a contentious relationship. Another example is Yorktown and Orland Square not allowing the buses to lay over on the property due to pavement damage. They don’t want to kick the buses out entirely due to the potential loss of customers, but also recognize that the benefit of keeping them is small. A large portion of bus riders who pass through there will not spend money at the mall. I’m not convinced that the malls directly view buses as a crime generator, but they do have to consider the potential biases of car-driving customers who may feel unsafe walking past the bus stop.
  22. When you say "retarder", do you mean an engine brake? I didn't realize buses had those. They must not be as loud as the ones on trucks. Do they have automatic or automated manual transmissions?
  23. River Oaks Mall seems to be in decline. It reminds me of how Lincoln Mall looked in its final years. I doubt the mall itself is as big of a ridership generator as it used to be. 353's new routing shouldn't add more time, as the bus would have to turn around and lay over at either location. There are several stores and two residential facilities west of Torrence that people may actually ride to, and the revised route is still close enough to the mall to serve those who want to go there.
  24. Upcoming Pace changes: 305, 311: Posted Stops Only 353, 358, 364: will no longer enter River Oaks Mall "to improve operating performance". The inference is probably that the mall is nearly dead and it is no longer worth direct service for whatever ridership remains. 550, 600, 603, 605, 607, 610, 616: Timing changes to improve connections; some cuts to 610. 612: There was a public hearing yesterday for elimination of this route, to be replaced by expanding 599 On Demand service hours. 832, 834: Stop relocations in Lockport. The city had requested the stops be moved to 9th/Canal a few years ago, but now they are being returned to where they were before.
  25. That accounts for the last of the ten moved from Joliet to Elk Grove. It disappeared sometime between 2013-2015. Also kills my speculation that 8715 was the one abandoned on CZRY at Dubbers spur, which your list says is 8728. On that note, I discovered that the cars used for the Tren Turístico Tijuana Tecate were 7765, 7777, and 7785. These cars were part of a group of 11 that was discussed in this thread. A former CZRY employee on Trainorders.com says that the cars were purchased directly from Metra. Can you provide the exact location in Milwaukee, such as a Google maps link, if you know it? So MTDX was still active in 2008, and VRE was willing to give away cars to them? Did you mean to say METX instead of MTDX? 8730 and 8731 are shown on rrpicturearchives as having returned to the Chicago area in 2008, and it was reported on this forum that 8731 returned to Metra. However, like 8701, that was never confirmed. I was able to confirm it was 8763. Thanks a lot! This is really helpful information. I've updated my list. Were all the WSOR bilevels from MTDX? WSOR had 7713, 7726, 7781, 7858, 8744, and at least 5 others (some later ended up elsewhere). You have 8744 listed as abandoned in Bensenville in 2015. What's your source for that? Google Earth shows an A-B-A set and three bilevels, which look like the WSOR passenger train. None of that equipment is still there, and those bilevels were not part of the ten cars moved from Joliet, which were stored on a different siding at the time.
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