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  1. Metra begins new advertising campaign to attract riders. Current ridership is still only about 10% of what it was last year.
  2. New York City imposes $50 fine for not wearing a mask on public transit.
  3. Yes, those are the MTDX cars discussed here.
  4. My fare was collected on the RI trains that I rode on July 22. From what others have reported, it sounds like only UP isn’t collecting fares.
  5. Pace planned to move NW Division to the Allstate property at 1600 S Wolf Rd in Wheeling. I seem to recall the project has been delayed for some reason, but I can’t find the more recent information. It seems Pace removed the board minutes when they updated the website.
  6. New station building going up: The huge ridership decrease due to the pandemic allowed them to close off most of the parking lot for reconstruction: Platforms have been removed between Cedar Road and where the old building was. I’m not sure if they will be replaced, as the new station is meant to be farther from the crossing.
  7. As you know, there has been an ongoing dispute between Metra and Union Pacific. The UP wants Metra to take over operations on the three UP lines. UP has stated that they will discontinue some functions, and Metra has now asked the STB for an injunction to prevent this. Trains magazine article Metra press release
  8. Metra board awards construction contract for Peterson Ridge station
  9. The Verge: 15 States agree to follow California's new standards for electric vehicles.
  10. That's one of the RTA Budd cars.
  11. It is better to keep the parameters the same for consistency as ridership increases. Not only is that easier for passengers to understand, but it prevents them from being accused of data manipulation. It will be interesting to see how they alter the schedules if any trains start to get too crowded.
  12. 2766 moved back to Fox Valley: Route 533 has been extended to Africa. The school must have been moved there to help with social distancing:
  13. I went by South Holland a week ago and was surprised to see no New Flyers outside. It’s possible the deliveries are slow enough to keep all of them indoors there, or they are going directly to West. All they had in the yard was a bunch of 6600s which have been there for months.
  14. Metra will add trains on three lines starting June 29, including express trains on NCS and SWS.
  15. Here’s an interesting article from The Atlantic about the safety of transit during the pandemic: Fear of Transit Is Bad for Cities
  16. Pace resumes fare collection on Monday.
  17. CTA is now issuing Bus crowding reports based on a two-week rolling average. This is intended to help people comply with the suggestion to travel at off-peak times if possible.
  18. pacebus.com just got a completely new look, intended to support mobile devices.
  19. Yellow line service suspended due to a derailment caused by a downed tree.
  20. The sign for route 461 at Ogden and Main (southwest corner) also is covered up in the way you described. I would guess this was done due to the temporary route suspensions. Pace would have to hold a public hearing to eliminate a route permanently, which there hasn’t been any mention of yet. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if 825 is on the next list of cuts. Somewhat related: Pace has March ridership numbers on RTAMS now so we can start to see how much of a drop was caused by the pandemic.
  21. The beginning of the NGV America article mentions there were already 71 CNG buses. That is, 20 15500s plus 71 17500s. It also mentions “at least six new CNG buses” would arrive. As it turned out, there were 11 18500s. Your roster correctly shows 104 buses at South. The 18500s had actually deployed by the time the article was written, but that discrepancy could easily have been an oversight by the author. You’ll have to look back through Pace board minutes for further clarification.
  22. Metra will offer a $10 all day pass from June 1 until at least July 31. This appears to accomplish two things: 1. Incentivize people to return to Metra as Illinois moves into Phases 3 and 4 of the reopening plan. 2. Reduce contact between passengers and conductors.
  23. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    The building on the corner of 79th and Vincennes burned yesterday. WGN News
  24. The reason the 379, 383, 384, 385 shared a bay was so passengers going along Cicero up to Ford City could get on whichever comes first. The schedules are staggered so that sharing the bay isn't much of a problem. I suppose there is less of an advantage now that Pace buses don't enter the mall, but I don't see a need for this change unless you think there are a lot of people going to 79th and Harlem from Midway.
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