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  1. If 332 were changing, there would be a passenger notice for it. The new 330 map isn't different from the current one with respect to 332, as it doesn't specifically say that 332 operates on 25th, but instead doesn't show that Lawrence continues from there to Mannheim. Similarly, neither map shows Seymour Avenue.
  2. There are some on the Purple Line as well.
  3. I was surprised any of the 4-digit numbered paratransits are still around. Here’s 5414 used for Batavia On Demand. Did any of the 18000’s get assigned anywhere other than South Cook?
  4. Who exactly is this going to discourage? As @artthouwill noted, buses have already lost most discretionary riders.
  5. Still ruled an accident. CTA says they cannot determine whether the operator would have been able to stop the train in time had he been paying attention.
  6. Tribune: CTA fired the operator of the train that hit the woman trying to retrieve the dropped phone. The in-cab video shows he was looking out the side window, pointing and laughing at something, for about 12 seconds immediately before the collision. EDIT: ABC7 has the video.
  7. On mini buses such as the one pictured, gasoline engines have been common for years. In the last few years, some companies have begun offering them as an option on full-size buses.
  8. Is Metra still planning to pilot the "Round Trip Plus" ticket option in the Ventra app? Last summer when they consolidated the outer fare zones, they said the other changes would be done "later", but that is still the most recent information I can find.
  9. All Pace routes (so far) have a number, even if it is not used in Pace’s marketing materials. The Schaumburg Trolley is 905, and all the On Demands are numbered as well (mostly in the 590’s). His question is whether Pulse routes will similarly have a unique number, which hasn’t been identified yet.
  10. You didn’t really answer the question, but evidently they do have the power to write tickets.
  11. Sun-Times: Attempted fare evasion results in death
  12. That brings up what would have Been my next question: is the supervisor writing a ticket, Or a report to send to the police so they can issue a ticket? Similarly, I know of school bus drivers who report violators’ plate numbers for this purpose, so it’s possible CTA is doing the same.
  13. Was the parked limo blocking a bus stop?
  14. There was a photo of one on 807, but they apparently do not run there regularly. All the times I have been to McHenry County, I saw and rode nothing but paratransits on 806, 807, and 808. Busjack reported that he saw one in Cary which was apparently being used for Dial-a-Ride.
  15. Being in Woodstock wouldn't have helped, as the garage is in McHenry. (Map) Since no one ever figured out what exactly the "blue" buses are used for, I'm not sure where other than the garage would be a good place to look.
  16. His last post was January 19 at 8:39 AM. However, his last login was January 23 at 9:02 AM. So we can presume he didn't just abruptly disappear on the 19th. His posts in his last few months indicate he was frustrated with a perceived decline in quality of discussion, so I’m willing to bet he just decided this forum was no longer worth his time. It would be consistent with his personality to not offer an advance explanation. They should name a Pulse station after him.
  17. @Mr.cta85 I was actually just in the process of typing this when I saw your post. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking of Busjack today. It has now been six months since Busjack last posted on here, so I feel this tribute is in order. Busjack was a pillar of the community since the very beginning of this forum in 2005. He authored over 20,000 posts, which is nearly 20% of the posts on this site to date. Almost everyone here had some interaction with him, as it was rare to find a discussion that he wouldn’t participate in. His expertise, sense of humor, and attention to the goings-on at CTA, Metra, and Pace drove many of the discussions here. Whenever a legal question would arise, he could be relied upon to provide the answer. Although we often disagreed, Busjack influenced my perspective and broadened my knowledge on many topics. Thank you, @Busjack. I sincerely hope you are doing well.
  18. This forum doesn't have enough discord?
  19. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    The Random CTA topic was inexplicably deleted a few weeks ago, so this topic is probably best for “random” observations for the reason given by @YoungBusLover.
  20. (Moved from CTA 7900s topic) An employer cannot revoke your CDL, only the state can. Some companies say things like this to make people afraid to quit, because employee turnover is high at most CDL jobs and they don't want to spend more money on hiring and training. Did you sign a contract with your current employer? It would be common for such a contract to stipulate that you may not work for a competitor, or that you must pay back your training cost, if you quit before six months of employment. That may be the source of the confusion.
  21. (Moved out of CTA 7900s topic) Which garage has no union? North?
  22. 6510-6521 are already Pulse branded. If there were any more new buses from the previous order, they would have been delivered by now.
  23. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    The buses are for the Pride Parade (which was just called off due to the weather).
  24. Pace831

    More Bus Moves

    “Split in half” is too graphic for the news, but it is true a woman was killed while trying to retrieve a dropped phone.
  25. I like the West Towns bus the best so far. After seeing the picture, I tend to agree with @NewFlyerMCI that the "windows" look better matched to the contours of the bus (unlike 2825). It's interesting that the position of the fleet number was changer to fit the design of the Nortran bus, although the real thing had it on the darker blue stripe below. It actually looks like they just left that part in standard Pace blue, which probably explains the "discrepancy".
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