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  1. Pride cars this year are 5245-5246 and 5377-5378.
  2. 5163-5164 have also made their way onto the Red Line.
  3. Now it's starting to make sense to me. If the #63 is becoming electric, then they can have 2 bus charging stations. Usually, when I'm at Midway, there tends to be at least 2 to 3 buses there for their layover at a time. Now I'm wondering how many charging stations are going to be installed there in total.
  4. I went past there yesterday and saw 112, 108 and 352 on the west side of the north terminal. I also noticed 381, 34 and 119 on the east side of the north terminal. I didn't see what was boarding on the north bridge area.
  5. I wonder if it's an error on the map, but I'm curious as to why the #63 63rd needs two bus bays (B and C).
  6. Yesterday's board meeting mentioned an opening date for the north terminal for Sunday, December 30th, 2018. Has anyone noticed any bulletins announcing this?
  7. Just noticed that all Yellow Line cars have converted their cab doors to locks like these. Is this a test or are all cars converting over?
  8. Spotted #2725-26 on the Brown Line today. Also, spotted a good chunk of former Blue Line cars on the Orange Line now with those Loop/Midway signs- #2901-02, #3091-92, #3053-54, #2729-30, #2717-18, #2699-00, #3107-08, and #3055-56.
  9. No. When I saw it yesterday, it was being moved into the shop. It'll probably remain inside until its debut.
  10. #3023-3024 have moved over to the Orange Line. Also, noticed the final touches and testing being done today on the Holiday train at Skokie Shops.
  11. #3353-3354 are now on the Blue Line.
  12. I spotted 2645-2646 and 2663-2664 on the Brown Line today.
  13. Spotted 2751-2752 and 2793-2794 on the tail end of a Brown Line train this afternoon.
  14. Besides a few LED run number boxes still needing to be installed, is it safe to say the rehab work is complete on the 3200s?
  15. Just passed a train leaving Skokie of rehabbed cars, but the last 2 cars were 3447-3448.
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