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  1. The certification wasn't hard. I started November 30th. Last class I heard. At least for now. Thanks for all the info!
  2. Did you have to take it? The certifications
  3. I also took a HPE evaluation today. I guess its a new part of the process. Along with the drug test again. I passed. But make sure your blood pressure is in check. They will make you go get pills before you take the test. Fortunately mine went down today. I had to come back. Don't know whats next. HR said prehire paperwork class.
  4. Juniorz, you had four interviewers? Im not surprised. They are strict and they each had questions for me. But its respectable. Im still waiting on my on-boarding and fatigue/sleep apnea certification. Been two weeks come tomorrow.
  5. Testing is 3.5 hours long. Make sure any future applicants bring that court purpose abstract they mention at the end of the email. You will be shown the door immediately without it. Test consist of three parts: driving skills video, customer service scenarios and reading comprehension. Driving skills video is relatively short. Its what would you do format. Pay attention thats all I will say. Customer service is the longest test. But its multiple choice and you watch a video. Pay attention. No right or wrong answer but there is a 'best' answer. Just remember who you want to work for and you should answer accordingly depending on the situation. Reading comprehension, simple. Move fast only got ten minutes. If you cant pass that part I wouldn't want you driving me anywhere let alone hire. Results came to me in two business days. Interviewed and took medical background clearance same day two weeks after the test. They will call! Dress professional I recommend even at the exam. Be quiet and listen. Ask questions later much later. If they want you to know something they will tell you. Be professionally prepared at interview. Youre sitting with three interviewers. Lasted about a hour for me. Others were sent out in ten minutes. Lack of professionalism. When they offer you a background you made the interview that day. Others were told they would be contacted upon available openings to come back for med and background. Hope this helps. Its where Im at in the process. Waiting on a on-boarding.
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