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  1. Random CTA

    @MTRSP1900-CTA3200 @artthouwill Thanks for the quick replies! Was this for the conductor's area or inside the motorman's cab area? (Side question: If the motorman was in the head cab, where was the conductor's area in the train consist?)
  2. Random CTA

    Anyone know what series railcar this is from? I see "2600 ok 12-98" but it doesn't look like the ones currently installed in the 2600-series.
  3. Geometry car

    Does anyone have any photos (or links to photos) of this car? Never heard of it before.
  4. 2400-series - Service Dates

    Right, that's the main thing I was trying to distinguish-- I don't believe I saw any fluted sides! I'll keep my eye out again tonight for them. Hopefully with a camera this time. UPDATE: 22:51- 2400-Series consist headed southbound out of Howard. Caught the tail-end of the train-- it had the flatbeds with presumably sewer-cleaning materials on it. No LED lights this time.
  5. 2400-series - Service Dates

    Somewhat bizarre sighting last night... a 6-car train not in service was headed southbound form Howard Yard. I usually see the 2400 work cars make those southbound runs every weeknight. But the strange thing was 4/6 cars in last night's consist had new LED destination signs that looked like Orange Line "Midway" signs. Against the street lighting, the sides of the cars looked to have the characteristics of the 2400's striping though, and there was a pair of 2400's in the middle of the consist. There's no possibility that they rehabbed any of the 2400 or 2600's designated for work-service, right? Could they have been rehabbed 3200's headed from Skokie to Midway?
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    Yes, the 5000's have started to develop a brown tinge on their exteriors. The 3200's currently look very shiny. Perhaps is it due to the fact that the 3200's have been recently rehabbed?
  7. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Has anyone seen #3457-58 recently? I know it was moved from the Brown to the Orange Line last summer.
  8. It appears that the CTA is joining in on the national recognition of Transit Driver Appreciation Day for 2018: http://www.transitchicago.com/news/default.aspx?Month=&Year=&Category=2&about=1&ArticleId=3766 Thanks to all the transit operators on this forum, past and present, who've made this city's transit system function as smoothly and safely as possible.
  9. Amtrak Tacoma,WA derailment

    Any speculations on how this arrangement could've occurred? I'm baffled at how the engine is relatively unscathed yet there are train cars all the way down on the highway. **EDIT**: Unless the engine was being used to push the cars instead of pull them...?
  10. Random CTA

    There's 4-car train running backwards and forwards on the NSML, southbound purple line track (track 1?) between Sheridan Rd. in Rogers Park and some point further south. Any ideas why the strange movement? Training purposes? Video attached. IMG_7613.MOV
  11. Rail Service Alerts-Discussion Thread

    As some of you may know, Brown Line trains (among other loop-based lines) are not running on the east side of the loop due to construction on Washington/Wabash this weekend. As a result, we have ample 2600's running on the brown line!
  12. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    There was a partially-collapsed building at Thorndale earlier, but it was on the 95th-bound side of the tracks. Here's a photo that I took:
  13. Blue plastic inserts on the L.

    By "blue plastic inserts" do you mean seats? Like, in contrast to the fabric-backed seats?
  14. 2600-series - Service Dates

    Caught a 2600-series work train cruising up the Congress/Racine incline today. Any thoughts as to where it was headed? Are those hopper cars used for ballast? IMG_3345.mov
  15. Rail Service Alerts-Discussion Thread

    "CTA Alerts" really wants to emphasize that trains have resumed normal routing, lol.