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  1. They've started installing 3rd rail from 95th -90th plus working signals at 93rd.
  2. I was on 5275 the other day I have to get use to the blue, just doesn't fit in.
  3. 5277-78 on the Red Line Last night.
  4. was on a 2300 this afternoon part of 4 saw 2 on a northbound train
  5. 5245-46, 5249-50, 5251-52, 5253-54, 5257-58 all on the Red Line today
  6. saw a 2400 in service on the Orange Line yesterday.
  7. I saw a 4 car 2200 train going south in the state street subway about 4:30 not in service
  8. I rode the Red Line from 63rd/Ashland, they have police on standby no crowd of people till we got to 55th. They had personnel on the platform, and to tell the truth it was a very fast ride and I had to go to Lawrence. Same for the ride back , the stretch of track from 18th -35th they let it roll.
  9. This morning they already walled off half the station at 95th Greyhound is now picking up people on the street at 94thState.
  10. Still putting up Ashland /63rdigns and where there was free parking on State st. from 98-95th will be for bus parking only. Also changed the lay overs of all the buses at 95th.
  11. Shuttle bus stops posted terminal at Garfield is ready, how will they transfer trains over the 16th overpass to green line tracks?
  12. 4319 still on the fence at 77th, 4399 up and running on the fence getting ready for service
  13. Seen Red Line trains at 95th with Ashland/63rd signs
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