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  1. So far, everything from 20400 to 20411 are in service, and 20415 and 20416 entered service today. I hope 20412 and 20414 are seen this afternoon or on Monday!
  2. Depending on how long she was working at, she could have been. Many of the older drivers I see are Million Milers and I think I know what operator you're talking about, because you told me about her last summer.
  3. 6477, 6783, 6354, and 6355 are no longer in the Forman Mills wrap.
  4. 20402 and 20406 are also in service, I hope 20404 comes this week! Edit: 20404 is already in service too.
  5. More are out too, 20400, 20405, 20407, and 20403.
  6. 20401 is officially in service, right now on the 307!
  7. 6713 went to 103rd and it appears some other Novas went there.
  8. 5001 to 5202 are on Green but they go to Pink from time to time. I do not know where the purple interior cars that were on Green went to, I didn't see them for a month.
  9. I actually like the turn signal noises for some reason, that is something that reminds me of Eldorados and without them, I wouldn't have as much memories as I would have used to once these retire or when I move out of the Pace area. I have been making videos of buses for nearly a year and I will start remembering everything better, and their engines sounding brand new and bassy like 6354, 6355, and 6359.
  10. I apologize this is a bit blurry, but this is a new ad on 5029. 5163 5164 have the same white wrap from 5171 and 5172 which I need to get a picture of.
  11. 1868 was probably broken down on Harlem, it seemed the engine was off and the hazards are on, why is an NP bus up north on Harlem Ave? I was riding 6686 at the time so I can't confirm if the engine was off or on. Also, 1759 was at Harlem Green Line last weekend and it wouldn't start up so we had to wait for 8236 to take us to Blue Line.
  12. 5093 and 5094 have the above wrap. 5171 and 5172 have a white wrap which I didn't get a good photo of yet but I will soon!
  13. That happens from time to time, it will be fixed soon.
  14. bandicam_2020-01-28_15-58-17-537.mp4
  15. Green Line is being bombarded with more wraps! 5044 5043 and 5063 5064 had this very cool Mountain Dew wrap on them, I saw a different one of the same brand on 5083 5084 in 2015. 5121 and 5122 still have the Crown Royal stuff (why did they keep this wrap for over a year now, I got 5151 5152 with them in December 2018!). I will get better pictures whenever I go back on Wednesday.
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