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  1. 6400, 6782, and 6783 are now at West.
  2. 6292 also has no AC, a driver I got before with Eldorados only told Ajay she hates getting that bus. 6235 had awesome AC when I rode it Saturday.
  3. I checked Google Maps, but it says there is no Pace Bus route that does that route. I wish there was one too, but they have not planned on one yet.
  4. I don't know any route that goes all the way from Rosemont to 95th, but you can take the Blue Line and switch to the Red Line downtown.
  5. I hope to get a closer look of it during the summer!
  6. I saw the West Towns bus today but I didn't see the number so I believe it is 6360. I didn't get a picture of it, unfortunately.
  7. He was asking how to look for a Pace Bus, but there is no site I know where you can find Pace Buses like Maths, but there is a map (I think you know about it @Mr.NewFlyer1051) and you can check what's out and where it is. It would be cool if Maths or something else makes something like what Maths does for CTA, and I can't wait to see something like this! Also, 6210 (the oldest), 6261, 6224, 6669, 6237, 6257, and 6227 are all out now.
  8. This bug has been in place for over a year, and it is about the winners of a day of reputation points. The last winner was in February 2018, and no one was the winner of that day after that day over a year ago. I liked that idea for this website, but I think it should be fixed soon.
  9. 6854 has broken down yesterday, and the transmission on that bus is not so good, and 6710 had a similar issue. Ajay made a video but ended right before it broke down.
  10. That's 6360 they wrapped, and I hope to see it and even better, ride it soon!
  11. He knows that but he has not seen the 5600's on the Pink Line, so why do you need to talk about the Green Line, when we all know there are 4 groups of them there?
  12. Also the number is missing unless it is not captured in the photo.
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