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  1. Pace Roster

    Today 6363 came back, so it is not retired. Looks like it needed some fixes and new parts and then it was ready to go.
  2. Pace Roster

    6210 is alive.
  3. Pace Roster

    In August, Google Maps toured around the West garage. First, I saw old NABI buses and 3/4 of them are pretty much gone. 6666, 6672, 6210, 6252 were in that area. (SW side) 6210 is still active which is pretty surprising and this evening (1/2/19) it is on the 317. Next, closer to the SE side, I saw 6363 near the door missing some rear lights on the left side and on the front windshield, it had a STOP Do Not Use paper on it. I am assuming it is retired because of the paper and the missing lights. It is probably the first Axess retired if I am guessing correctly. Thankfully I got to ride that in 2017 but with a non-operational rear door. Also on August 4, I saw 6363 at the touch a truck event in N. Riverside doing the 322. Now, on the E side, there were 5 MIA buses sitting (4/5 of them are right now not MIA, but 6324 is MIA). They are 6320 (I might have incorrectly assumed that for 6280), 6559, 6291 (I thought that was gone until it came back in October, 6295 might be retired as it was not resting there at the time as that bus was MIA for a long time as well), 6288, and 6324. I checked the other garages on Google Maps but there was no car that went through the garages.
  4. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    I thought this bus was retired, but I was shocked when it came back as I have not seen that bus since spring. And that is 6257. I thought the remaining ones (6210, 19, 24, 27, 35, 37, 40, 46, 51, 55, 58, 61) were the only ones remaining but this shocked me very much. So that one will be added to the active side until it goes back to being gone.
  5. Pace Breakdown Thread

    And 6281 is back on the road now.
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I looked and I found out 6847 came back on December 6.
  7. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I have no idea when, but 6847 has recently came back after it hit the person in the south side earlier this year. I'm gonna check Math's and find out when 6847 came back. I thought it was gone, but it came back. Last year, Pace 6239 killed a biker and never came back.
  8. Pace Breakdown Thread

    Now 6281 is driving to the garage (it might be on a hook, but I think that is very unlikely)
  9. Pace Breakdown Thread

    6281 is having an issue. It was standing at Oak Park & Lake for about 20 minutes before the replacement (6286) came. 6281 might be having an issue and I am at my home close to that stop. In October, another person said that the exact bus broke down on Harlem. Sounds like 6281 might be going soon. 6286 came to the stop and then 6281 is going back to the garage, as it is still on the tracker after turning on Lake. Now, 6281 is stuck at Lake & Kenilworth a block west, as it is still on the tracker and it was running on 311 today. Looks like 6281 is dying. I check the tracker every day and it might be back out in a few days.
  10. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    Today is my lucky day because I got two 2003 buses, 6237 and 6651. 6651 is the last 35 ft. I needed because I already rode 6669 and 6612. From Pace831's post, the panel above the windshield was loose as he said, but it is still pretty cool how the next-stop interior display was working. It did hit bumps during the trip and I almost fell out of my seat. It's sounding great, and if 6666 ever comes back, my goal is to try to get that bus because out of all the remaining 2003 buses out there, I only need to ride 6227, 6255, and 6258. 6237 is in decent condition. Nothing too bad about that bus.
  11. More Bus Moves

    . This probably belongs in the random CTA topic or something like that.
  12. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    The third 35-ft NABI has been reinstated for being missing for about 3 weeks, it's 6669. 6666 is probably retired as it last operated in August.
  13. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    6651 is actually still out there because it is on the 322 this morning.
  14. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    6612 is still out there, 6651 I am not sure about that, 6669 has not been out for like 2 weeks or something.
  15. More Bus Moves

    I'm guessing that the tracker broke again, but I have no idea what it is.