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  1. Pace Bus Moves

    Add 6563 too the West list too.
  2. Pace Bus Moves

    6562 is also at W.
  3. ChicagoBus.org Updates

    Yes, I am talking about the second bus.
  4. ChicagoBus.org Updates

    Today I rode bus 1000 and all the seats were AMESCO InSights.
  5. Pace Bus Moves

    6666 is back in service.
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    6834 has been out too but it's tracker thing broke so that's why it does not show on the map.
  7. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    6842's is fixed and 6834's is still broken. I will also add 6470 and 6805 to the broken list.
  8. Yes I know. The thing is that Bushunter did not put 6868 on his list.
  9. New Eldorados?

    18509 in service on 358.
  10. Pace Bus Moves

    Yes, but I did mention the 6730's and 6559.
  11. Pace Breakdown Thread

    This is an Orion VI post, so you guys may miss these but this was one of the blue wrapped ones. Last summer, I was exploring Scoville Park and I saw bus 6159 on the 311. It was going at normal speed. When it was time for me to get on it, the bus was 12 minutes late and it was because the bus was going slow. It got slower and slower, and by the time we reached North/Narragansett, the bus was only like 3 mph. The driver had to take it out of service when we got to North/Narragansett. Due to how slow it was, I missed my 86 with the friendly driver (yes he still is here this year) and I had to ride a newer Nova with a driver I usually don't ride with.
  12. Also you skipped bus 6868 on the roster.
  13. Pace Bus Moves

    6559 also came for the first time. Both buses moved from River.
  14. Pace Bus Moves

    6560 is now at West.
  15. Ouch! Wreck photos!

    Another crash with bus 1735 in Blue Island a car hit the bus. I got no photo this time I found that on ABC7