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  1. 20476 entered service on 9/28 not 8/28
  2. Ok 6782 is confirmed at North Shore, it's on 213.
  3. Did you get a picture of it? I never heard of something like the rear sign missing but hopefully they get a new one
  4. 😭😭😭😭😭😭I will miss him a lot too. I loved all his pictures he posted on Flickr and I kept looking at them over and over since they were so fun to watch. I hope he rests in peace very well and I give condolences to his family too. Also how old was he when he died and does anyone know cause of death?😭😭
  5. Buses returned to normal garages
  6. Oops my bad. You’re correct.
  7. Articulated buses didn't happen for a few years since 2016 on the 66, an amazing sight to see them back there on the 66! 1399 and 1644 are probably at South Shops getting fixed.
  8. 6400 is confirmed at North Shore. Right now on 223
  9. 20483 is on the 331 and 20482 is on the 318. There are only two XD40’s that still need to enter service.
  10. The entire site is down again
  11. I rode 6706 today, the front and side flip dot signs have been fixed and they no longer are stuck on Central.
  12. December 13 2019 was the last day it ran so far
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