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  1. The location of this photo isn't at West, but I didn't ride the 309 for a while so whenever I ride 309 WB again, I will take a pic during my filming!
  2. CPTDB is usually reliable, but they didn't fix the Pace site.
  3. That is a cool photo! A better view would be taking the photo horizontally like I do to film my bus videos.
  4. Correct, I will ride 6359 and 6210 today on the highway, 6359 actually sounds very good and one of my fave Eldorados, but sadly this will be my 7th time riding it.
  5. I liked that long-term detour because that is a route that I can get in Oak Park and I have not ridden a public transit bus on a highway ever since in 2018 in 6705 and 6291 and tomorrow I will celebrate the last day of it by going on the route to Yorktown. I have been filming since last March and I can't wait to get some highway on my channel!
  6. What happened to this bus?
  7. 1562 has been at 74th for a while now.
  8. Yes, that's what NewFlyer1051 has just said right above.
  9. It's strange, even stranger that it is a Chicago run on Kedzie, but that bus is back on normal C routes now.
  10. 6783 and 6354 have the same wrap.
  11. I rode Pace 6706 on August 18 after this really extreme rainstorm has happened. The bus driver had the retarder on and we went under the Green Line bridge on Harlem Ave. and it was flooded, which is why a detour has happened, but this driver took the normal 307 way. At least the bus didn't break!
  12. The Hickory place is on Division St. right after the Eastern bridge going WB, on the left you are going to see a CTA center.
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