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  1. Pace Bus Moves

    6261 has moved to West and is currently operating on the 318.
  2. Pace Roster

    Since many Webwatch sightings, I did not see bus 6366 in service on any route. Does anyone know why 6366 has not been going out?
  3. What's Left for Pace's Orion VI's 6000s?

    I will agree with you.
  4. Pace Bus Moves

    On the live map, I just spotted 6258 on the 626.
  5. Pace Bus Moves

    You're welcome.
  6. What's Left for Pace's Orion VI's 6000s?

    6069 was not in service for the last few days so I think that bus is finally retired.
  7. Pace Bus Moves

    6278 is now on the 319.
  8. Pace Bus Moves

    Bus 6283 is at West operating on the 313.
  9. Pace Bus Moves

  10. Pace Bus Moves

    6262 is now at Pace West on the 305.
  11. Pace Bus Moves

    6303 is back at West operating on 302.
  12. Pace Bus Moves

    We still have 6268, 6278, 6283, and 6303 still at south.
  13. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

  14. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    Also 6755 is on 78 right now as well so that can get back on the active roster.
  15. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    D40LF's 1002 and 1003 are on Forest Glen Routes this morning.