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  1. Cool wraps! I wonder if they can use the vaccine buses as in-service buses while vaccines aren't needed at the moment
  2. Now we know 1937 and 1551 are vaccine buses cool
  3. Never saw it on my camera but you guys saw it for long enough now I guess I can trust you lol since mine was in pure daytime and yours was a sighting in easier to see conditions Hopefully they'll fix that so blue smoke won't emit again
  4. Damn 1790 had black smoke pouring out when it was at FG last year but we don't see that too often up north
  5. Rip Idk but ik it was sometime this year
  6. Thought that was an old nova but Shannon spoiled it for me and it's a Flxible😂😂😂 well that bus is a good use is that the one sitting in South shops now?
  7. Oh ok Lovely so that maens there should be 7 buses there again
  8. Oh okay…wonder if there were any other crash videos other than the ones I mentioned above and the one about 1228 (or buses catching fires like you mentioned) anywhere but wow
  9. 1. Was it a YT video 2. I see but I don't know why that bus is missing a 5 when the others do but that X could mean the same thing probably?
  10. No idea, probably means the engine doors were taken out since all three buses have no panels for covering the engine
  11. How you know there was a video of that bus catching on fire? Well i never saw that but I remember seeing a few videos on YT with cars crashing into a few buses
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