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  1. When I check Math's, it is out quite often at work.
  2. 1561 has been at 77th for a few weeks now.
  3. Also 1704 is back at North Park.
  4. 8271 was NEVER at North Park. Route 152 is shared both by Forest Glen and North Park, and Math's thought that bus was at North Park, so that was a glitch.
  5. 5109-5110 also have the new seat covers while 5099-5100 do not have the new covers yet.
  6. Cool! I don't live by LSD but I actually used to LOL.
  7. Yes it caught fire, I thought you meant farebox, a firebox is something I never knew back then, thanks for correcting me instead of me correcting you!
  8. Correction, you mean farebox, not firebox. LOL lots of errors recently.
  9. Yes, 4145 has not been retired due to that incident, there were other buses too involved.
  10. It's fine, we all make mistakes.
  11. I did not recall violating a user protection or a privacy policy, but that is what the owner of the Discord has told me during an email.
  12. I was one of the earlier users in this Discord, and I have been banned because Cross AKA Chicagocubs6323 has banned me for protection of a user. It was cool though.
  13. 1342 has been in service for a few weeks now, make sure to check the thread if you want to post something, other people may have posted the same thing already!
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