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  1. 6558 is found on the tracker again, it is now at SW.
  2. 6734 moved back to North Division and is right now on the 272.
  3. 8087's on the King Drive too
  4. Has anyone seen 6558 lately? That bus hasn't been on the tracker for at least 3 months and the last time I saw 6477 (ghost bus for about a year now) was on July 11. Both buses were owned by West when I last saw them. Update: I found 6558 on the tracker at SW on September 18 doing the 385. 6477 may still be a ghost bus and back at NW.
  5. 20475 is on the 301. 20461 is yet to be seen.
  6. Did 2980 and 3111 get in a crash or you don't know yet
  7. 1330 back in service on the 8.
  8. 20400 has normal "Please move away from the doors" announcement unlike the other ones that have the "Please, do not stand in the rear door area" announcement.
  9. It’s been at 103rd for a while.
  10. He means that this bus is actually having the engine performed but not sure, but looking on Google Maps many buses tend to hang out around that area so maybe it didn't really break down at all, the engine doors were open at the times too. So it looks to be a routine rather than a breakdown.
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