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  1. CBS 2 shows 1490 was hit by an SUV during the overnight hours
  2. On the Green Line yesterday, 5051's LED signs were not working at all. It's twin 5052 had it's outside and indoor LED's working, but 5051 was just completely blank. The lights and doors worked, but neither of the interior displays were on nor the side signs. The rest of the train (5092 5091 5147 5148) had working signs too. 5051 and 5052 have been going in and out of the Harlem repair yard during the last few weeks and those are the Zebra patterned cars too which are a white wrap with black stripes presenting Floating Museum.
  3. Those purple lights look very interesting at night so that’s a nice touch
  4. There haven't been any more XD40's since 20476 on September 28 on the tracker but 20480 was shown on a post above. So the deliveries have slowed or 20477 is a ghost bus.
  5. The roster was last updated September 6 and there have been some moves recently, like 1719 back at North Park and 1883 returned to service.
  6. I remember 600 had M 224299 with plates and one of the pictures above shows the Proterra with 224299 so that's 600 and it's at C.
  7. In the second picture there's another Pace XD40, which one is that?
  8. Also this was today around 4:45 PM
  9. Freedman Seating makes the seats in the XD40's and they're the exact same design as the ones in CTA's 2014-2019 Nova LFS buses. 20400 has the same seats as the rest of the XD40 fleet.
  10. 5145 and 5146 were never in a full wrap in 2019 or 2020 that I recall. They did have a Vodka ad on them but it was on the middle in between the doors. Not on the outside of the doors. 5076 had a missing number on the exterior too.
  11. 5145 (right) has a bit of visible paint which is rainbow colored on the top left of the car and the window frame has some paint too. 5146 has no numbering on either side of the side shown in this picture. There should be numbers on the other side.
  12. Another bug has came with the archive section, this bug is that it won't let me check past tracking dates before September 30, 2018. Back then it used to be from January 2016, but now the earliest date we can see is September 30. I was trying to verify if a certain bus was at a certain garage from 2016 when I noticed the archive calendar wasn't showing 2016 anymore.
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