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  1. It is now on WebWatch as route 100: Milwaukee Pulse Route.
  2. One more move: 6558 is now at West.
  3. Now the 6730's are starting to move back, the higher ones are right now at West and the lower ones are now at North. 6730 is on 568.
  4. I rode 6736 today, and 6730 was on the 311 this morning, so it is unlikely for now, but it is possible to happen.
  5. What does the white text on the right side say? It does not show up clearly from your camera.
  6. Possibly, two have broken trackers and one didn't go out for a few weeks.
  7. Either they are MIA or are are ghost buses. If not, maybe they didn't go out for a few days, like 1026 last went out on Sunday as Shannon CVPI said.
  8. I rode 6210 today, that bus is nowhere like how it was in October last year. There was a minor problem with one of the vent windows, and that was like the only improper thing I found in that bus back then. The bus did sound real awesome and the next-stop sign was working, and it was also pretty quick! Now to today, the next-stop sign still does work, but the bus is slow, it does not sound that awesome anymore (with the loud heating on, it may sound different if it is off), and I found something that is really dangerous that could break any second. This bus is also really bouncy, and kind of reminds of my 6651 ride in December. I was expecting it to be like 6237 (my fav, it sounds brand new), but turns out it is going to be gone pretty soon like all the others.
  9. If you read what I said above, I pretty much said the same thing.
  10. 7933 recently hit a pedestrian in the Streeterville neighborhood.
  11. Green Line is starting to get the plastic seat bottoms too. I noticed 5190 with the plastic seat bottoms today, but 5122 still had the cushion seat covers.
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