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  1. So now we know Kedzie has most of the upper 67's but 6770 as of the morning as at FG and FG kept the higher 68's. Mid 68's probably at a south side garage with lower 67's and upper 66's
  2. Ooh they got the lower 68’s 6802 6803 6805 6820 6826 6834 6835
  3. Wow now Chicago got allisons
  4. North park sent 1345-1362 to FG, Chicago sent 1826-1835 1923-1924 1926-1929 to North Park, 74th sent 1377 1379-1383 1395-1398 1400-1406 to FG, and 103rd gave 1052-1055.
  5. Wow. Also one surprise is that 1026-7 still at 74
  6. I checked bus tracker map and I don't see 1055 on the 63.
  7. That could be true but we'll have to wait and find out. Still sad anyway.
  8. Yep but they got to get inspected and they might come back
  9. It's the one shannon posted
  10. 1054 was in the video but idk for 1055
  11. Dang 1054 back at FG that's suprising and 8320 got broken too I see
  12. Dang wow it’s sad seeing them not in service. Apparently 6770 is at the glen and there’s some buses that have Been inactive for some time like 6706 and 6687 in 3rd yard too
  13. Those were there since January.
  14. Ok wow. Did you see any old novas breakdown recently?
  15. I only got 8347 and I still wanna hear the other 6 at forest glen .
  16. Lovely! That’d be exciting so your channel can grow and get more subs!😃
  17. I’m watching your 6787 sound clip right now.
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