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  1. Oh yeah since they permanent for now. And yee I excited to see more vids love the ex-NP and other garage new flyers!😃glad they coming soon
  2. The lowest of ‘em all
  3. Yea it was MIA for a bit I think but glad it back at home at FG. It been 4 weeks when you last uploaded a ride vid btw wondering when I can get to hear more loans?
  4. Probably an E-Z rider was damaged
  5. Oh wow 419x’s are getting the main breakdown range now we had 4196 now 4191
  6. Ya Probably they keep coming to SS a lot
  7. 1668 broke down Jackson and California going east bus was stuck on delayed for 20 minutes
  8. Oh. Wow they getting rich with all the buses they got to repair LoL
  9. Cool, we didn't see him in the forums for a while now his profile says he was last active in March but his last post was in November.
  10. 1330 is a fast bus I rode that in 2019 and that was also a quarantined bus. Driver was going fast it was a green line shuttle. The others I didn’t ride but wow
  11. Oh cool but the only reason I was thinking of 1760 was how long it was there but just like 1321 it probably will return to service since we thought 1321 was retired but then it suddenly returned to service. The other buses wow
  12. Oh so idk if that means they’ll testing today or no
  13. Did anyone get any pics of them at rosemont yet?
  14. 1840 broke down Jackson and Holman, the bus said delayed them went off the tracker
  15. Oh that's you cool so you got 2 accounts here now I see but you use this one now
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