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  1. I was able to ride 1926 on the 77 last week and now I need to see 1924 in person I haven't even seen that yet
  2. Maybe I'll get that again one day if they still Operating .
  3. True I rode 6875 and 6877 after they returend they were on the tracker maybe you right it's a ghost bus for now but hopefully they'll the tracker if it's broken
  4. That's 6563 and apparently they using the highway to get it to the garage since they on Central
  5. 1256 back at 77th so it’s normally one day loans .
  6. What even happened to 1682? It's running on the 39 rn maybe you were talking about a different bus
  7. There was one that said to move to the back of the bus that I heard last year so they can do it . They do it at cta too But in buses only.
  8. The height of bus 8140 on the rear left seems to be higher than the other wheels on that bus. Suspension probably?
  9. 7941 7998 1256 1274 are now temporary loans to 103rd for the week.
  10. Which bus number was it? Damn Chicago really need to fix all those potholes too before big problems happen
  11. Do they do the same things on the school run routes operated by Fg Only but then fg buses go on different routes.?
  12. Nope it’s most likely just a NP operator with a NP run number specifically designed for Addison I guess
  13. No? Maybe out at SS for maintenance maybe or ghosting bus
  14. Oh but based on the block number the bus has been sitting for a while now shut off and there’s no relief at the green line just a quick layover
  15. The fact that I saw a broken down 8291 today at the green line station shows how easily novas can break down a few hours hours after it sounded normal
  16. 8291 broken down at the Harlem green line station. Apparently I rode 8291 four hours before these photos were taken and the bus was working normally. Must’ve had issues when heading to the green line a few hours ago. Third photo taken four hours ago when it was still working .
  17. Forest glen must be maintaining their 7900 series very well barely any of them end up OOS a lot but do head to Ss from time to time and some break down from time to time too
  18. I took a ride on 1926 this morning on the 77 and this was the first really packed bus I was on. Ye 77 is busy and this is the busiest bus I have been on lol. Got on at Harlem and there was a driver change at Central but the second driver was picking up much more people than the first. Glad to be on a ex-NP 19xx since I missed riding those I last rode on one in 2015. Kinda bummed the heating was up all the way but still was a good ride
  19. 1446 and 8091 were a part of that crash on Western in May, and 4024 (which I didn't mention but also returned) was a part of the south side stabbing 2 weeks ago.
  20. Idk why no one mentioned this, but 1446 and 8091 are both active again after that crash in the spring. 1446 is on the 63 and 8091 is on the 49
  21. 1910 is back on the news, this time someone got stabbed inside the bus. The bus was running on the 50 Damen. The first time 1910 was featured on the news was when someone was struck by 1910 in 2018. Video is below. No public video for the stabbing incident has been released onto YouTube yet.
  22. Does anyone know why they aren’t using 6770 (though it’s a 67 and not a 68) for service anymore? Or is it secretly in service as a ghost bus?
  23. Oh okay luckily the bus didn't get into an actual crash,
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