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  1. Oh I never saw 1553 interior so I don’t know
  2. Yes they just run in the morning rush but only one bus per morning.
  3. Also, 4023 is currently active on the 21 so I'm pretty sure you meant 4024, and also 6805 just escaped to get to 77th must've had an issue.
  4. Wow 4198 just came back after being released a few weeks ago damn
  5. 1364 is at NP but 1362 is at FG so sounds like NP gained back 1363-1369
  6. 8257 is just like 1022 now the right side number is removed
  7. Yes 1367 I can see is at north park too. 1724 has returned to North Park.
  8. Another loan: 1555 is on 78 (so FG earned 1555 from 1365 lost wow)
  9. 1376 never went to FG this year, but you saw 1376 on the 85 when it was at FG in 2019 or you actually saw 1379 on the 85 if it was in 2021.
  10. Oh cool. 1055 keeps popping up on 90 lately lol. I was 24 back when the 2002 novas came out so I been an adult all this time
  11. Well there no other 136x out rn so we gotta wait and see
  12. Cool, I wonder if any other 136x’s are loaned to NP temporarily
  13. 1365 returned to north park it’s on the 50
  14. Lol I guess customers like new buses on that route and not old high floors.
  15. That’s so cool! I watched a video of 6800 recorded in 2013 and that bus had its age coming and it had hundreds of thousands of miles of it and I can’t even dream of one of those novas looking shiny and new
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