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  1. Oh that's you cool so you got 2 accounts here now I see but you use this one now
  2. Shenzhen has 16,000 buses in its fleet that are 100% electric ?
  3. Oh yeah I remember that I saw it on google
  4. I saw a YouTube vid with 6800 link is and that bus already looks beat up after 11 years (that vid was taken In 2013 but uploaded years later). Wish I could see pictures of a fresh bus with plastic still
  5. 90 is trying to become a 77th route with the potholes so they’ll be beat up soon probably
  6. Lol. I want some of our novas to go to 77th while we get the brand new novas
  7. Wassup, I don’t really mind where the new novas go as long as we don’t lose any flyers at FG
  8. No they'll go to a different garage Oh yea Yeah I think I agree with u
  9. Yooo that bus sounds like a pre rehab to me. Love those whines too.
  10. Imagine if that comes to FG we’ll be foaming over it, I rarely go downtown because all my videos are on west side and my last non west side bus ride was 8245 on 76. I need to hear more d40lf’s the ones I heard so far isn’t enough lol
  11. Oh okay but I’d love to hear loud whines on a bus since FG don’t got those and 77th has the most interesting fleet in the city
  12. And it’s going to probably take a long time to get the wires back up as well since it’s a complex system
  13. Lol one day they’ll fix the whine
  14. 1276 was the paintball bus from last fall. Did you get the audio clip of that bus I’d love to hear a whine or it sounded like 1277?
  15. Wow 300k that’s a lot of miles they’re getting trying to match with the D40LF’s now at just less than 7 years old lol. I’d imagine one bus hitting a million miles if the buses are out on the streets a lot. The only bus I’m thinking that has less than 50k miles is 8327 due to how long it’s been out of action for but idk what else has been gone for so long I’m thinking almost all of them have passed 100k by now
  16. And also they only testing 2 buses now on the streets 600 and 603 on the 65 and 66 and the others aren’t running now
  17. Oh so the novas would be like 10 years old by then when CTA will be mostly nova which is surprising with all the ones they might get when the oldest start getting a rehab
  18. Yeah I think I agree with you as rehabs take a while and cta doesn’t want rehabs that much more since I remember the last D40LF was rehabbed in 2015 and no other series got full rehabs. Hopefully they’ll patch the broken buses so they won’t break down so quick
  19. Apparently I had to tell them that they were retired already but they think they were retired in 2021. I need to be active on CPTDB more since I was the one requesting the info changes and I’m missing out on certain details that I keep missing. Oh okay
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