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  1. What's the most shocking of all is how did the steering wheel get pulled out from the center? If the bus was moving and there had to be a turn coming up, that would be a disaster if the driver didn't stop in time. Thankfully (I hope) everyone is okay.
  2. 4080/4092 back at kedzie
  3. 1885 was broken down on Monday on Sheridan road when it was on the 147. And no this isn't the relief either it was an actual breakdown
  4. It was OOS at South shops for nearly a year
  5. It's probably a glitch with the Math's system since both Kedzie and Chicago operate 66 but there were times before when Math's used the opposite garage on shared routes like when 1026 was still at 74th the tracker thought it was on an NP run
  6. Oh yeah I forgot about that thanks for the reminder 👌 . They also do it at Sheridan and foster on the 147
  7. The engine door was open and was waiting for a mechanic perhaps. Thankfull the bus is fixed and is operating well on the 146 rn
  8. Do you know what happened to 6755 and why it doesn’t run out of FG anymore (which it did a few times in May)? 6770 was also at FG but never operated after the others came out
  9. That’s right but they still didn’t do it and now it’s been over a year
  10. Ye Ye and 74th can get 8212 and 8220 back Guess so
  11. 1026 has also moved. To 103rd
  12. Back at West. Just saw 20431 yesterday on the 313 too in fact.
  13. Do you know the numbers of the buses SS permanently retired or no
  14. Ye that’s a breakdown because the hatch was closed from an earlier picture taken 30 minutes before the one you took
  15. Oh ye or maybe another bus picked them up .
  16. Oh wow 😮 must’ve disappeared cuz they towed it away
  17. So looks like 6326 has broken down on Tuesday, and then they put out the triangles to show it was broken, but do you know if they repaired it at the spot or if they had to tow it back to the garage?
  18. It's been a Covid Vaccine bus since May (or early june)
  19. 6467 broke down on Thursday, July 1 and was being towed back to its garage
  20. 7974 will probably be out of service for a week.
  21. they'll get back soon (i hope) just be patient i do want them back too tbh lol
  22. 1324 and 1532 are also temp loans to 103rd from 77th and 74th
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