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  1. 1254 on the 172 at 103rd garage
  2. Ohh thanks for the explanation just wondering why they don't use their buses and bring other depot buses
  3. Why is 8348 and 8349 both on the 65? Either it’s a a loan, or they’re there to stay more loans: 8270 8318 and 8347 is also on the 65, and 8050 8000 8029 8060 8214 are all on the 4
  4. Sad that he didn't make it hopefully the stabber was caught
  5. Someone got stabbed on 4024 that was on the 4
  6. Ye right and probably got some buses sitting out waiting to be used assigned to 77th when they take the SS buses lol
  7. Ye you probably right with all the flyers we got now
  8. Maybe they'll keep them for a while or keep them till retirement but maybe they'll give it back to FG but Idk yet
  9. That's the second time they done this the last time was last Tuesday with just 6843/6847
  10. Ye always happens during the weekdays but we never know when lol
  11. Ye they stole it from SS
  12. Don't worry 1391 bothered me in March but once I got the videos of it it left me alone because it was looking for me to video it finally but lol I didn't see 1052 in a good while tho
  13. Ye two of ours and still damn no one recorded them lol I really need to get 1001 that bus loves heading to Ss from time to time i need to hear em Lemme get it on 90 lol soon and ye usually Wednesday is these loans to SS
  14. 1001 1767 4141 8179 8188 8287 are at 77th for the afternoon
  15. 1223 broke down jackson and Kedzie
  16. Ye both buses been there for the entire pandemic but just returned to service in the fall
  17. Ye we got easier drivers too but we got a few buses heading on highway from time to time. No just about half of the routes go to Jefferson Park too Ik 86 90 76 77 78 80 84 don't go to the JFP
  18. (possible loan but will check on it tomorrow) 8232 is on the 74, and lol that bus was on the 77 earlier this afternoon Update: This was a BusTracker glitch 8232 isn't really on the 74 it's back on 77 apparently the block that bus was on (74-811) is owned by bus 8141
  19. Well we only have two 12xx's at FG and sounds like they are holding up well. We also helping the earliest of our buses hold up well too not are hugely worn out yet but we got a few dead next stop signs and minor breakdowns from time to time didn't see any horrible condition buses yet so the 10xx's we got should stay for a few years unless those Novas take over
  20. His boss told him to take down the videos probably for privacy reasons but I forgot I was told the reason but I need to check YT
  21. Yes something was happening to them, and i listened to a couple of recordings of 1240 that was posted last year from that bus driver who used bodycameras to record around the bus but was taken down in the winter. Thing with 1240 was one day that bus sounded healthy but when that same driver drove the very same bus a few days later, the bus started sounding sick and needed to be repaired. Wow Kedzie is torturing the 12xx's more than the other buses they kept for years.
  22. Oh ok so ye that means it's from 103rd now
  23. Uh oh that not good hopefully they fix it
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