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  1. Yes I got it from a video recently on the Red Line.
  2. 5689-90 no longer have ZOHO wrap.
  3. I saw 20452 yesterday too! Except I didn't get a picture of it. Update: I rode 20452 on the 307 today 7/29/20.
  4. They are all from Howard yard, maybe Purple Line is low on cars and are borrowing 5713 and 5714 while the other cars get repaired.
  5. 1472 was the bus in the video where the bus driver threw the passenger on the ground last month after the passenger asked the bus driver to continue his shift after talking with another operator.
  6. 20453 is on the 307 and 20454 is on the 309.
  7. 1100 possibly broke down earlier this week at 73rd and Exchange.
  8. There are only 12 NABI buses that ran so far this week, and they are 6263 6269 6274 6279 6292 6298 6299 6303 6316 6319 6320 6321. Also, the 2002-3 NABI's are retired as I said a few weeks ago but 6251 is still at the garage.
  9. Mr. New Flyer 1051 reported the same thing an hour ago bro, just make sure to check the previous page before reporting a move.
  10. 1166 and 1169 are at 103rd still.
  11. I know what layovers are, but it was staying on the west side of Lake and Humphrey. I thought it was broken but actually it’s on the 315 now so it probably was a layover a block early, but I noticed it sitting for about 10 mins.
  12. 20425 probably broke down at Lake and Humphrey, I was on the opposite side of the street so I didn’t hear the engine running, and it had the wrong code sign. Headlights and hazards are on, both doors are open. I just rode 20425 on the 307 on Sunday too.
  13. 4197 broke down on Madison and Oakley today.
  14. Oh cool, do you know why they have them?
  15. I noticed that 5252 has two numbers next to the door, one in the usual spot and one right above it. Has anyone noticed any other cars that have it or is 5252 the only one that has the double numbers? This got my eye as most 5000 series cars got just one number in that location. This occurs on both doors on the left side of the car, and I wonder if this occurs on 5251 and the right ride of the train car too.
  16. Also a couple of buses you mentioned like 4078 have been at Chicago Garage for a little while.
  17. All 8 times I rode the XD40's the interior lights were on full mode with the right side having the lights on too.
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