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  1. 1043 broke down at Jeff. Park, shown in another thread.
  2. This morning, no 6400's or 6500's were out when I checked, now 6466 is the only one out of the group that is operating right now (also the lowest numbered Nova still in service). Also the broken down bus was 1043.
  3. 1804 is on the 74, so it is back in service.
  4. 8236-8247 are the buses at 103rd.
  5. This morning, we have 8327, 8330, 8331, 8332, 8333, 8335, 8336, 8337, 8338, 8342, 8343, 8344, 8345, and 8348 out in morning right now at 7:24 AM.
  6. 8326, 8343, and 8330 are all on the 81. 8337 is on the 77 and 8347 is on the 76. 8341 is on the 152 with 8338. So they may all be at FG.
  7. Yes I am looking on the tracker and it shows 8342 is at Jeff. Park on the 91.
  8. I wonder why Green and Red are switching cars. I also got 5689 and 5690 on Green Line.
  9. Plus the following from the not seen in service for at least 5 days were seen this morning: 6558, 6724, 6761.
  10. I thought I saw 6558 on the 91 last Tuesday, maybe I was wrong.
  11. I'm going to add stuff onto this list. The 6000 bus I first rode was 6157. 6162 was most likely 6233. 6262 maybe 6296 I guess, 6323 series is 311 and not 309 and I remember the number was 6336, the 6600 NABI I completely forgot the number of that bus. I remember riding it on 307 around 1:00 PM on Saturday, August 6, 2016. Now, 6522 series Eldorado I first rode was 6559 on the 311. And 6700-series was 6731 on the 307.
  12. I saw these cars on the Green recently not the Red, these two are mated with GL cars like 5200 and 5199, 5143 and 5144, etc.
  13. You said the second sentence and after in another thread last week, so I know about that.
  14. 5663 and 5664 are on the Green Line they were there for a while. Anyone know when they came to the Green Line from Red?
  15. Around 8:30 AM today. I saw 6563 at Lake & Kenilworth broken down and passengers waiting outside. The driver takes out the triangle and puts it on the road. Somehow, the driver managed to get the bus working again and by the time I reached Kenilworth & North, the bus has already left the stop continuing on the 309.
  16. Today I got 6257 (Yay!) and 6262, which replaced 6651. I have no idea what happened to 6651, as it was supposed to be the bus I take, but it might have had a problem and 6262 had to come. Also, when we came to Oak Park, there was an emergency with one of the buildings, and I originally thought 6563 had a sick passenger or a car hit it, until I came to the front.
  17. 6322 is not this bus actually, it is down south on route 330 around 31st Street right now.
  18. I am on WebWatch and there is this vehicle numbered 9622. It could just be 6322 just trying to play with the tracker, an actual random vehicle, or something else I don't know.
  19. I was looking at Math's and 6846 was on the 80 and 6746 was on the 86.
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