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  1. They do the same thing at tne Harlem Green Line station too along with extra maps.
  2. 4062 finally returned to service, surprisingly on the 35! 😃
  3. You're welcome. How I tell the operator is using the automatic system is when the current station announcements start playing once the doors open. The buttons means that the announcements for the current station start playing before the doors open.
  4. Sometimes in the 5000 series I noticed operators use an automatic system to announce the announcements so they don’t have to click buttons. The next station announcement only plays like 5 seconds after the train starts moving from the station. The current station announcement starts playing once the operator opens the doors, and after that, He might press the doors closing ending the announcement. Now I think in the automatic mode, the next station announcement portion is correct but arriving station needs a GPS like the buses do and start announcing about 20 seconds before the train door
  5. Yes but the buses at 77th were the mid-67xx's from the 674x's up to 6771 excluding 6755/6770
  6. Oh you probably right. It's a rush hour run on 90 then just found out it goes on 84. Didn't know that much buses were out for maintenance either.
  7. Sounds like the old novas are starting to appear midday now. The run that 6875 was on (90 Harlem) becomes a 84 Peterson run during the midday. That’s cool the buses are being used midday now, that means they’ll soon be doing full-time runs
  8. Well whatever returns to service that's working still like the ones that are active (6755 was active once last month but now it's gone) and I need to ride one again lol. I just saw 6875 earlier this morning and that bus had the classic nova LFS smell I missed for 4 long months. And lol I can tell you that the upper 68xx's that were at 77th years ago probably has the best smell vibe. I missed smelling that and I'm glad they're not done yet. Didn't ride it though I wish but I was recording that bus and that driver honked at me for some reason lol
  9. Ye it's on the 8 so maybe they'll keep it but maybe they'll return it to NP like the 74th situation recently
  10. 1369 returned to 77th this afternoon for a 1-day loan and it’s on the 87 rn 👀
  11. Sadly those cars don't get to be on the pink line anymore since the 52xx's were reassigned to Pink line
  12. I saw 5071 and 5072 with it on Tuesday! Need to hunt down the 4th pair lol
  13. Not sure maybe it did but I didn’t see those buses recently but maybe I’ll record one soon and check to see if it has the C or F. Now I also need to check 1553’s sticker too
  14. My friend Chammon saw 1933 with “F” today
  15. Ye and I rode on it and got the ride video for you as well since you don't do ride vids anymore. Lol I thought it was a P but Idk kinda confusing lmao
  16. Just saw 1352 earlier today and apparently it looks like it has a ripped off P sticker rather than an F sticker, kinda surprising that this bus was at FG for 3 months now lol
  17. 1838 broke down around 2:30 pm on the 126 Adams & State WB
  18. Brand NEW wraps on 5071 and 5072! Applied between Sunday evening and this morning! 5071 has a bright orange wrap background with big words KINDNESS on the wrap. 5072 has a deep navy blue wrap background with big words BRAVERY on the wrap. Love this wrap and hunting down more train cars with these stunning wraps!
  19. Lol that's kinda interesting I never even knew that. But I did know that 10 codes do exist I am mostly used to 10-4 though but cool. So they donig a 10- 24 for 1024 to the garage
  20. 1024 broke down at the Harlem green line station and a service van has to get it started again. Based on the looks they’ll be taking the bus to the garage for checking it out probably.
  21. 1156 on the 29, so sounds like 1166 and 1176 are back at 103rd too.
  22. Anyone know the issue that is with 6706 that came up in mid to late November? Noticed one of the tail lights was already falling off in the photo above^^^ meaning it hasn't been touched for some time by now
  23. Forgot to mention 1303 was at 74th too🤣my bad
  24. Nope 7904’s back at Kedzie. Sounds like 1156 1166 1176 1280 1327 are here to stay at 74th for now. 8135 is also back at Chicago garage along with 1944(which was on 124 last weekend)
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