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  1. That's impressive I never rode 6814 but I did watch D'angelo's video of 6814 on 91 it broke down that day and she still kicking it in 2020 to 2021
  2. Oh ok cool. Got more loans vids coming up ?
  3. Either a loan or North Park is starting to give the 17xx from North Park too
  4. I think it’d be both IMO, didn’t see it but didn’t care
  5. Ok, do any more 13xx or 15xx got the F's yet?
  6. The A/C honestly was a little cooler than the other ones and was louder than the ones in the other ones but I only rode 8347 in Sept.
  7. Oh wow which day? I saw 1379 three times this week and you said that had the F, and I saw 1935 and 1351 yesterday but they had their old stickers
  8. damage was probably on other side
  9. Found a bus driver from #1053 on the 56 leaving two engine covers open how he not notice that
  10. 1139 back in service idk when but this morning it was on 28
  11. 1318 will be out of service for a little while after it hit Andrew Holmes's van yesterday. https://abc7chicago.com/andrew-holmes-cta-bus-crash-accident/10465475/
  12. You need to get onto an incognito tab, and then once you do that, type in the URL for cta.maths22.com. Once you do, you should press the "Advanced" button and then after that press the "Proceed to cta.maths22.com (unsafe). Then you'll be back in Math's again.
  13. Same thing with 1189 1209 8309 4160 4177 and 8089
  14. It's back in service on the 310!
  15. They forgot to pick up 8253 cuz it’s on the 1.
  16. Me too it's much better than all that cold and snow we had to climb through and freeze our heads off
  17. The nova missing there is 6805 which was there earlier this month so where it go? And love to see them keeping the Flyers running for the afternoon at the garage
  18. Awesome, loving the spring temps outside and leaves starting to grow!
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